Decorating Your Church with Wedding Flowers

by K M

Wedding Flower Decoration for the Church Wedding Ceremony


If you are getting married in a church, you may be thinking of embellishing the wedding venue by decorating it with wedding flowers. Although most churches are already very beautiful, decorating with flowers will emphasize the fact that this is not just a regular church day. Something special is going on- you are getting married!

There are a few key areas of the chapel that deserve highlighting and decorating with flowers, others are optional and will add even more beauty and color to your wedding ceremony church. Here are some ideas on how to decorate your church with flowers for your wedding…


Church Doors & Banisters:

Church Doors & Banisters wedding flowers

Source: One Fab Day

To decorate the church doors, you may choose to hang wreaths or bows in your colors with long trailing ribbons. A popular wedding wreath is the all baby’s breath wreath which is simple, elegant and very appropriate for weddings.

One or two wreaths, one for each door is up to you. If you choose to have two wreaths, an extra touch is to have monogrammed letters representing the bride and groom showcased at the center of these two wedding wreaths.

Alternatively, you can get your monogrammed letters created out of flowers and hang those on the outside doors of your church. You can also drape the banisters with ribbon and bows to welcome guests to your ceremony venue.

Another idea to decorate the outside entrance of your church, especially if you are hosting a vintage wedding, is to have a chalkboard with wedding details written out on it or a simple wedding to guests and to accent the top of that chalkboard with a floral swag.


Entrance Arch:

Entrance Arch flower decoration

Entrance Arch flower decoration

Many people choose to have an arch at the entrance of their church, usually just before the last pew, to formalize the process of walking down the aisle and to add a regal, elegant touch and excitement to the church.

Arches can be decorated in many ways. Sheer material, mini lights, artificial flowers, bows, etc… But nothing can beat the fresh look of integrating live green garlands and tucking in fresh flowers to your arch. You can even compose a completely live arch by mixing and matching a variety of pre-made garlands and attaching them to a metal frame and then accenting the live greens with fresh roses, ribbon and bows.

Alternatively, arches are sometimes used at the front of the church for the vows to be recited under. If your arch is going to be front and center, make sure that it is well decorated with flowers and other adornments and that it is not too big as to block the view of guests.


Pews & Bridal Aisle:

Pews & Bridal Aisle flower decoration

Pews & Bridal Aisle flower decoration

If you’re going to decorate only one feature of your church, make it the pews. The pews lead the eyes to the front of the church and are the perfect way to introduce your guests to the style and scope of decorations that will be featured at your wedding. The pews can be decorated very simply or elaborately, the choice is yours.

For a simple pew dressing, accent every second pew starting at the front of the church with a cascading pew bow. To up the ante a little, tuck a simple rose in a rose pick into the bow. Instead of a bow, each pew bench in the central aisle can be accented with long trails of sheer material or tulle and a bouquet of flowers at the center.

The pews can each host a small bouquet tied off with trailing ribbons. or a Large substantial candles in safe holders can line each side of the bridal aisle whether the pews are decorated with bow or not. In combination with a generous scattering of rose petals lining the bridal pathway, candles can be tucked up against the pew benches so as not to disturb the flow of the aisle and so that no one trips on petals or candles.

Finally, for a classic complete bridal aisle decor experience, run a length of white material or tulle to line the entire inner side of the bridal aisle and swag from pew to pew. Flowers and/ or bows should accent the pews themselves. With this configuration, everyone will have to walk in and out of their pew from the outside aisle.


Church Altar:

Hydrangea Altar Arrangement

Hydrangea Altar Arrangement / Source: TheKnot

Depending on the location of these bouquets, the altar bouquets will need to be shaped differently. Ask in advance to see where the priest would like you to put them to determine whether a cascading bouquet or a tall bouquet would look better.

If the bouquets are to be placed front and center on the altar itself, low cascading bouquets on either side of the church altar would be perfect. If they are to be placed somewhere else like on wall shelves or on pedestals on either side of the altar, tall bouquets would be ideal.

On the other hand, if the best spot to place an altar bouquet is on the floor in front of the altar, a tall basket of flowers would be perfect. Just make sure it doesn’t look like a funeral bouquet!


Chuppah or Arbor:

Chuppah or Arbor Flower Decoration

Chuppah or Arbor Flower Decoration

If you are Jewish or simply like the look of a chuppah or arbor and would like to get married under a decorated wooden or metal structure at the front of the church, you can definitely enhance this framework with flowers.

The most common ways to decorate arbors are to use the material to drape and/or accent the framework and to use flowers to enhance it. A long elaborate flower arrangement at the top looks simply exquisite as does an entire chuppah laced with flowers.

To keep things simpler and more cost-effective, use bouquets in your colors to accent the arbor in random spots here and there and spread the flowers much further with a charming effect.



Candelabras wedding flowers church

Candelabras wedding flowers church

Finally, if you have rented candelabras to decorate the front of the church or if you’re lucky and your church already has pretty candelabras you can use for your wedding, it doesn’t hurt to decorate them with material and flowers.

By adding cascading ribbons, tulle, material and by decorating the focal area with flowers, you will be transforming an everyday church item into something festive and sacred.

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