Choosing the Perfect Wedding Shoes

by K M

You thought the hard part was going to be finding the perfect life companion, but then you had to find the perfect dress. Twenty-something candidates, later and there she was, hanging there, innocent and carefree, just waiting for you to try her on.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Shoes

Perfect Wedding Shoes

Now you have to find the perfect home for your expertly pedicured toes. And not just any white satin slipper will do. Like Cinderella, the shoes that may ultimately hide under your gown on your big day must fit you flawlessly. Down to every detail, your wedding shoes are just one more way to make yourself feel perfect on your wedding day.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Shoes


Maybe you fancy yourself more of a strappy, rhinestone-adorned, dainty-heel kind of girl. Maybe you’re looking for a pair of peep-toes reminiscent of old Hollywood circa Rita Hayworth, with delicate, romantic flowers gracing your ankles. Whatever your style, you’ll want to pick a pair of shoes that reflect your inner rock star, girly girl, or vampy vixen.


Classically You

For a more classic look, go with a low to medium heel in satin or lace in the white or champagne color family. You can opt for a classic pump, slingback, or even an open toe, but think “understated elegance.

If you can picture The Duchess of Cambridge in them, you’ve got the right idea. A touch of jewels, an unexpected shape – like an open insole – a strategically positioned bow, or ruching in the fabric of the shoe can help modernize and individualize the pair to your style.


Party Like a Rock Star

While Aunt Pamela may not appreciate it much, and your betrothed’s grandmother may possibly disown you before you’ve even said “I do,” there is nothing wrong with wearing sneakers to your own wedding. Keyword: “your.”

A pair of bubble gum pink Chucks, some vintage-inspired Nike high tops, or, in keeping with the color of the day, classic white K-Swiss can give you a bit of punk rock flair while making the stress of the day easy on your feet. If sneakers seem too informal, unleash a little Debbie Harry with stilettos adorned in studs or sparkles, or patent leather heels in bright, unexpected colors – maybe opt for some sky-high, electric indigo heels for your “something blue.


Form Follows Function

In the words of the great Coco Chanel, “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise, it is not luxury.” And what should be more luxurious than your wedding day? Sure, the shoes make your legs look gorgeous, and who couldn’t fall in love with the robust ribbons caressing the backs of your heels – but the first dance is coming up and all you want to do is sit down. Possibly forever. Your wedding shoes don’t have to be uncomfortable to be fabulous.

For the sensitive-footed or the clumsy at heart, there’s just something endearing about a cute pair of flats. Try a pair of lace-up ballet shoes, perhaps with some unique detail on the toe. Keep it simple in subdued colors, or even opt for the dressy flip flop, but give your feet a rest. You’ll need them to be extra pretty for the honeymoon.


For the Martha Stewart in All of Us

While you may not have a shop full of elves, or an army of chipper, animated forest creatures at your designing disposal, there’s nothing stopping you from getting a little creative. If you’re not finding exactly what you want, dig out your glue gun, dust off your sketchbook, and get to work.

Find a shoe that’s perfect but just a little bland? Scour your local vintage shops for an old brooch; grab some funky feathers, beads, or sequins from your local craft store; even explore dying your shoes that perfect canary yellow.

Careful though — while customizing your shoes will ensure that they are perfectly tailored to your vision, make sure to attempt a couple of test runs before picking up your future perfect pair.

Chances are, your new hubby probably won’t pay be paying a lot of attention to your feet during the anxiety of the ceremony or the whirlwind of the reception; but there’s just something glorious about wearing the perfect shoes. They can turn just another trip to the supermarket into a chance for you to work the runway of the bread aisle, so imagine what they’ll do on such a monumental day. Surrounded by friends, family, and the person of your dreams, strut your stuff in shoes that are distinctly you.

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