Makeup and Beauty Tips: Look Your Best for Your Wedding

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Makeup and Beauty Tips: Look Your Best for Your Wedding

Being a blushing bride today means more than just feeling bashful. Wearing the right makeup that makes you look your best when your guests first see you walking down the aisle and all the way through to waving you off as you head for your honeymoon is a top priority.

Keeping yourself looking fresh-faced and beautiful throughout the day-long event may take a little ingenuity. For the tears and perspiration that are sure to come, we’ve assembled a few tips to help you make it through your special day looking radiant.

Skin Treatments

The foundation for great-looking makeup is healthy skin. Readying your skin in advance of the wedding is the best method you can employ. Scheduling regular facials and other beauty treatments in the months leading up to your wedding is well worth your time. As you near your wedding, you should calendar your beauty treatments, such as a facial or waxing, seven to ten days before the actual ceremony. Don’t try any new treatments if you’ve passed the two-week-out mark.

Makeup Artist

If your budget allows, try finding a makeup artist well-versed in cosmetics who can apply your makeup before the wedding and during the event for touch-ups. You should plan on having the makeup artist perform a trial run with you. This will allow you to discuss your look, try out some different techniques, and get a sense of the amount of time the process may take.

Wedding Cosmetics

Wedding Cosmetics

Wedding Cosmetics

If you would rather apply your own makeup, be sure you use cosmetics with which you are familiar or new ones that you’ve had a chance to practice with before your wedding. This will eliminate the possibility of an allergic reaction on your big day and make sure that the colors you’ve chosen will work well both together and with your skin tone. The types of cosmetics every bride should consider applying include:

Waterproof mascara

Whether you’re prone to tears or not, it is better to be prepared for that speech your best friend might make that may send tears of sentiment or laughter running down your face.

Foundation primer

As the name says, this cosmetic is meant to prime your skin so that your foundation goes on smoother, more easily, and has staying power.

Lip primer

To help keep your lipstick where it should be, a lip primer can help keep on the color and prevent smudging.

Eye primer or eye shadow primer

This gel or creamlike cosmetic helps your eye shadow stay vivid on your lids and is meant to prevent creasing.


The translucent or setting powder will help keep your whole look in place for hours. Its primary function is to set your foundation and concealer, but dust a little over your mouth and eyes too and you’ll look refined and polished for hours to come.

Setting spray

This little pump is designed to further seal your makeup and help prevent smudging from tears, perspiration, and other water sources. It will also give you a built-in, dewy complexion, a definite staple for an excited bride.

General Beauty Tips

Wedding Beauty Advice

Wedding Beauty Advice

Some general thoughts on putting your best face forward:

Look like yourself

Keep your makeup style reflective of who you are. If you normally wear little or no makeup, then a lighter application is fine for your day. Contrary to what many people believe, heavy eye makeup is not necessarily better for photographs. Having well-defined eyes will produce a better picture than just adding more makeup. For those who tend toward the more dramatic in their makeup style, do keep in mind that following current popular trends may make your photographs look dated in years to come. Of course, it also will be a reminder of the time when you said your nuptials, so you may prefer to keep it just as it is. For a timeless look, keep it more on the natural side and consult with your makeup artist.

Prepare for touch-ups

Be sure to have a little emergency cosmetic bag handy. Also, plan time for touch-ups throughout the ceremony. The two must-haves every bride should carry are powder and lipstick. You also may want to keep the foundation and blush on hand if there is room in your bag.

Think about your bridal party

One way many brides like to give their ceremony a look of uniformity is to have the same person do the entire bridal party’s makeup. This could be a makeup artist, yourself, or a friend. If it’s not the same person, you might think about arranging a cosmetic rehearsal where your bridesmaids get together for a makeup party to discuss and try out different makeup styles.

With your wedding day approaching, you need to make time to think about the look you want for your wedding, including your makeup. Start preparing yourself now by scheduling skin treatments and going through cosmetic trials. This way you’ll be ready when the time comes and be the beautiful bride you envision.

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