What Bridal Earrings to Wear?

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What Bridal Earrings to Wear on the Wedding Day

What Bridal Earrings to Wear

What Bridal Earrings to Wear

At first glance, the most important part of the bridal outfit is the gown. There aren’t any shows called “Say Yes to the Earrings,” after all.

But upon closer look, a bride’s earrings make a huge difference in her wedding-day look. They’re the first pieces of jewelry people see when they look at her face. Even close-up face photos that crop out a necklace will still include the earrings. So, with such fashion importance riding on your choice of earrings, how do you know which ones to pick?


Pair with Your Hairstyle

If you’re wearing an elaborate updo, you have a wide range of earring styles available. While simple stud earrings look fine with updos, large and dangling earrings especially shine. The bigger your bridal style is in general, the more sparkle you can get away with on your earrings. If you’re looking for an excuse to wear those ruby-studded starbursts that make you feel like a movie star, your wedding day is the day to do it.

Brides with short hair can enjoy the same advantages as brides with updos. Earrings with sparkling gemstones fare especially well with short hair and updos because there isn’t a lot of hair to get in the way of the light. For short, tomboyish hairstyles, small stud earrings are also an appropriate choice.

Long, loose hair can be tricky to pair with earrings, since it’s essential to avoid any styles of jewelry that can catch and get tangled. The last thing you want while leaning in for the kiss is a sharp pain in your earlobe! Look for smooth earrings like pearls, sea glass, or polished stones. Light earring materials like feathers also do well with loose hair. Brides with long hair may also want to pin their hair back from their faces with ornamented clips.


Pair with Your Hair Color

Your earrings are a splendid opportunity to bring out your hair color a little more, so jump on the chance for a perfect pairing. Brides with blonde or red hair should look for warm colors of metal like gold and bronze. Green and blue gemstones look especially radiant when contrasted with auburn or strawberry blonde hair.

Brides with dark hair should look for cool tones of metal like silver and platinum. Light-colored gemstones, like pearls and opals, tend to set off darker colors of hair. Brides with brown hair can ride down the middle of the road and wear any color earrings; just make sure they complement the dress.

If you have an unusual color of hair (such as pink or green), just follow the same color pairing rules: warm tones with warm-colored metals, and vice versa. As long as you contrast your hair color with the gemstones in your jewelry, you’ll look radiant.


Pair with Your Face Shape

Look for earrings that are the inverse of your face shape in order to bring about a perfect symmetry on your wedding day. Do you have a long, slender face? Look for short, rounded earrings like hoops to balance the shape. Is your face very round? Long earrings, such as a series of dangling gems, will make your features seem thinner.

If you don’t like your pointy chin, look for earrings that dangle at chin-height and bell out along the bottom (teardrop and inverted-fan shapes are perfect). Want to soften a strong jawline? Keep your earrings short and delicate. Since earrings are worn alongside the face, they offer the perfect opportunity to complement your face shape without any makeup tricks (or cosmetic surgery!) needed.


Pair with Your Wedding Fashion

As if it’s not tricky enough pairing your earrings with your face and hair, you also have to take your wedding fashion style into consideration. Don’t stress, though; just follow one simple rule and you’ll have the look you want. Decide what you want people to see first when they look at you. If you have a striking ornament, such as a large necklace or tiara, or flowers in your hair, keep your earrings subtle so they don’t compete. If your bridal gown and accessories aren’t overly complicated on their own, however, feel free to sparkle things up with a pair of showy earrings.


Pair with Your Personality

No matter what color and style of earrings you choose, make sure they reflect who you are. Choosing wedding jewelry should be a little like choosing your cake toppers–the challenge is finding something that looks good and also tells people something about your personality. (For that matter, a miniaturized version of your cake topper is a fun choice of earrings for the wedding reception.)

Go on several shopping adventures to find the perfect earrings–or try your hand at a DIY pair. If you have a specific vision in mind, you can even commission customized jewelry for the occasion. Whether you go for classic elegance with a pair of pearls or bohemian whimsy with an asymmetrical set, your earrings are the perfect opportunity to complete your bridal style.


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