Modest Wedding Dresses Are Beautiful And Elegant!

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Modest Wedding Dresses Are Beautiful And Elegant!

For the modest wedding dresses, your choice must be tasteful and simple. When it’s time to start shopping for a wedding dress, LDS brides need to find a dress that suits their own style and personality, as well as one that conforms to the requirements of their temple. You want your wedding gown to absolutely comfortable as well, a modest gown will keep everyone happy. I think that sometimes a more modest dress is a refreshing change compared to some of the gowns offered these days. And the church does too.

LDS wedding dresses

LDS wedding dresses

Not all Mormons but most that I have met are usually more conservative in their dress as a whole. So naturally, this style should extend to your wedding gown. It must, otherwise, it will be frowned upon by your church and your Mother-in-law to be. Always, always check with a church Elder if you are unsure of your choice. That way you know your choice in a dress is an appropriate one.

Modest wedding dresses are elegant and timeless. It is important that LDS brides are familiar with their temple’s policies before they start shopping for their LDS wedding dress. What does that entail? The modest wedding dress must be completely white, with long sleeves that are lined if they are sheer. The gown should not show any cleavage and should feature a high neckline and a fully covered back. If you love the idea of having a train with your gown, make sure that it can be bustled or detached.


Modest wedding dresses are also characterized by their simplicity – the design should be free of elaborate amounts of glitzy sequins or fancy beadwork. This gown is also for the bride who is modest, you don’t necessarily have to be a Latter-Day Saint to have this style of gown, it works for many brides. Simple elegance is what you should be looking for, a timelessly elegant dress. This should be the type of gown that you can pass on for generations to come.

LDS wedding dresses are also characterized by their simplicity

LDS wedding dresses are also characterized by their simplicity

Maybe your future granddaughter might also someday walk down the aisle in your wedding gown, so choosing simple elegance will work for this possibility as well. For a complete how-to on manners and etiquette go to modern manners Learn to positively influence others using manners and etiquette. All social situations are covered including wedding etiquette.

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If you are not sure if a feature on the gown you would like to purchase is appropriate, be sure to check with a member of the clergy at your temple. Some temples also rent out small jackets or inserts which can make a dress more suitable for a temple wedding.

Shopping For A LDS Wedding Dress

Many online shops specialize in modest wedding dresses that are specifically designed to work with temple policies. You can also talk to members of your community to find out where they recommend shopping for wedding gowns. Don’t be afraid to shop in traditional bridal boutiques either, they will surely have some dresses you can try on that will meet your needs.


A Modest LDS Wedding Dress Comes In Many Different Styles!

When it comes time to shop for a wedding gown, many brides choose to wear a beautiful, modest wedding dress. Whether you personally feel more comfortable in this style of gown, or you are wearing a modest dress for religious purposes, the modest wedding gown comes in many different styles. You can find the perfect wedding gown for you!

Making it Modest

If you’re not sure what to look for, think about what parts of the gown are most important to you. Do you want to wear lace on your wedding day?

Does the look of covered buttons or a stunning corset send your heart aflutter? Having a basic idea of what you were looking for will make it much easier.

If you want a modest dress, you will be looking for something with a slightly higher neckline. You will likely want your shoulders covered, and may wear either long sleeves, cap sleeves, or three-quarter sleeves.

Your gown will likely be floor length and might have a beautiful long train. If you are wearing a modest wedding dress for religious purposes, you may wish to check with your clergy to obtain an exact list of what is – and what is not – permitted.

A Modest Elegance

Aside from the general cut and style of the wedding gown, you may also want to look for a gown that is modest in its adornments. This means choosing a gown with little to no embellishments.

The simple beauty of the white wedding dress is all you need to become a glowing bride! Consider adding some personality to your bridal ensemble by choosing accessories that reflect your personal styles, such as a shawl, a bolero jacket, or a beautiful set of pearls.

For the modest bride, finding a wedding dress can be a little more of a challenge simply because the options are more limited. Start shopping early and you will find a wedding dress that is classic, elegant, and makes you feel like a princess!


Modest Wedding Dresses – General Guidelines

Modest Wedding Dresses

Modest Wedding Dresses

If yours is a typical, traditional and conservative kind of wedding, you will definitely have to keep a lot of factors in mind while choosing the dresses to wear to a wedding like this. Showing off the skin is definitely “in,” but perhaps in your case, you will have to be modest and beautiful at the same time. Do not worry! You can look stylish and elegant as well as modest at the very same time by considering a few factors while buying your dresses to wear to a wedding.


Choosing a modest wedding dress that suits your figure is very important. A good wedding dress is the one that hides all your body flaws and accentuates all your body assets. The basic cuts for a conservative wedding can be A-line, empire waist, mermaid shape, ball gown, and column or sheath. You can take guidance from someone to find out the wedding dress which suits perfectly to your body.


The next important thing is the color. We all know white is evergreen, but if you wish to pick something different, you can go for the warm colors or off-white shades too. Lavender or pink in the lightest hues can be selected too. Off-white shade can otherwise be very good for all the brides. Another good idea is to wear a Black Wedding Dress. This will definitely make your wedding “unique“.


While choosing the dresses to wear to a wedding, the neckline is an important thing to be considered, especially if the wedding is modest. But the designers can offer you a range of options here. Keep the low necklines out of question. Women with short height should choose the neckline that can lengthen their torso. The taller brides can go for stand neckline. Choose it very carefully because it can make you look the best or the worst!

Sleeve length

In the conservative wedding, sleeve length is another factor that should be considered. This will however totally depend on your wedding season. Cap sleeves can be ideal for the summer. In winter wedding, you can choose to wear wedding gowns with full sleeves or three-fourth sleeves.

All these factors can be kept in mind while choosing the dresses to wear to a wedding that is conservative or modest. You do have options, so do not worry! Even after keeping your wedding simple and modest, you can look stylish if you keep all the aforementioned factors in mind while choosing your dresses to wear to a wedding taking place in a modest style.


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