5 Reasons to Wear Ear Cuffs at Your Wedding Day

by Jack Kurosaki

Wedding is one of the most important days in our lives. We’ve been dreaming about it since we were little kids. We’ve imagined it all. What will the wedding dress look like, what colours will the flower arrangements be, the venue and all of that stuff. Naturally, some of our wishes and desires change over time. Along with our wishes and desires, fashion changes. What was once a beautiful, fairy tale wedding dress – nowadays might not be.

To be fair, weddings aren’t necessarily about fashion, you can wear whatever you like and whatever makes you feel good. This day is supposed to about you and your happiness, about sharing your life with someone you love and cherish – not about which designer made the dress.

When it comes to a wedding, you’ll have so many things to plan and do that your head will start spinning. But, that’s okay. When everything goes according to plan, you’re going to forget about the pre-wedding drama. Now, you’ll have to deal with caterers, the band, the venue, the flower arrangements, seating arrangements and much more. With all of this hanging over your head, you might not have enough time to actually think about yourself.

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Don’t let that happen. Start planning as early as possible and give yourself enough time to deal with everything. You don’t want to get caught up in planning a wedding party that your guests will enjoy and forget about the most important thing that day – you. You should be the number one priority for yourself, so, let’s get started talking about you.

How do you want to look like? Are you going for a classic, traditional look or are you up for something different? Maybe you want to have a wedding without all the glitz and glamour, maybe you want to get married on a beach, in front of ten people, barefoot and in a simple, yet elegant white dress. Maybe you want to look a little bit more like a free-spirit, add a little bohemian charm to your wedding or maybe you’d like to get married in a white suit. Whatever you choose, remember – the choice is yours and yours only.

Don’t let anybody tell you what to do or wear. You may be tempted to make friends and family happy by fulfilling their wishes (we know how mothers can get) and that is okay under one condition – if it makes you happy first. So, don’t back down – if you want a gothic wedding and a black, lace wedding dress with red accents, go for it.

Speaking of bohemian and gothic themed weddings, you know what they have in common? Beautiful accessories. From gorgeous, slightly way-to-large turquoise rings to sparkling, over-the-top ear cuffs that cover most of your ear. Accessories are what makes the outfit pop. You can wear the most expensive pair of shoes, matched with an even more expensive dress and still look underdressed. Now, we’re not saying you have to go over the top with rings, bracelets, anklets, necklaces, earrings or ear cuffs, but you need at least some of them.

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Since there are so many accessories, we can’t cover them all, so let’s just focus on one for now. It’s obvious that the dress is the main factor here, right? Wrong. It’s you. You should wear a potato bag if that’s what you want, but we need to warn you, it might be hard to accessorise in that case. All jokes aside, one of the things that tend to be overlooked are ears. We get so focused on our hair, makeup and dress so we forget about them.

Now, some of us don’t have their ears pierced, but, that’s perfectly fine – there is another way. A lovely pair of ear cuffs from eandejewellery.com can save the day. But, should you wear ear cuffs on your wedding day? Absolutely. Don’t believe us? Here’s why you should wear ear cuffs on your wedding day.

1. Make Your Ear Light Up The Room

You can wear a majestic ear cuff that covers most of your ear without worrying about your ear hurting for the next 10 days. There are some magnificent ear cuffs, intricately detailed, in all kinds of shapes, colours and materials. They’re especially good looking if you’re wearing your hair on one side. It’ll give out a different vibe depending on where you’re being watched from. Go as big and as sparkly as you want – light up the room.

2. Achieve A Subtle, Elegant Look

If you don’t want to be over the top, rather down to the ground – a subtle, clean ear cuff should do the trick. If you don’t want your accessory to be the most dominant part of the outfit, you can always choose a petite and elegant ear cuff. A small accessory like this is versatile – it can complete both a princess and bohemian queen look.

3. Switch Up The Style With Ease

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You might want to switch it up a little bit during the wedding. Maybe you want to wear a bold, statement piece of an ear cuff during the ceremony, but when you hit the dance floor with your guests, you want something more comfortable. Ear cuffs can be easily taken off and as easily put back on. So, if you’re looking for something that you can easily change, ear cuffs are your friend.

4. Pair Them Up With Existing Piercings

You may have a piercing or two already, but you just feel like there’s something missing, you can save yourself some time and money and skip piercing and get ear cuff instead. You can even connect your ear cuff with your piercing with a chain for a more edgy look. That would look good if you’re going for something unorthodox for your wedding style.

5. They Work Well With Other Accessories

It’s really easy to match a pair of ear cuffs with any other piece of jewellery. Whether it’s rings or necklaces, pairing them up should be a piece of cake. It doesn’t matter if you’re going for chic, extravagant, elegant or urban style – there’s an ear cuff for you out there.

There are many reasons to wear ear cuffs on your wedding day or any other day for that matter. They’re cool, easy to take on and off and can elevate your outfit effortlessly. Find the one that compliments your dress and your style and just go for it.

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