10 Essential Skincare Do’s and Don’ts for Every Bride

by K M

Skincare Do’s

  • Do seek the care of an Esthetician six months prior to your wedding for monthly facials and, if needed, fruit acid peels (to diminish fine lines, scarring and discoloration).
  •  Do your research. Get a consultation before starting any treatment. A good Esthetician should be able to accurately analyze your skin and suggest a special program for you.
  •  Do use good skincare products and use them religiously. This will keep your skin in shape between facials and treatments.
  •  Do use a hypoallergenic self-tanner if you must look tan for your special day. I recommend testing the lotion on a hidden patch of skin to avoid skin that is too light, too dark or too orangish.
  •  Do use sunscreen every day! I recommend SPF 30.
  •  Do drink plenty of water, avoid coffee and other caffeine-laden beverages, and remember to exercise and take your vitamins and herbs, because skincare is internal as well as external.

Skincare Don’ts

  •  Don’t choose a salon according to price or location. Go by recommendations and/or consultations.
  •  Don’t pick at your skin, as tempting as it may be. Instead, clean your face, gently exfoliate with a non-abrasive exfoliator, and follow with a mud mask. When the mask is washed off you may apply some acne or blemish medication to the breakout area.
  •  Don’t go to sleep before washing your face, or dirt and makeup will leave your skin feeling and looking unhealthy.
  •  Don’t bake in the sun. Not only will this dehydrate your skin, but it will also worsen any discoloration, uneven pigmentation or scaring.
  •  Most importantly, don’t become over-stressed, it will worsen any skin situation.
  • These tips should help any bride prepare for that special day.

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