5 Reasons Why Asia Is The Honeymoon Capital Of The World – 2024 Guide

by Jack Kurosaki

Crowning your wedding with an unforgettable honeymoon trip – is actually the most beautiful part of preparing for an unforgettable day in your life. This is the moment when newlywed couples in love begin their life together – and celebrating their love. Honeymoon trips are an unavoidable part of this event. The destination for your honeymoon really matters because it will become a memory for a lifetime. In recent years, destinations in Asia have become especially popular – and here are the reasons why Asia is the honeymoon capital in the world.

Honeymoon And Its Symbolism

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The honeymoon is an inseparable part of the wedding plan. The idea of the honeymoon has changed, modified, and adapted over the years to modern relationships, dictated by modern society. However, the concept of honeymoon has remained one of the wedding symbols. Through the intimate rapprochement of the newlywed couples – the honeymoon has a role to strengthen and beautify the marriage at the very beginning. Due to its rich tradition, the honeymoon has been preserved as one of the jewels of the wedding – despite its altered nature.

Honeymoon Destinations – First Trip Together As A Married Couple

Although it did not have such a connotation at first – today, a honeymoon is primarily associated with your first trip as a married couple. The destinations couples usually choose are mostly exotic and romantic – so the newlywed couple is on their way right after they get married.

Popular Destinations For A Honeymoon – Before And Nowadays

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Great Britain is the country from which the custom of the modern concept of the honeymoon originated. In the past, in the 19th century, newlyweds from the Island went to visit family members – who could not attend the ceremony. The custom, which originated in the Western world, spread to the entire continent – so for example, in France, the honeymoon became known as the English-style journey. At that time, the most sought-after destinations were the beautiful French Riviera – as well as seductive Italy, especially tourist places like Rome, Florence, and Venice. Such a practice is not foreign to today’s newlyweds either. However, today the wishes of newlyweds have changed – and some distant and exotic destinations have become the most sought after among newlywed couples. Today, young couples usually visit destinations in Asia that offer luxury and exoticism. These places can offer both – an abundance of romance, and opportunities for intimacy and enjoyment.

Asia As The Honeymoon Capital Of The World

Asia is exotic and full of beauty. Whether it’s a honeymoon, an anniversary or you want to rekindle the flame in your relationship – Asia is the ideal place to consider. The reasons why Asia is called the capital of the honeymoon – are primarily painted in its exotic destinations. We offer you 5 reasons – that is, a destination that will convince you that Asia has this epithet for a reason.

1. Boracay, Philippines

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This place is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, which never disappointed anyone. The white sand that stretches all over the beach gives you the feeling of a pile of baby powder underfoot. You can enjoy a range of activities for the adventurous – while those who prefer relaxation have a range of luxury and affordable hotels at their disposal, offering everything from lounging by the pool to spa treatments and massages.

2. Phi Phi Islands Or Koh Lipe, Thailand

Phi Phi is a true paradise consisting of two islands. By the way, this place was celebrated by the famous movie hit from 2000 “The Beach”. Ironically, in the movie, a group of young people protected the island from newcomers – but don’t worry. Tourists are more than welcome over there. We are sure you will spend an unforgettable time here. If you want something different, there is Koh Lipe – a true romantic oasis. This is the smallest island in Thailand. It is so small that you can walk it all in just an hour. According to FreedomDestinations, Thailand is the perfect place for romance. However, you can also enjoy the sunsets, sand, crystal water but also swimming and diving. If you want to challenge yourself – you can swim from Koh Lipe to other islands that are not far away.

3. Bali, Or The Gili Islands, Indonesia

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If you and your other half are tired of planning a wedding and all the important and less important activities that go along with it, then Bali is the ideal place for a honeymoon. This yoga and meditation center is the right place for you. Also, you can explore volcanic mountains, rice fields, and underwater life. If you want true relaxation, there are also the islands of Gili. It is not allowed to ride a motorcycle or car on these islands – so if you go to this place we suggest that you simply enjoy lazing, drinking, and eating in one of the many cafes and restaurants on the island. If you still want a little adventure, diving would be ideal in this place.

4. Phu Quoc, Vietnam

It is a real miracle that the largest island of Vietnam, which is almost as big as Singapore – has managed to remain a hidden diamond for those who want to escape to a peaceful and quiet paradise. Phu Quoc is the only place in Vietnam where you can enjoy the view of the setting sun diving into the sea. Painted with white and yellow sand beaches, lush bays, and pepper plantations – Phu Quoc is waking up from the slumber of a fishing island and has become a must-see destination for those looking to relax in some new and exotic place. The population of the island is extremely pleasant, open, and friendly, – so you will feel more than welcome in every moment of your stay. Either way, enjoy the peace of an island that finds untouched nature and beautiful beaches.

5. Pulau Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

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This archipelago contains two main islands, and which of them will be better for you – depends purely on your taste when it comes to vacation. If your travel style is a backpacking adventure – head to Perhentian Kecil or the Small Perhentian island. If you enjoy a luxury vacation more – then, everything you need is offered by Perhentian Besar, that is, the Big Perhentian island. Whichever of these two islands you choose – you will surely enjoy the white sandy beaches and the wonderful underwater world.

The Bottom Line

Sometimes it seems hard to choose from countless destinations – the one that will be ideal for your honeymoon. It should be a place where you will enjoy the first days of the marital idyll. We hope that it will be clearer to you now why today’s newlyweds choose destinations in Asia. Maybe some of the mentioned exotic islands or places in Asia will be the inspiration for your romantic dream trip.

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