How To Look Like You’re not Wearing Makeup

by K M

You know that girl in the office who always looks incredible but ‘never wears any makeup’? Look closer. She may be using a little makeup trickery to create a beautiful, barely-there illusion and guess what, you can too. Find out how to let your ‘natural’ beauty shine with these four expert tricks.

Apply a primer

Firstly, a primer will help smooth your skin so your makeup glides on evenly and doesn’t settle into lines or imperfections. Secondly, it helps your makeup stay on longer, so you’re guaranteed to look flawless well into the afternoon and evening.

Blend it

The key to nailing a no-makeup look is to blend, blend and blend some more. Always remember to work your foundation under your jawline to avoid that tell-tale ‘tide line’ and use a good brush to blend bronzing or setting powders out towards your hairline. If in doubt, blend a little more.

Tend to your brows

Barely-there beauty requires good grooming and nothing looks worse than unkempt brows.  Use the slant tweezers to remove any strays followed by the clear wax to set them in shape. Then take the angled brush, customise your colour using the trio colour powder palette, then fill in any sparse areas. Finally, comb them into place with the Spoolie brush. Voila, an undetectable instant lift!


Choose a lip stain

Keep things effortless by leaving your lipstick at home and using a lip stain to add colour to your pout.

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