5 Secrets For Finding Fashionable Wedding Shoes for Bride!

by K M

Wedding Shoes for Bride

Wedding Shoes for the bride have been important to the complete bridal ensemble ever since Prince Charming slid the glass slipper onto Sleeping Beauty’s delicate foot. Today, it’s important to make sure that the shoe you choose matches the style of gown you are going to wear, and with so many types of gowns and weddings, this is quite a dilemma! Are you getting married on the beach, in a church or in a rustic chapel?


5 Secrets For Finding Fashionable Wedding Shoes for Bride!

5 Secrets For Finding Fashionable Wedding Shoes for Bride!

The range of shoes you may select could include flip-flops, jeweled heels, leather boots or even the proverbial glass slippers with little kitten heels. There are a few things to keep in mind, however:


1. Remember to keep comfort in mind :

Your wedding gown is going to be the real focus of attention. In many cases, your gown is going to cover most, if not all, of your shoes, so don’t choose a shoe that is excruciatingly painful because it is “gorgeous” if you know it is going to be painful by the end of the day. If you don’t normally wear three-inch heels, don’t wear them on your wedding day. Choose a slender one-inch heel in an attractive style instead so that you will be comfortable. Or better yet, a lovely ballet-style flat that compliments your dress. Of course, if you are used to heels, by all means, wear them!


2. Match fabrics as well as colors :

Many brides try to get shoes dyed to match their gowns and then are disappointed when they don’t match because they have looked only at the price and gone with the cheapest material possible. If you choose a different material than what your gown is made from, the dye, no matter what color you attempt to use, will not “grab” the same, and the light does not reflect in the same manner. Satin, peau-de-soie, silk, brocade and other materials all have different reflective and dye qualities. You must choose shoes out of similar materials to get a good match.


3. Don’t assume high price means the best fit :

Having said that you should pay for good quality material, we won’t claim that high price ensures the best fit. The only way to know what shoe fits you best is to try the shoe on. Each brand will run differently, and some shoes will fit in one size in one brand and another size in another brand. If you want to dance the night away on your wedding day, be sure to walk around in a few pairs and check the fit so that you find a pair that not only looks great but fits comfortably. You may be surprised to find that some very inexpensive shoes have a fantastic fit.


4. Consider looking at shoes that aren’t “bridal shoes” :

If you will be doing a lot of dancing, look into purchasing shoes from a store specializing in dance shoes. Ballet or ballroom shoes are designed to be extremely comfortable and come in a wide range of styles and colors that are extraordinarily versatile and attractive, with plenty of giving and flexibility. Once you try these on, you may find yourself going back to these stores for special event shoes beyond your wedding day.


5. Save money for your bridesmaids by going neutral :

If your bridesmaids are wearing pastels, consider allowing them to purchase off-white or white shoes. If they are wearing rich, deep tones, go with bone, taupe, muted metallics or even black for their shoes. Remember, if they are wearing floor-length gowns their shoes aren’t going to show, and really, they aren’t the center of attention – you are. Your bridesmaids will thank you for the opportunity to invest in comfortable, attractive shoes they can wear again and again instead of a pair of mint green heels that will languish in their closets and be tossed after they gather dust for months.


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