Maternity Wedding Dresses

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Maternity Wedding Dresses

According to an informal survey conducted by one designer of maternity wedding dresses, today roughly one in six brides are pregnant when they take their walk down the aisle. This is necessitating some revolutionary changes in the bridal wear industry.

Maternity Wedding Dresses s

Maternity Wedding Dresses s

More bridal wear designers than ever before are now offering maternity wedding dresses as part of their lines, and more and more bridal salons are including samples on their racks for the pregnant bride to try.

And we’re not talking about more long white smocks here, we’re talking gorgeous wedding dresses that enable the bride to look and feel beautiful like a bride should.

This is good news for today’s fashion-forward pregnant bride to be. In the past, if you found yourself “in a family way” as your wedding approached, you would have faced the frustration of trying to find a dress that would allow you to look like a gorgeous bride-to-be and a mommy-to-be at the same time. Every bride wants to look amazing on her wedding day but until very recently that presented quite a challenge if you happened to be expecting.

There simply were not a lot of choices in maternity wedding dresses, and finding something that actually made a bride look and feel stylish and beautiful was a lot to wish for. Long white smocks simply don’t cut it on that one day out of your life when you want to look your most gorgeous.

These days maternity wedding dresses offer a wide range of sexy, stylish, stunning, and sophisticated choices for the pregnant bride to be which include sleek designs, off the shoulder, strapless, full-skirted, formal, informal, bohemian wedding dresses, you name it – almost all of the same range of style choices as those available to the non-pregnant bride.

White stretch lace maternity wedding dresses with a silky white liner are a perfect fit for your growing figure. Fully lined dresses with support under the bust accentuate your voluptuous shape – one of the pluses of being pregnant! You may want to choose from designer styles like Italian, Empire, Renaissance, or Titanic gowns, which are absolutely perfect for the pregnant figure type. Most maternity bodices and gowns are designed to be resilient, breathable, and most importantly, comfortable.


How to Find a Maternity Wedding Dress

When its time to go wedding dress shopping, call ahead to the different bridal boutiques in your area to determine which ones offer maternity wedding dresses. Use the internet as a research tool also to find out which lines or manufactures include maternity wedding dresses, then locate the boutiques in your area that carry those lines – they will at least be able to special order the dresses in for you, even if they don’t have samples on their racks for you to view or try on.

Maternity Wedding Dresses Chiffon

Maternity Wedding Dresses Chiffon

Some maternity wear stores may also be able to special order maternity wedding dresses, so call around and ask. Just because you don’t see them on display in the store doesn’t mean that they don’t have access to them. Also, look at online wedding dress retailers because many of them offer a good range of stunning maternity wedding dresses that you can order online.


Measurements and Ordering

Whether you order your maternity wedding dress online or through a local wedding dress retailer or maternity shop, follow these important tips to help ensure the dress fits:

  • Let the retailer know exactly how far along you are in your pregnancy when you place your order and the exact date of the wedding.
  • Take absolutely accurate measurements.
  • Consider ordering your maternity dress in a size larger than you need, then get it altered to fit you more precisely. You can always make a dress smaller, but you can’t make it larger!


Maternity Wedding Dress Alterations

Whether a bride is pregnant or not, wedding dresses always require alterations to achieve a proper fit. When the dress is a maternity wedding dress, however, the alterations should be done as close to the wedding as possible, within the last 4 weeks before the wedding preferably, in order to get the fit right.

The final fitting for a maternity wedding dress should be scheduled about two weeks before the wedding, and even at that, there is still a possibility that you will increase in size in the short couple of weeks between then and the wedding. Discuss the possibility of leaving a little extra room to allow for that, but not so much that it will be noticeable if you don’t get larger.


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