Five Things to Never Say to a Dress Shopping Bride

by K M

5 Things You Should Never Say to a Dress Shopping Bride


Five Things to Never Say to a Dress Shopping Bride

Five Things to Never Say to a Dress Shopping Bride

Shopping for a wedding gown is probably one of our favorite activities to do with our brides. And from our multiple trips to the coolest bridal salons in NYC, we’ve heard some pretty outlandish things that bridal party members have said to their brides. Here are our top five things you never want to say to a bride when she’s trying on a wedding gown.

#1 “That doesn’t go well with your figure.”

While you may think you’re giving her an honest critique, it is how you word it that raises red flags. Using that line, you are making it the bride’s fault that the gown doesn’t look good on her, and not the gown’s. Try saying, “This gown has too much going on.” Or “I’m sure you can find a better silhouette than this!”

#2 “Can you hurry up and just pick one?”

She’s not choosing a salad at Café Express; she’s deciding on her outfit for when she commits her love and promises to share the rest of her life with her groom. So, no, she can’t just “pick one”. If you aren’t being guided by a professional wedding planner, like us, then here’s a piece of advice: if your girlfriend calls you up and asks to go look at wedding dresses with her, clear your entire day. Don’t rush her and don’t beat her up for taking her time. This is one of the most important things she will decide on, so put that smile on your face, and share this moment with her.

#3 “Are you sure you want to wear ivory?”

Yes. She’s sure. When dealing with shades of white, if a bride decides not to go for the pure white look, there’s probably a good reason why, and if you enter this discussion (especially if you’re the mother of the bride), chances are you’re going to get caught in a less-than-comfortable conversation. So save yourself the mental pictures, and just be happy that she’s being a sophisticated and traditional bride. Now, all bets are off if she selects a totally black gown. Sorry, Vera.

#4 “When are we going to look for our dresses?”

Bless your heart. Dear bridesmaid, today is not your day. Your role is to support your bride while she finds her dream dress. The important decisions of straps or no straps, the same dress or alternating styles, and long or short will all be decided at a later date.

#5 “This one looks great on you! Oh, it’s only $5,000 over your budget.”

First, let me say that the salon associate who put her into a dress that was that much over budget is a moron. Second, if you find out that the dress is that far out of the bride’s budget, your initial reaction should be that the dress is hideous and underwhelming. Don’t make the bride feel bad that she can’t afford a certain dress that she has on. Throw eggs at the dress, make her hate it, and then get back into the budget safe-zone, and do it quickly.

So, now that you know the questions and phrases to avoid when helping your friend or daughter shop for her wedding gown, you are sure to have a semi-decent time and avoid any arguments, uncomfortable situations, or downright catfights in the bridal salon. But, since these are our favorites, we want to know some strange or rude things you’ve heard when shopping for a gown.

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