Don’t Let Your Wedding Shoes Trip You Up

by K M

Don’t Let Your Wedding Shoes Trip You Up

Walk with Confidence


With all the planning you put into your special day, the last thing you want is for your wedding to be marred by a wipeout. Sure, sky-high heels might be all the rage right now, but stumbling down the aisle isn’t ever in style. While picking out your wedding shoes, be realistic and open-minded. Be fashion-forward but remember to put your feet first.


Break Tradition

Weddings know no boundaries in the 21st century. Dream destinations are becoming reality, traditions are being reformed, and some brides aren’t even wearing white anymore. So who says you have to wear heels? If the thought of this season’s hottest heels doesn’t put a spring in your step, don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Set a new trend by walking down the aisle in a pair of angelic flats or even your favorite summer sandals.

It’s your wedding–why deal with shoes if you don’t have to? If heels aren’t your thing and you just can’t find the perfect pair to go with your dress, consider leaving shoes out of the picture. Treat yourself to a pedicure and let naked bare feet guide you down the aisle. A barefoot beach wedding is the best excuse to ditch the heels. If your ceremony is in a grassy or wooded area, your bare feet should fit right in with the scenery–just make sure someone checks the aisle for sticks and stones before you make your way down.


Feet First, Fashion Second

You’ve had that picture of four-inch heels taped to your mirror since last summer. If you spend most of your time on flat ground but you’re determined to step it up a notch for the big day, find your ideal heels as early as you can. Practice walking around your house a little bit every day. Make sure to practice on the carpet as well as hardwood, and don’t forget to take the stairs a few times! As the ceremony creeps closer, pair the dress and the shoes together to get a feel for the combination. Spend a little quality time with your feet and the walk down the aisle should turn out to be a piece of cake.

If you’re hell-bent on wearing heels but you don’t have the time to dedicate to mastering the walk, you might be in for trouble. Taking a spill down the aisle could not only be embarrassing, but it could put a damper on your whole day. Imagine not being able to participate in your first dance as newlyweds, or hobbling through your honeymoon with a cast on your foot. Beauty may be a pain, but it doesn’t have to be.


Funky Feet

High heels will never go out of style and flats are bringing a sense of timelessness to the fashion scene, but don’t be afraid to put your own stamp on your special day. If your Chucks have been with you for the most important moments in your life and you designed your gown with them in mind, own it.

If you’re aiming for a traditional wedding with just a splash of funkiness in the form of cowboy boots underneath all those layers of dress, go for it! Stick with the choice that makes you the happiest and your joy will be infectious. Take it a step further and buy those sparkly cowboy boots you’ve had your eye on, or even DIY, and dress up an old pair of Chucks with some sequins.

As you fancify your feet, make sure not to outdo your dress! Simpler dresses complement outrageous footwear, while subtler shoes let the gown command the spotlight.


Pull the Old Switcheroo

Brides all over the world are wearing two and sometimes even three dresses on the day of their wedding, so toss that extra pair of shoes in your bag. If you simply must have the shoes you tried on with your dress but you can’t find your balance in them, walk down the aisle in something a bit more mobile and pull out your dream shoes for the pictures. You can tell your friends who couldn’t make it that you danced the night away in those heels, and by the time your grandchildren are asking about your wedding, you might not remember otherwise!

Does your dress reach the ground? If it covers your feet, you can get away with almost any type of shoe for the ceremony–all eyes will be on you, and if you don’t fall, those eyes will mostly be looking at your smile. Stick with sandals or a flatter sole and make the shoe switch before the reception. Your tumble during the reception will be forgotten before the first guest leaves for the night, whereas a fall down the aisle could live on in photo albums for years to come.


Walk with Confidence

With so much else on your plate, shoes might seem like the least of your worries. Whether you want to craft your own pair or forgo the tradition entirely, it’s best to make your decision early to allow time for any necessary practice or decoration. No matter what you choose, go with your gut and put your best foot forward.

Your walk down the aisle should feel like you’re floating on Cloud Nine!


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