What Should a Wedding Photography Contract Consists Of

by K M

What Should a Wedding Photography Contract Consists Of


So you are about to tie the knot with your fiance and are planning to complete the wedding photography contract with your chosen photographer.


Ask yourself these two questions

Are you aware of the conditions that should be included in your wedding photography contract? Are you getting exactly what you are paying for?

These things are mandatory and should be looked into with extreme caution if you want your wedding photography sessions to be a memorable one for you and your loved ones. Your wedding photography contract should include all the particulars concerning your marriage ceremony day. The precise time and details about the arrival of the photographer should be included in the contract.


…And another two questions

Is the photographer coming alone? Or is an assistant accompanying him?

The hourly commitment should be crystal clear in the contract so that your marriage photographer will be available to cover all those cherished moments in your wedding ceremony.

If you are aware of the wedding venue and time in advance, be sure to include all these details in the photography contract so that he would be aware of the timings regarding various events of your marriage ceremony. The contract should include the phone number and address of the person who will be coordinating between the wedding ceremony and the photographer. The photographer should have access to contact that particular person at any time, in order to clarify any issues that he may be having with regards to the wedding ceremony.

The wedding photography contract should clearly state all details about the package and the services offered in the package. There should be no confusion about this section of the contract. The contract should clearly state what is included in your agreement.

The length of time the contractor is committed to, the number of people coming with him, how many photos will the customer receive finally, how long will it take to receive the photos after the wedding and the rights of the bride and groom in republishing or distributing the wedding photos, etc., should be clearly clarified in the final contract.

How do you pay for the wedding photography service?

Payment terms differ according to the individual photographer or the company in which he is employed. Some would charge a 50% deposit upfront, and the balance at the end of the event. Some service providers will require full payment upfront. There are some photographers who would agree to a payment plan with you. Be sure to honor the payments on time or the photographer may book someone else instead of you.

In most cases, a wedding photography ceremony would involve the whole day, and the photographer may have to be supplied with meals. Most contracts include a clause about the meals for the photographer and his assistant. There is a specific time allocated for the photographer and assistant to eat during the reception.

If there are mandatory photo shots that you need during your wedding ceremony, this too should be included in the contract. Spending time carefully reading the photography contract and discussing it with your fiance, will help to correct any mistakes before your important day.

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