The Symbolization Behind Calla Lily Colors

by K M

The Symbolization Behind Calla Lily Colors


Calla Lilies are beautiful flowers that are used worldwide at a large variety of venues and events such as weddings, funerals, birthdays and even baptisms. This particular type of lily comes in a large variety of colors including white, orange, blue, purple, burgundy, red, black and green. For every color of Calla Lily, there is a significant meaning and use for the flower. Though every color presents itself beautifully and elegantly, the meaning is not always what you expected. Some of the most beautiful Calla Lilies such as the orange and black flowers have a deeper, darker meaning than the other species colors. Before purchasing just any Calla Lily, you should research the true meaning and make sure it is appropriate for the event you are attending.


Calla Lily Colors

White Calla Lilies – Beauty and Innocence

White Calla Lilies - Calla Lily Colors

White Calla Lilies

The white Calla Lily symbolizes magnificent beauty and innocence. This particular meaning of the White Calla Lily came from the beautiful and worthy Greek Goddess, Hera. From the religious perspective, this flower also symbolizes purity, holiness, and faith due to its bright white color. Because of the white Calla Lily’s symbolism, the flower is used widely throughout the world at weddings and funerals.


Orange Calla Lilies – The Darker Side

orange calla lilies - calla lilies colors

Orange Calla Lilies 

Unlike other Calla Lily colors, the orange lily symbolizes something darker and sinister. Hatred and dislike. Although the meaning of this lily is not meant to be kind, it is used on a variety of holidays and events such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter and at weddings for the bouquet. So although this flower is a beautiful bright orange color, it resembles something of a darker origin and is meant to be given as a gift of hatred.


Blue Calla Lilies – The Royal Flowers

Blue Calla Lilies - Calla Lilies Colors

Blue Calla Lilies 


The Blue Calla Lily has a beautiful exotic look and a vibrant blue color that makes it look almost surreal. This type of Calla Lily colors is considered to be a royal flower and symbolizes royalty, serenity, tranquility, and peace. The Blue Calla Lily is an excellent flower to be used at weddings, funerals, parties, and baptisms as they express all the perfect meanings for these particular types of events. When this specific style of Calla Lily is given as a gift, it is meant to provide a peaceful, serene feeling for the receiver.


Purple Calla Lilies

purple calla lilies - calla lilies colors

Purple Calla Lilies 

Calla Lily colors such as purple are used for weddings and other large, meaningful events. This flower symbolizes sophistication and charm, giving off a royal and sweet charm that these particular events strive for. The Purple Calla Lily is home to South Africa and blooms during early spring. The leaves on this color of Calla lily are shaped like a knife or a heart and have a waxy, soft feel to them. The beautiful color and unique shape make this flower the perfect gift or wedding arrangement.

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