How To Help Your Makeup Last All Wedding Night

by K M

No one wants to spend their precious time applying the wedding makeup only to have it disappear before the wedding night has even started. To keep your after-dark beauty looking fresh into the wee hours, just follow these three easy steps.

How To Help Your Makeup Last All Wedding Night

How To Help Your Makeup Last All Wedding Night



Step 1. Prep your skin

The best way to help your makeup stay put is to create a good base. First, apply a face moisturiser and give it a few minutes to sink in. Then apply a wedding makeup primer and allow five minutes before applying your foundation. This gives your primer time to create a strong hold for your makeup to adhere to, so it doesn’t sink into your skin and vanish.


Step 2. Use budge-proof products


Ensure your makeup goes the distance by using the right tools for the job. For your eyes, choose a tube formulation like Trish McEvoy Lash to avoid smudging during the night. It’s water-resistant and won’t transfer onto your skin, so you’re guaranteed a Panda-free zone.



Instead of applying any old lipstick, opt for a budge-proof formula like the Matte Liquid Lipstick . These longwearing lipsticks are drink proof, kiss proof and party proof, so you don’t have to worry about touch ups.



If you don’t have time to apply self-tan the night before or simply want to top up your glow, choose a water-resistant instant body bronzer like the Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmering. The quick-drying lotion won’t transfer onto your clothes, which is perfect for daytime soirees that last until the evening.


Step 3. Lock in your look

Set your makeup with a good quality setting spray like this Makeup Setting Spray with Organic Green Tea. The luminous formula creates a lightweight barrier between your makeup and the big bad world, protecting it from moisture so it won’t move an inch. Simply hold it 25 centimetres away from your face and lightly mist in an even circular motion to lock in your finished beauty look.




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