Perfect Wedding Hair

by K M

Perfect Wedding Hair for The Perfect Wedding Day

Will you be wearing an updo or will you leave your hair loose and free? Are you keeping it short and natural, or going bigger than a 1980s prom queen? There are so many variations on the perfect hairdo, you’ll probably want to arrange several “hair trials” with your wedding stylist so you can have the fun of experiencing them all before the big day. When you hit the right style, you’ll know; it will not only look great in a mirror, but you’ll feel comfortable and fabulous wearing it, too.

On the day of your wedding, comfort is key. However, that’s not to say you have to skip the intricate “jasmine cascade” entirely. If you’re especially attached to an elaborate hairstyle with multiple layers and ornaments, wear it for the engagement photo session and rock a simpler style on the day of your wedding.

Think about what activities you’ll be doing on the day of your wedding. If you plan to dance wildly at your reception, or if you’ll be changing your clothing often (since second and third wedding gowns are all the rage these days), you’ll want a hairdo that either stays put or looks good messy.

Match your hairstyle to your wedding style. Outdoor, casual affairs pair well with loose hair or messy updos with soft tendrils around the face. Elegant ballroom weddings pair well with elaborate, princess-style updos. Offbeat weddings give you even more room to play with your hairstyle, from retro beehives and shocks of punk color to fun accessories like oversized, cartoony bows.

Improvise and Accessorize

Long Wedding Hair

Long Wedding Hair

Upper-class Victorians used to outdo each other with elaborate hairdos, taking days to assemble sculptures on top of their heads–some even involving cages of live birds. While you’re welcome to swipe your aunt’s parakeet if you think it will help, you’ll probably want something a little more manageable for your wedding day.

Fresh, classic looks go with any wedding and are always in style. Use flowers, either garlanded or individually clipped, to complement your hair with the colors of your bouquet. You can weave small flowers or jewels into loose hair for a controlled waterfall effect. Jeweled hair pins add a subtle sparkle to updos. If you’re wearing a tiara, keep the rest of your hair simple. Try not to use too many types of accessories at once, to avoid looking cluttered.

Feeling imaginative? Hair accessories are one place where brides can play with unconventional options even if the rest of their wedding is more subtle. The safest rule to follow is not to compete with your dress. If you’re wearing a simple sheath, you can go big with a bold or colorful hair ornament, but if your dress is making the bigger statement, keep your hair simple so people know where to look.

Fascinators are gaining in popularity. You may have seen the tiny hats perched on the side of some brides’ heads, usually surrounded by feathers, beading, or netting. Lending a little retro glam and adding a modern spin, these splashes of decoration can be composed of anything that fits the theme of your wedding, from birds and butterflies to antique brooches to miniature top hats and ostrich feathers. Have fun finding or even creating one that best represents you.

Complement Yourself

Blonde Wedding Hairstyle

Blonde Wedding Hairstyle

When choosing your ideal wedding hairstyle, take into account your face shape. The right hairstyle can highlight features you love, or disguise features you don’t want to highlight.

Do you have a heart-shaped face? That’s convenient, considering it’s a day for pure romance. Keep your wedding hair loose and voluminous around your face and don’t try to go too long or too short with your style. Avoid appearing top-heavy by balancing updos with long, loose tendrils.

If you have a square face and strong jaw, avoid both strict updos and long, straight hair. The ideal style for your face shape is a messy updo. Wear your hair loosely up and leave some tendrils around your face to create softer lines. You can also layer and lighten the hair immediately around your face to create a more feathery and flattering outline. Long bangs also complement strong jawlines.

Round faces do well with long, sleek styles. Wear your hair loose and straight, and add highlights at the top of your hair to highlight your bone structure and elongate your face. If you go with an updo, wear it high on your head rather than at the base of your neck.

Long faces look great with short hair and lots of volumes, so draw everyone’s eyes upward with an elaborate or messy updo. Use lots of layers for texture. You can play with bold accessories on the top of your head, like fascinators, feathers, and bows.

Most hairdos go well with oval faces, so pick your favorite. The only thing to be cautious about is covering your face with too much hair, as it can make you look heavier, so skip the bangs and sweep your hair back proudly.

Ultimately, the best hairstyle is the one that looks the best in the mirror. Bring a few trusted friends to the stylist and don’t be timid about asking their opinions. The good news is, if you plan early, you can “test drive” as many styles as you like. Who knows–you might discover a flattering new hairdo to complement your new married life!

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