Before Hiring a Wedding Photographer: 6 Vital Things to Check

by Jack Kurosaki

Wedding preparation is exciting and full of challenges, and choosing the right photographer is as essential as the wedding décor and the dress. Photography is an art form, a delicate way to tell a love story, and there are various factors to be considered before choosing the right photographer.

To capture an image or a freezing moment of the D-day beautifully requires a good wedding photographer who knows the importance of capturing those priceless moments. From choosing the perfect location to assisting you to capture every detail of your wedding, hiring a professional photography firm like Yours Truly Media can ensure the day is appropriately documented. These professionals will be part of many unforgettable memories of your wedding day, so research their styles and choose one who can transform those cherished times into beautiful everlasting memories.

If you want to look back at your wedding photos & still want to feel like it was yesterday, then you need to choose an apt photographer to capture wedding celebrations and memories that will stand for a lifetime –

1. Book your Photographer as early as possible


To have the best wedding photographer to capture your big day, you need to start looking quite in advance. If you wait & cannot decide till the last minute, you might end with the available ones and not with your desired ones. Top photographers are always booked all year, so research what type of wedding photography you need and start looking early to get a significant relief once they are booked.

By booking early, you also get a chance to rope in major wedding vendors, the wedding venue, and the wedding caterer, which is often the most challenging task.

2. Portfolio

While looking at your photographer’s images or portfolios, check the styles, skills, and stories they are expressing. Then picking the essential elements for you and your partner to view their galleries will help you determine what type of wedding photographer you’ll want. From the art style to the image content and quality, it is essential to let photographers know what you want. Assess photographers based on their portfolio and craft:

  • Traditional: Photographer will cover all the standard elements that are typically requested.
  • Photojournalistic: In this, you will get some candid or spontaneous pictures and genuine moments that tell a given story.
  • Portraiture: For these photographers, ask to pose their shots with their friends and their family. They might even ask the bride and groom to pose at traditional places with formal poses.
  • Fine Art: A simple photo may turn out dramatic and gorgeous, with creative photography that uses dramatic compositions to showcase your personalities.

After narrowing down your top choices based on these portfolios, it’s time to get in contact with the artists and arrange personal interviews. Check their sample album and keep an eye open for the prints’ quality to consider how the photos make you feel.

3. Meeting the Photographer and check his Credentials and Reputation


Each photographer has his style & approach, so look for the person who understands what you want and how you want on your wedding day. You are entrusting him with a big responsibility for your special day so choose a professional with a little experience who knows how those perfect shots are taken. Don’t forget to take references from friends and relatives who are satisfied with their work. Read their testimonials carefully and check their online reviews before hiring.

Ensure that you interview and connect with the one who will be present at your wedding and specify your requirements on drone photography or a traditional one? Having a compatible personality with your photographer can undoubtedly play a large role in setting the mood.

4. Essential things to ask your Photographer

  • How do you want the photographs to be taken?
  • Can you cover the wedding event with your equipment?
  • Will you provide photography or a complete package, including videography?
  • How long will it take to get the photos and other items included in the package?
  • How many photographs should you expect?
  • Any additional costs for retouching options or special effects?
  • How would they cope if it rains and embraces any weather conditions?
  • Ask them if the photographs are shot and edited with user-friendly software, incompatible formats for future use?
  • When will they deliver the prints and albums? Is there an option to download the images?

5. Compare Wedding Photography Packages


Wedding photography packages differ on what is included. So, ask your shortlisted photographers to give you an estimate considering all the things you want to include in the package. Usually, wedding photography package prices are broadly based not only on the number of sizes of prints but also on the:

  • Cost of travel
  • Time spent working
  • The experience level of the photographers
  • How many photographers are shooting?
  • Types of Equipment used
  • Amount of post-production work required

You don’t want to regret each time you look at the wedding images that could have been better. Hence, beforehand, evaluate and list out photos, albums, and extras you need to capture the event. Find out and compare what’s included in each of the professional photography packages before hiring the photographers themselves.

6. Check your Wedding Photography Contract thoroughly

Lastly and one of the important ones, check your photographer’s wedding contract so you can read over legal details of exactly what you will obtain and how it will be delivered. Take note of how many hours the coverage will last and other services you agreed upon, and discuss the contract of ownership or rights over the photos taken at the wedding. Thus, to have a smooth wedding with quality clicks and videos, make sure the ceremony shoot is covered in totality.

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