How To Use Hair Wigs & Extensions For Your Wedding Day

by Jack Kurosaki

Everyone wants to look their best on their special day. It is why grooms spend weeks looking for a suit that fits them perfectly and accessories to take the overall attire to the next level. On the other hand, brides hunt for a wedding dress for months prior to the wedding.

When it comes to bridal outfits, the hairstyle is an essential part. Nowadays, many girls opt for wearing a wig simply because it enables them to create anything they desire. So, in the following text, we will give you some tips and also discuss why choosing a wig may be the right thing for you.

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Why opt for a wig or extensions?


First thing first, let us give you some reasons why most brides choose to wear these on their special day.

1. Increase volume

Let’s be realistic, most girls use different types of products to add that breath-taking volume to their hair. These can work just fine when it comes to an everyday style, but still, surely you want to step it up a notch for your wedding day. If you want to wear it down, extensions are the best tool that will boost the volume of the locks and add thickness to them.

Similarly, they are also great for improving the overall style of the braid or a bun if you want to go in that direction. It isn’t necessary to point out that a full hairstyle can take your overall appearance to the next level. What’s more, there is another, more practical reason you should go with these. That’s right. They will securely hold the veil so you won’t have to worry about whether it will fall down.

2. Add length


As already stated, a lot of brides want to do something completely different for their wedding day. So, some that have a bob or a medium length hair want to with long curly locks or something similar. Adding length today is fairly simple because it can easily be done by using a few extensions here and there.

3. Everything is possible

Unfortunately, a lot of women face the problem of thinning hair. It is what makes the bridal hairstyle their biggest concern. Well, now, you don’t have to worry about this because you can have anything you desire by using a wig or extensions.
What’s more, if you want to make a drastic change but aren’t ready to fully commit to it, a wig is your best option. You can buy good brown hair wigs at

Popular hairstyles


Next, we will present some of the most popular styles. These can be elegant or fun and laid back, so you should consider multiple things before choosing one.

1. Classic bun

If you want to go with something that is sophisticated yet, at the same time, fairly simple, a bun is the best choice for you. By incorporating the extensions, you will add fullness to it, and you can also include some elegant details. If comfort is super important to you, and you don’t want to fight the hair the entire day, and therefore, want to keep it away from the face, a bun is the best way to go.

2. Messy up-do

Similarly, if you want to have it up, but add a bit of fun to it, think about this style. If you choose the right extension, they won’t be noticeable. You can always go with the ones that are a few shades lighter than your natural color and take the entire look to the next level.

3. Curls


These are another traditional choice when it comes to bridal hair. If you have natural curls and want to have that princess vibe, it will be very easy for you to style these. They are also perfect if you want to add some accessories to it. If you need some weave hairstyles suggestions created with extensions, you can find them on

Furthermore, you can always put them in a side ponytail or go with a braid if you are looking for something more romantic. Think about the waterfall braid you can decorate with accessories that will provide you with that wow effect.

Things to consider

Finally, we will tell you what things you should consider when choosing a hairstyle. After all, it is a vital part of your overall style, so it has to perfectly match not only your personality but also the dress.

Therefore, the first thing you have to think about is the wedding dress you will wear. Surely, you don’t want to go over the top, so make sure that the hair perfectly matches your dress. For example, if you have chosen a massive ball gown with many details, you should always go with a subtle hairstyle. On the other hand, if your dress is fairly simple, you can take some risks.

Furthermore, think about the weather. Yes, we know this might seem odd but hear us out. If you are getting married outside, during the summer, when it gets really hot, you want to ensure that you will be as comfortable as possible, so you should go with a bun or messy up-do. In addition, maintaining the perfect curls outside, on the heat, and avoiding frizz is practically impossible. On the contrary, if the reception will be indoors, you can wear your hair down without having to worry about it.

Besides the weather, the venue is equally important. If you are getting married at a beach at sunset, you can go with braids for a romantic look or a bohemian one. Nonetheless, if you have chosen a more elegant venue, your overall appearance should match it.

Finally, think about the vial. If you are going to wear it, you have to consider its size and weight. If it is super long, you should go with a style that can perfectly secure it to prevent it from falling down and destroying the hair. If you just want to go with some accessories instead of a vial, your options are endless. Do some research, take everything into consideration, and choose something you like the best.

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