Comparing Wedding Photography Prices

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Comparing Wedding Photography Prices


It is important to compare photography prices because costs often fluctuate based on location, time of year and between photographers. In fact, many photographers charge just a few hundred dollars to the wedding party to show up and shoot an array of pictures. Others charge thousands of dollars to perform the same job. After the COVID-19 and all of these wedding cancellations, you may find some good offers for a short time.

Fluctuating wedding photography prices are not just about “taking pictures” of the wedding party. Often times, the results are in direct proportion to the amount of money paid. Experience, equipment and the right technology often play a key factor in how well the results will be when photographing the entire wedding and reception.


Planning the Special Day

In all likelihood, the wedding party has been planning for the special day for months. The bride might have been planning her wedding since she was a little girl. After meeting the man of her dreams and accepting his proposal, she instantly became faced with every aspect of the wedding day including setting a budget, searching for a venue, choosing the wedding party, making the decisions on the best friends and family to invite.

Next, she is faced with the costs involved in purchasing the perfect wedding dress, choosing between caterers, dealing with future in-laws, selecting the best wedding flowers and comparing wedding photography prices.

It is important to note that a good photographer will not only capture images of the day, but also the emotions felt by everyone, the food that was devoured, and the fun experienced by dancing to music from the band.

It is important to spend enough time looking over an extensive array of the wedding photographer’s portfolio, of all previous weddings they were hired to capture the images of the special day.

Photographers with years of experience usually achieve their success by producing good results, even with faced with a variety of challenges. An experienced photographer will know how to handle inclement weather, drunken wedding guests, and mishaps that could easily ruin the day. Shooting the best images that capture every quality moment is well worth the price for the memories that can be viewed for a lifetime.


Talent Is Not Cheap

Wedding packages are often priced on where and when the wedding will be photographed, along with the talent of the photographer. While two different competing photographers my offer six or eight hours of photographic shooting on the wedding day, one package might have significantly more value than the other, based on the talent and experience of the photographic team.

In addition, the actual costs of wedding photos often vary significantly between cities. Both the bride and groom should take the necessary time to read the contract. It will often state how many photographs will be taken and whether a wedding album is included in the package price.

Comparing photographers and their prices is an essential component to creating lasting memories. Once the cake is eaten, the dress is worn, and the vows are given, all that remains forever are the photographs of the special day.


Wedding Photography Prices in 2024

Wedding photography cost in 2024 depends of a lot of factors, but the price range remains similar to the last years: Between $2, 500 and …you know: The sky is the limit. It is very important to know that you MUST expect what YOU PAY. So, if you pay the photographer, the friend of the cousin of the market seller, with $900 for the wedding photography…well, you like to risk. Better, pay a PRO and keep in safe hands your wedding memories.

Another advice, besides the wedding photographer, is to rent a wedding photo booth. In this case you will have two or more “photographers” and your guests will have some fun.


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