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Top 10 Weirdest Vehicles Used As Wedding Cars


When I was researching this article I couldn’t believe some of the different weird cars people used for their weddings but hey if you want a wedding to remember why not try an ambulance, Tuk Tuk and can you believe it, a Wedding Submarine?


Top 1. Ground Ambulance Wedding Car  – The Ghost Busters Way

Ground Ambulance Wedding Car
Ground Ambulance Wedding Car

Are you dying to get to your wedding? Then the ambulance is the wedding car for you. I have actually seen the Ghost Busters ambulance that was used for the wedding and it was nothing like the ambulances I have seen.


Top 2. Two Person Push Wedding Bike

Two Person Push Wedding Bike
Source: Melissa Blake Blog

I know the world is really into a health kick at the moment, you know, with the environment falling apart around us but who in the world wants to get hot and sweaty on your wedding day. Well in the case of a couple in Ontario, CA, they were more than happy to and arrived at their wedding on a dual person push bike.

At least they will be fit.


Top 3. Wedding Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuk Wedding Car
Tuk Tuk Wedding Car

Anyone who has been to Thailand will know the Tuk Tuk but who in the world would have thought to use it as a wedding car. Well, an American couple decided that this would be their ultimate wedding cars for their Thai wedding.


Top 4. Wedding Submarine – Brilliant!

Submarine Wedding
Submarine Wedding

I couldn’t resist putting this one in because I knew a lot of people wouldn’t believe me but apparently a Columbian drug lord used a submarine to smuggle themselves into the United States to get married in Miami. I hope that the lady he married was worth it because it was a lot of work and an expensive ride to get married in.


Top 5. Ox and Bullock Cart Wedding

Ox and Bullock Cart Wedding
Ox and Bullock Cart Wedding

The OX and Cart was the mainstay of transport for many Asian and African countries in the early eighteen and nineteen hundred however in some of the less developed regions of Asia and Africa it is still in use. In fact, I got to see an Indian wedding where the groom arrived on the Ox and Cart.

I will say having ridden on an Ox and Cart, the cart really does need Shock absorbers.


Top 6. White Pony Wedding

White Pony Wedding
Source: Style Me Pretty

I first saw a wedding with the groom arriving on a white pony in Korea. The white pony in Korea is a status symbol however I definitely mark that down as a weird wedding car. In the image above you can see the “White Pony Wedding” in action: Congratulations Heidi & John for this colorful outdoor San Antonio wedding!


Top 7. Double Decker Wedding Bus

Double Decker Wedding Bus
Double Decker Wedding Bus

As they say, only in England but one couple decided that they loved Double Decker buses so much that they kitted out one for their wedding day. Oh, by the way, they also live in one as well.


Top 8. 20 Wheel Wedding Limousine

20 Wheel Wedding Limo
20 Wheel Wedding Limo

I must confess that when I got married my husband and I decided that we wanted a limousine for our wedding car but I think a limousine with 20 wheels and can fit almost the whole wedding party, is just a bit much. I first saw this vehicle in the photo’s in the 70′s and I didn’t believe that it was real but my colleagues who live in Los Angeles assures me that it is.


Top 9. Wedding Tank

Wedding Tank - Tank Limo
Source: Tank Limo

I know some couples think getting married is the equivalent of going to war but one would say getting to the church in a tank is probably taking it too far. A couple in the USA decided though that their vintage tank was definitely the way to begin their life.

Bombs away!


Top 10. A Hearse with a Coffin

A Wedding Hearse Car
A Wedding Hearse Car

The final weirdest car for your wedding I could find was one used by a goth couple. They hired a hearse with a coffin so that they could both arrive in deathly style.

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