Wedding Inspiration from Jasmine Flowers

by K M

Do you want a flower that’s as delicate and white as a bridal gown? Incorporate the lovely jasmine flowers into your wedding plans.


This fragrant flower comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to match your personal wedding-day vision. Pairing equally well with a minimalist, modern look or a frilly, layered one, jasmine flowers make the perfect accessory for any bridal style.


Using Delicate Flowers

Jasmine Flower

Jasmine Flower

Most types of jasmine are at their best when the sun goes down. Even cut flowers only open fully and release their perfume around twilight. This makes them a perfect choice for evening wedding receptions. While the flowers are still beautiful during the day, they do tend to be more closed and narrow during the daylight hours.

The jasmine blossom itself can be very fragile, so if you tend to fidget and fuss with objects you’re holding, think twice before tossing it into your bridal bouquet. Jasmine blossoms often fare better when woven into hairdos, where they stay out of sight and mind–except for releasing a delicious fragrance, that is. String the flowers along delicate thread for a sweet-smelling garland that’s perfect for bridesmaid and flower girl tiaras. Pin individual flowers into a bridal updo for a natural, pure look that smells as sweet as it looks.

Jasmine flowers are at their best in bouquets when they are used as part of a garland. Since jasmine plants often grow in long vines with intricate tendrils, they are the perfect choice for a cascading bouquet accent. Arrange the spray of jasmine so it falls down from the bouquet and trails by the bride’s or bridesmaids’ hands. The light white or creamy color of the blossoms pairs well with any wedding colors, while the dark leaves complete the floral artwork.


Edible Masterpieces

Jasmine tea is prized in China for its delicate, floral flavor. In order to impart a jasmine scent and flavor, tea makers store tea leaves alongside jasmine blossoms. Some types of jasmine tea serve the dried blossoms mixed in with the tea itself, which gives the loose tea a more exotic look. A gourmet jasmine tea with dried blossoms is the perfect way to set off a wedding tea table, tea ceremony, or tea party reception.

Because the scent of jasmine flowers is so strong, many ingredients pick up the aroma simply by being stored in the same container. Jasmine rice is created in this manner and serves as an exotic counterpart to curry dishes for your wedding menu. Jasmine sugar is an easy DIY project that becomes a delicious accent to desserts and signature cocktails, and can even serve as wedding favors.

For an eye-catching garnish, serve sugared jasmine flowers alongside coffee and cookies, or use them to decorate your dessert platters. Candied flowers are simple DIY projects for creative couples and their friends in the days before the wedding. The sugar coating on the flowers protects and preserves the petals, in addition to giving the entire flower a sweet flavor. Sugared jasmine flowers also make a delicate white rim for wedding cake tiers.


Beyond Floral Inspiration

Jasmine Bridal Bouquet

Jasmine Bridal Bouquet

Jasmine flowers are beautiful and aromatic, but their use goes beyond the petals themselves. Take inspiration from the jasmine flower by imbuing all aspects of your wedding with the color, shape, and perfume of this flower.

Use jasmine-scented soaps and lotions to get yourself and your bridesmaids into a calm, happy mindset before the wedding. Jasmine incense, candles, and essential oils are good ways to add a tantalizing atmosphere to your wedding venue (just check beforehand to make sure none of your guests have allergies).

If using live flowers as hair ornaments doesn’t appeal to you, you can still capture the beauty of the jasmine flower by using jasmine-shaped clips and combs in your hair. Jasmine makes a popular motif for jewelry and accessories, which in turn makes beautiful gifts for bridesmaids.

Whether you use actual jasmine flowers in garlands around your wedding venue, or you just enjoy the exotic taste and aroma of the flower, embrace jasmine as a place to start your wedding planning. The best wedding themes originate from a single idea that inspires you; so if you love jasmine, it’s time to make it your own.

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