Wedding Traditions in Croatia

by K M

Croatia is known as one of the most beautiful parts of Europe. With its magnificent Adriatic coastline and medieval quaintness, Croatia is full of charming wedding traditions. Find out how you can merge these customs with your modern-day wedding plans.


Pre Wedding Traditions

Before the wedding ceremony, the bride’s mother hosts the bridal party in her home, holding a cup of honey, representing goodwill. Coins are thrown into the cup and after the bride and groom drink its contents, the coins are given to the groom. On the wedding day, the bride’s family may playfully try to stall the groom from arriving at the church with his bride, by putting up various obstacles in the couple’s path



When the ceremony ends, the wedding party circles a well three times as they toss apples in it, as a wish for the new couple’s fruitfulness.



The bride’s father has the honor of placing a string of pearls around her head. Female family relatives unveil the bride and then dress her in a scarf and apron—the outfit of a married woman.


Starting Life as Two

When the bride goes to her new home, she throws an apple over her house, and once she enters, she is led three times around a warm hearth.


Tips and Ideas for Incorporating Traditions Into Your Modern-Day Wedding

  • Apples symbolize fruitfulness in Croatian culture. Sweeten the tradition by giving guests caramel-covered apples, wrapped in beautiful ribbon, as favors. Or consider serving apple pie for dessert in lieu of wedding cake.

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