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UPDATED: March 17, 2020

CDC is recommending postponing events of 50 or more attendees for the next 8 weeks. Read More
The White House has issued national guidelines that call on Americans to avoid gatherings of more than 10 people. Read More
The news surrounding Covid-19 are coming second by second, changing rapidly. We are trying to update this post as much as we can, by posting last info about Coronavirus to help the brides who are currently facing the hard decision to suspend their weddings or to go on as was planned before. If you have any news that may help ( for example, if you are in California State, and there are any updates on the Coronavirus ), don’t hesitate to write to us.



What are the sources of data informing the dashboard?
The data sources include the World Health Organization, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, the National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China, and the DXY, one of the world’s largest online communities for physicians, health care professionals, pharmacies and facilities.

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A Possible Cure For Coronavirus

Saturday, 21 March 2020, The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, published a post on Facebook where he shared the name of two possible “biggest game-changers in the history”. He recommends as a possible coronavirus cure the HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE & AZITHROMYCIN: “HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE & AZITHROMYCIN, taken together, have a real chance to be one of the biggest game-changers in the history of medicine. The FDA has moved mountains – Thank You! Hopefully, they will BOTH (H works better with A, International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents) be put in use IMMEDIATELY. PEOPLE ARE DYING, MOVE FAST, and GOD BLESS EVERYONE!”

How the Coronavirus is Impacting Weddings in the United States

In the last days, due to the Coronavirus pandemic crisis, a lot of preventative measures have been taken by the authorities, in order to protect public health, changing many aspects of our daily routine.

Some of those preventative measures include American weddings. If you plan to get married in the next period of time, you should want to know how these measures could disturb your wedding day, and how to avoid a lot of headache.


What is this Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is not something new. In fact, it was discovered in 1965 by Tyrrell and Bynoe, when they found that they could passage a virus identified as B814 ( Read More  ). The new Coronavirus, or the Coronavirus of Whan, also known as COVID-19 ( or 2019-nCoV ), is a branch of the Coronavirus family. According to the World Health Organization , common signs of infection include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. More severe cases include pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure, and even death.

The new Coronavirus was detected in 2019 in Wuhan, Hubei Province, People’s Republic of China in December 2019. From January 2020, the virus has been spread in the World, in most of the cases due to the travel circulation. The first news related to this spreading came from the Diamond Princess, a cruise ship ( 1.  “Cruise ship hit by norovirus gastroenteritis docks in Sydney” ABC News. Australian | 2. “Updates on Diamond Princess”Princess. Archived from the original on 2 March 2020. Entries from 1 to 27 February 2020 | 3. “Coronavirus: Cases double on Diamond Princess overnight, still in lockdown”  | 4. “Coronavirus cases on Diamond Princess soar past 500, site of most infections outside China”. )

From February 2020, the Coronavirus spread not only in Asia but also in Europe: Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Romania. From the moment the virus arrived into Europe, the spread of the pandemic virus in the entire World was just a matter of time.

By far, we know that the contamination rate is very violent ( it have a fast-spreading nature around the World ) and it affects, in most of cases, the elderly and the sick people. The very good news is that, based on available evidence, children do not appear to be at higher risk for COVID-19 than adults, which is a piece of good news for the entire World.

Coronavirus Wedding Cancellations: How the Coronavirus is Affecting the Wedding Industry from the U.S.

This disease affects almost all industries around the World, and so the Wedding industry. Why? Because in the effort to slow the spread, a lot of countries have issued national quarantines and even States of Emergency ( Read More: Proclamation on Declaring a National Emergency Concerning  ). That’s said, a lot of preventative measures were taken by the government.

As of March 15th, 2020, it’s recommended by the CDC that events with more than 50 people should not move forward. Inside of their new guidelines, the CDC cites that big events (such as weddings) can contribute to the spread of the Coronavirus and says the new recommendations are made to “reduce the introduction of the virus into new communities and to slow the spread of infection in communities already affected by the virus.

This is just a recommendation, not a government order, so some events are still moving forward as planned but the people should do with caution and safety in mind. If your wedding is planned to be in the next 1-3 months from now, you should ( even with the risk of losing some money ) to postpone it.

Coronavirus Wedding Cancellations: Why to Postpone The Wedding?

Besides the fact that for sure in the next period of the time the Government may limit, even ban, the events with more than 50 attenders, the health of some of your attendees will put on risk.


Like we mentioned above, the most vulnerable people are the elderly. In almost any wedding scenario, the parents in law are over 60 ( even more, in some cases ), so there will be a big risk for them.

Also, less-vulnerable people can spread the virus. So, even the bride or the groom is 100% safe, they can spread the virus to others after the wedding. The risk is huge and the potential damages will be unrecoverable.

Below we put a question list to help you to take the decision if you’ll postpone the wedding or not:

Q1. Is your wedding guest list over 50+ attendees?

In many cases, the wedding guests’ number is 100+, so if you have 50+ wedding guests ( and you probably have ), you have to postpone it. Why? As of March 15th, 2020 the CDC has updated that number to only 50 guests, which will limit the guest list to at least half of it.


Q2. Are there any elderly or sick people, who better will remain at home during this period of time?

These two categories are the most vulnerable for Coronavirus, so keeping them safe will be a good thing for their health.


Q3. For attending to your wedding, some of your guests will have to travel, even between states?

If so, this is another thing to take into consideration if you aren’t sure if to postpone the wedding or not. Many of the national flights will be canceled in the next period of the time. Also, other travel limitations may be imposed in the next period of time.

People Talk ( Source: Reddit )

Coronavirus Wedding- May 30th – Meredith

Hi All,

Having a wedding on May 30th in NYC. I am extremely fearful of having to cancel due to coronavirus. Is anyone else going through this as well?

I have spoken to my venue and the only other possible dates this summer, if I were to have to postpone are all Monday-Thursday. Would it be terrible to have a Thursday wedding?

Looking for positivity and tips!

R: You are over a month away! So much can change for the better by then. It could be pretty much over with by then and you don’t want to regret money loss or not getting married on that day.

I would call all your vendors and ask what the plan would be if you were to post pone or cancel. Ask how soon they’d need to be told this. I’m sure it’s different than the normal cancellation bc all of this. Then you will know when to cancel or post pone


I was stubborn and refused to cancel. Wouldn’t let the coronavirus get in the way. First we had to cancel our 2 week extremely planned honeymoon to Italy. And as of tonight, we r pulling the plug on our 70 person wedding in Santa Barbara.

What took us over the edge was…where do I start. How about the number one thing not to do is social gatherings. I felt like I was contributing to the problem.

We will postpone the ceremony and reception a year. Need to contact vendors. Hoping they r okay. I think they will be.

We decided to do a parents only court house celebration on 4/20/2020 and get dinner after, assuming restaurants are still open. So we can at least celebrate that. And then next year, in a comedic fashion, actually do the walk down ceremony with the reception.

Lots of emotions for us today. As I’m sure with all of you.

This is supposed to be a special day. As hard as it is, we need to think of the greater good and the value in prevention. Stay strong everyone. Be thankful you still have your loved one and the wedding isn’t getting cancelled because it didn’t work out. We will over come.


My friends have a 3/28 wedding where 100% of the guests are flying in and haven’t called it off yet. I just spoke with her yesterday to check in on how they’re doing, and she said they have no plans postpone or cancel and that they were really excited to see me soon. I’ve been expecting to see an email announcing their postponement for the past week but it seems full speed ahead for them.

How can I compassionately explain to her that I feel terrible for backing out but that I can’t justify flying (including a plane transfer) during this time? I don’t want to sound accusatory or to imply anything negative about her decision. I know it must be stressful. Would appreciate some advice on how best to phrase it.

UPDATE EDIT: they called it off, emails went out today. All the other guests I talked to are very relieved. Thanks everyone for your suggestions!


Coronavirus Wedding Cancellations

Ven1548: idk what to do!! i am so stressed. things are crazy where i live and i’m currently off work for two weeks with pay but who knows how long it will really last, or if they will keep paying me. i’m afraid i’ll be laid off and then what?? unemployment checks won’t be enough to pay for my wedding and feel financially comfortable. i don’t want to cancel completely but i’m afraid to postpone for those financial reasons. i’m so sad/annoyed. i want to still get married on the date we set but i know they are closing court houses in some states now so who knows if even THAT is a possibility. i want to be responsible and abide by the recommendations of the cdc but also this all sucks. rant over sorry.

Lora: April 4th. I feel miserable. I was already incredibly stressed because I AM PLANNING A WEDDING but this brings it to a level I never would have imagined. I have had to take a Xanax to sleep almost every night because of my restlessness and that was before all the closures. I’ve lost a TON of weight from the stress which means my wedding dress doesn’t fit right and there’s no time or place to get it altered. If the wedding even happens!!!

We got engaged in July of 2018 and we planned this long so we could go to Hawaii for our honeymoon. Now it seems like absolutely everything is flying out the window and I’m crushed. We worked so hard for so long and now it might not even happen THIS year. All right, I’m done ranting. Now I’m just going to go pout because I AM ALLOWING THAT FOR MYSELF!!!

Jen ( In response to Lora ):
My mom said the best thing when I called her sobbing the moment I realized we’d have to cancel the wedding on Sunday night. She said that a lot of people might tell you to look on the bright side or think about the positives but you don’t need to do that right now. Right now you need to sit in your sadness and disappointment. Be upset. Cry. Don’t be grateful that things aren’t worse. Spend some time grieving the loss of this event that you’ve worked so hard to plan and that you’ve dreamed about your whole life. Only then can you begin to heal and move on. So right now I’m sitting in my sadness. I’m crying when I need to cry and I’m feeling angry when I need to feel angry. Eventually I’ll move on and everything will be okay but not right now.

Miri2184: We made the decision to postpone our 4/25 wedding. It’s not worth the extra stress of wondering if it’ll be forcibly cancelled or if our guests will feel safe attending. Thankfully our venue is very understanding, which I guess when we live in a state that banquet venues were shut down yesterday, you kind of need to be understanding. We’re waiting for final approval from the venue but our postponement date is one that almost all of our vendors have open! Here’s hoping we can get this wrapped up today! 

Jess93: We finally did it. We postponed. This is after all that happens a couple of weeks ago where we found out our venue double booked and we had to find a new one. Luckily this new venue is amazing and they reached out to us last night with new dates. So the new date is 8-1-20. Here’s to hoping things settle out by then. We’re still going to get married on April 4th though. Just with a few of our friends for a super short ceremony. We figured we might as well considering we already paid for our marriage license that will expire by august. And our wedding bands are engraved with that date. But as awful as all of this is, I feel SO much better now that the decision has been made.

Coronavirus Wedding Cancellations

B&G: I just emailed our guests that our wedding (4/25) is postponed. It feels surreal. I thought I was done crying about this situation… apparently not. In the end, I know we are making the right decision and this will just be one tiny blip in the grand scheme of our lives together. Here’s the message we sent to our guests, just in case anyone needs help crafting one of their own:

“Dear Friends and Family,
We are writing today to inform you that we are postponing our wedding on April 25, 2020. We want to do our part to comply with recommendations put forth by the state of Virginia, the CDC, and the White House to help contain the virus. While this was undoubtedly a hard decision to make, the most important thing for us is protecting the health of our loved ones. We are looking at future dates to hold our celebration and will be in touch with details very soon!
Please know that we are thinking of you during this difficult and uncertain time. Stay safe and please — wash your hands!

Cam8415: August 8 here. Were located in NY and still have no plans to cancel yet. We have no confirmed cases in our county either. And our day of coordiantor (who is in a county with confirmed cases) sent a mass email expressing her thoughts and said for now dont cancel but make a guest list of 50 must have guests just in case. She is reaching out to all her brides venues and checking in on things for all of us. But man this sucks. Thankfully our list was already under 50 and i had no bridal shower planned yet and my bachelorette party was getting planned for 2 days beforee the wedding due to my maid of honor being outta state. So i suppose thats all good things. But still has me worried. FH doesnt want me to cancel anything yet. So idk and top this off lost my job today until farther notice fml. Heres to hoping it goes better at some point? For everyones sake not just weddings. This thing is crazy! Good luck everyone!



CarolinaGirl: My wedding is early Feb 2020. I know I’m in a much better position than many people, but I’m still panicking! We have the venue, and that’s it, so if I start to do everything (dress shop, engagement photos, line up vendors, etc.) by June, do you think I’d be ok?

In response, WaitForIttt said: It’s hard for anyone to predict how the timing will be because it’s difficult to determine where this pandemic will be (some have said as late as July or August, or through the end of the year, but it’s hard to determine at this point what is realistic, what is conservative, and what is alarmistic). Keep in mind that availability may be somewhat impacted by those who had to reschedule their weddings at various points due to this crisis. Many have said they’re having difficulty rescheduling to certain days of the week (especially Saturday) and needing to push their weddings out further because of it.

The best you can do is keep an eye on how things play out in your area and the world in terms of the pandemic, communicate with potential vendors to find out their availability and what they’re booking, and be flexible to deal with availability issues.



Constant Climb ask: “At the moment, the wedding was planned for July 11th. My fiance and I probably have some decisions to make in the near future. Anyone have any anecdotes on how they’re handling a similar date?”


Dalmantika19: I’m also 7/11. I swear each day my feelings change about if we are postponing or not. Some people seem pessimistic while others optimistic. I think around early April I will contact my guests to let them know it’s up in the air, and then make the decision in late May or early June.


Coronavirus Wedding Cancellations

Twlabpros: Had to cancel our June 5 wedding. :/ It sucks because my fiance was unemployed for 10 months and he just finally got hired at a great job, we thought it would be smooth sailing from there but then I lost my job due to the virus situation and we had to cancel our wedding as it’s not looking like things will be back to normal any time soon.

We are likely going to elope. I don’t want to wear my dress to elope as it might make me kinda sad but FH thinks I will regret not wearing it. We will probably throw a 1st anniversary party and I kinda want to wear it then but idk, I just feel stupid for having bought it and I don’t want to see it. Thoughts?

In response, Note 739 said:  I’m in the same boat. Ended up going out of my budget for a spectacular dress and now it feels like nothing matters. Of course fiancé is all “ill marry you tomorrow don’t care where” and I’m like why the hell did I spend the last 7 months planning a big destination wedding? I’m Also unemployed and was hoping to go to grad school but that’s all a joke now.


CapableMeaning: We had a joint “wedding shower” at the end of February for our now-postponed May wedding. Should I reference that our wedding is postponed in the thank-you cards? If it matters, the majority of people who attended the shower will not be attending the wedding (which is now May 2021) because they live on an opposite coast. The shower was our opportunity to celebrate with this group of family/friends.

Pinkaples03: I wouldn’t put it on the thank you notes as things can change so quickly and you wouldn’t want that permanently written in a note that’s meant to be a moment of gratitude (that’s my opinion though). If those who are receiving thank you notes aren’t going to the new date anyway, I think you’re fine sending a normal thank you card and just letting the important people know (either via text, call, or email).


Coronavirus Wedding Cancellations

Kristintrigue17: Hi, everyone – this isn’t an urgent question like many of the ones in this thread – but I wasn’t sure where else to ask it. My fiancé and I are planning to get married on July 10, 2021. I think it may be inappropriate to send out the save the dates during a pandemic. However, I do know some of our family would be excited to receive them through all this scariness going on in the world. What are your thoughts? Thanks for any opinions 🙂

Capable_Meaning: That’s tough. Are they paper send the dates? Maybe you can slip in a handwritten insert that acknowledges what’s going on, wishes them well, and says something like “hope this helps brighten your day even a little bit. Looking forward to celebrating our wedding (and the end of this pandemic) with you soon” or something like that. If you’re doing like paperless post or something like that, you can do the same thing in the event details section.


Coronavirus Wedding Cancellations

21Roses: It’s helpful to see so many people going through the same thing. We made the call to postpone our April wedding three days ago and I’ve been having a hard time with it really syncing in. IT SUCKS :((( And we don’t feel comfortable picking a new date because we have no idea how this will progress.

We’re planning on still getting married on our date, thankfully a close friend is an officiant so we can keep it to the three of us + a witness. My fiancé still wants to make it as special as possible (order a cake, decorate, etc) which I understand. I’m really struggling with the idea of having this ceremony and then still being able to enjoy the future TBD wedding and I feel so upset every time he tries to plan this new ceremony, which then feels unfair to him and makes me more upset. UGH.

Wandering-Always: Hi all! It was a super painful decision but we cancelled our July 11 wedding.

For those still mulling over what to do, I wanted to share my experience.

We have had a number of guests who have profusely thanked us for making this tough decision. Many were stressed and concerned about what to do. I have seen advice columnists answering etiquette questions from concerned guests. So amidst your own unspeakable anxiety, I lightly suggest consideration of your guest’s anxieties.

All in all, we lost about $3,000 in cancellation. But we decided that it was better to cancel everything than to keep going in uncertainty. The longer we kept going, the more money we were going to be out with other payment deadlines approaching.

Also, I’ve seen posts about a wedding in Australia where 35 people (and they expect more) got COVID-19. I could never imagine that happening to the people I love just because they were trying to be there for me!

Now let me be clear my venue was extremely unreasonable and was only offering to help us to postpone until end of November. We did not want a fall wedding and we are educators so fall was not a good time for us either. So if you are able to postpone then totally do it. But still along those same lines I say do it sooner rather than later because your guests are anxious, too.

We decided to cancel and are having a small wedding ceremony and celebration at an AirBnB in July. If people can come we will have some arrangements for them (I’ve only heard from 10-15 who still plan to come – IF they even reasonably can – consider how your guest list will dwindle. We had 65 invited.)

Otherwise if no one can make it, it will just be us two and our minister and I’m totally good with that too. ❤️

Best of luck to everyone making these decisions under such unimaginable circumstances!

PopcornXCat said: Can I ask you why you chose to cancel in July? I thought that by summer things would be better (certainly the virus would not be gone, I know that. But I figured that social gatherings may have returned to normal in a way). A few days ago I kept seeing posts on Facebook about brides postponing their April weddings to July. Now I’m seeing July weddings cancel. Ours is early November. I’m wondering if I should start preparing to look into postponement as well, as it keeps extending?

Wandering-Always responded:


Here’s a repost from another thread where I answered our thought process!



A few parts:

  1. Financially for us, and financially for our guests. Both of our financial futures are uncertain and at this moment we can’t stomach putting down money that could be the difference between having a roof over our heads in a few years or not. We also know our friends are struggling financially right now and do not want to put undue burden or stress on those we love.

  2. Logistically, our venue was due to receive the second half of our deposit by May 1. Yes – we could have waited until May 1 to make the call but our invitations were set to go out April 1 with a RSVP date of June 1. We were nervous we would put down that second half and come June 1, if things weren’t okay (in regards to COVID-19) we would be out even more money. Nearly our entire guest list was traveling from out of state…

  3. … and we did not want to put our friends through the undue stress of deciding whether or not to commit to being here and traveling in such uncertain times.

  4. We could have opted to postpone but our venue was only allowing this for into the fall. We are both educators, the majority of our friends are educators, and without a doubt we did not want a fall wedding.

Basically, to sum it up, we decided to call it (there have been a couple of Time of Death jokes) and to cut our losses.

I think that sums up our logic process. It’s very individual to us and our situation but I think ultimately that will be the case with every “coronabride.” We all have to make the best decision for ourselves knowing our own unique set of circumstances. Obviously ours were mainly financial and stress related!


Personally, and this is just me I’m not a professional/doctor/wedding planner but if I had a November date I wouldn’t make the call just yet. I think most guests are anxiously waiting to hear from summer brides at the moment. I can’t imagine your guests are expecting you to make a call on November yet. I certainly wouldn’t.

Coronavirus Wedding Cancellations


Every wedding website I’ve looked at said any wedding June or later shouldn’t postpone yet. BUT I think some people are postponing for various reasons – maybe they have a vulnerable close family member or a lot of international guests or maybe their venue has forced them.

We are holding out for our late June wedding. We will make a decision in a few weeks.

In response, Bbjorke said:

We just postponed out June wedding. Aside from being unsure of when lockdowns might be over, if any loved ones will be ill or at risk, etc., even if things are open again starting in May that isn’t a ton of time to finish the planning and shopping and fitting and running around that we’re not able to do right now either.

In response, awayz_aways:

That may be what wedding websites suggest, but keep in mind weddings are a whole industry and it’s to their benefit that as many weddings go on as planned for the many small businesses that operate within this industry.

No one is able to predict the future at this point in time but seeing as how many people are not following social distancing or taking this pandemic seriously – the virus and the measures around it might be here to stay awhile.

Of course each couple has to make their own decision most comfortable for them and their circumstance, but I wouldn’t put too much weight on what those in the wedding industry advise.

In response, PopcornXCat: 

Okay, good to know. This makes me feel a little bit better. My heart goes out to all of the couples having to make these tough decisions. Our wedding isn’t until fall and I’m already having so much anxiety over its status, I can’t even imagine the emotions people are going through right now.

Good luck with your late June wedding. I hope everything calms by then and you can enjoy your beautiful day.




I don’t think I have it in me to re-plan my may wedding. I feel immense dread about postponing until next spring (only time that works for the venue). We are considering having the wedding with our immediate family in May and doing a reception at my parents house when everything blows over. But I’m worried about regretting not having that special day with my all of our friends and family. Anyone else having similar feelings? I’m struggling.


Has this whole thing driven anyone else and their partner apart? My fiancé was in denial for a few weeks and wouldn’t make a decision, venue finally cancelled on us and he (in a moment of anger to be fair) wanted to sue them for money we’ll lose on band deposit (venue is refunding us).

I’ve been pretty disappointed with how he’s handled all of this and his family hasn’t reached out to me once. I’m trying to leave room for him to react however because this is a huge global crisis none of us have ever experiences but it’s just reinforced that it’s on me to accept reality and make decisions and just generally hold responsibility for everything.

He’s “here” for me and us but I have to direct him or ask for help and given everything I wish this bit could have been easier or more solidifying for us.

Edit: of course his family is pushing us to get married as soon as possible, likely because his sister wants to be engaged.

Coronavirus Wedding Cancellations


My venue manager actually called me unprompted the other day just to say, “I have been thinking about you and [Groom] these last few days and THANK YOU for making the call to postpone when you did.” She then told me about two other brides that were insisting their respective weddings go ahead (one this weekend, one two weeks from now), only to have new restrictions put into place in the last few days, including the state going into complete lock-down. Before the state-wide lock-down, one bride was insisting she and her party would break into the (outdoor) venue if it came to that.

To anyone who still has a wedding in the next 3-4 months and is thinking of pushing on, don’t presume that the situation is static. Don’t think that this is as bad as it’s going to get. You might think, “well, we can still host our wedding with the restrictions currently in place”, only for MORE restrictions to be installed overnight that make it impossible for your wedding to go ahead. Think that your state, or the destination of your wedding, won’t go into lockdown? Think again.

Also, think of your vendors. Don’t put them in a difficult position by asking them to ignore government health regulations. Don’t ask them to break laws (that have been put in place for the health of you and your loved ones) just so your wedding can go ahead.

Also ShelfLifeInc posted

11th June 2020. We went through the postponement process last week (with a lot of support from vendors and guests, which I’m incredibly grateful for), and I thought I was fine, but having to update the wedding website today was emotionally much harder than I thought it would be. In order to upload our statement regarding postponing the wedding to 2021, I had to delete the section describing the day plan, the venue details, the map of the destination city with our favourite spots marked out, the dress code…all those details I lovingly created, all gone. At least until next year (fingers crossed). Our wedding was going to be sooo good…now the world is so different.

If anyone is interested in our statement:

Hi everyone,

Due to extreme circumstances relating to the global COVID-19 pandemic, we have postponed our wedding to 2021. We are heartbroken, but given how quickly the situation has deteriorated in the last few weeks (including [specific circumstances regarding the location of the wedding]) it is impossible for us to proceed with our original plans.

The hardest part about making this decision is knowing that most of you would have finalised travel plans to be there with us. We have been so touched by the enthusiasm everyone has had to join us for our wedding in [location]. We were really excited to share this amazing experience with you.

Our vendors have been very supportive and are committed to bring our vision to life next year when the chaos has subsided. We will let everyone know the new details as soon as we have them (which will most likely be later this year). Until then, please stay safe and support your loved ones.

[Bride] and [Groom]
22nd March, 2020

GrumpyGrindlow said:

My husband and I eloped and are announcing to our families early next month. We are still going to have a wedding next summer, but we didn’t want to wait to get married (mostly for practical reasons).

So my question is: those who have gotten married since the COVID-19 outbreak or just before, how quickly did your name change go? My SSA office is closed for the next almost 6 weeks. They are still working, but the office is closed to the public. They are working on cases based on need, so I’m sure name changes after marriage aren’t a huge rush. I sent the paperwork in Wednesday, but don’t expect much for probably six weeks. Do I just use the married name for everything but paperwork and stuff? It feels weird because I’m not sure when my name will actually be changed…? COVID-19 sure has made things tricky.

In response, GreeneyedWench:

I’m in a similar boat. We got married a few months ago, but the first copy of the marriage license got lost in the mail so there was a delay in starting the name change…and then we traveled, and then we voted, so I didn’t want it to be in flux during those things, so long story short, I haven’t sent it in yet. And now I don’t want to send it in because I don’t want to not have my ID for weeks on end. My solution so far has basically been “married name on Facebook, maiden name on all my banking stuff still,” but it’s a weird limbo.

In response, Hfishies said:

I’m in the same place you are. We got married right before things escalated, and I’m unsure about the government aspects of changing my name with all that’s going on. I will say that our local courthouse quoted 6-8 weeks turnaround time for our marriage license to be recorded and processed, and they got it done in 3 weeks. Our marriage certificate arrived today, shocking early! I’m wondering if legal paperwork is moving faster in some ways? But since SSA offices are closed, I don’t even know what to expect name change wise.

Also: did you mail in your passport with your SSA paperwork? I was going to do the process in person but obviously can’t now and… I’m slightly terrified to send my passport via the mail, haha.

Coronavirus Wedding Cancellations


To be honest, I do think it’s bad etiquette not to re-invite everyone. I’m not currently one of the brides rescheduling (I got married in the fall), and I can’t even imagine what you’re going through, but you don’t know the reasoning behind why people can’t come or haven’t RSVP’d. In fact, I’d imagine many of the people who haven’t replied yet are waiting to see if you cancel or haven’t replied out of an abundance of caution. Unfortunately, this is why many people advise against a B-list, though I know none of us could have foreseen this. I’d personally find a way to make it work with re-inviting everyone who you’ve already invited, and maybe just hope more people say no.