8 Advice on Wedding Planning while in College

by Jack Kurosaki

Any time is the perfect time to have your wedding. All you need is detailed planning based on the kind of event you desire. When that time happens to be in college, you have to juggle between your classes, projects, and planning a wedding. To ensure that your projects are completed, you can check out thesishelpers.com to get the most qualified homework assistants.

College hours are minimal since they have to be split between class, library, and other activities along the way. Further, the resources available may be limited considering that you might not have started working. The situation is compounded by the fact that a good number of your mates in college have not had their weddings yet and might, therefore, not help much during planning. How then do you still pull a magnificent wedding while still in college? Here are a few tips to consider.

1. Keep It Simple

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It is likely that you do not have a job yet or could be working part-time while you attend college. As such, the resources available will be limited. Well, this is not an excuse to avoid a wedding. You can always work around a simple wedding that helps you to achieve the goal without breaking the bank.

Instead of going for exotic locations like beaches or exclusive islands, innovate around campus or surrounding areas. It reduces the resources required to transport service providers, friends, and the items you need for your day. Create memories by using facilities like campus park or the green spaces for your wedding. It keeps your budget low while still leaving you with more resources to start your family.

2. Tap Resources From Your Peers

Peers are always excited and ready to help when one of them has such an auspicious occasion. Tap into their resources in terms of ideas, event management, entertainment, and even funding where possible.

Among your peers could be an excellent musician or decorator. You may also find a DJ or snack chef. Such provisions help you to plan a cheaper yet magnificent college wedding.

3. Utilize Your Free Time For Planning

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Planning a wedding requires all the resources and time available. However, lessons will not pause and neither will other academic commitments like projects because you have a wedding coming. Still, you have a lot of running around to do as you engage service providers. Well, there is a solution. Use your free time to do most of your planning.

Weekends, early morning, late nights, and the holidays that might appear in between are perfect time to plan a wedding. It ensures that you still attend to your academic responsibilities. You will also need to sacrifice some of the time you use on friends and personal projects to make your wedding a success.

4. Identify Priorities

A wedding could be an event but it takes days and steps to plan. Some of the aspects require attention early while others can be delayed. Since it is impossible to plan everything in a single day, identify what needs to be covered early and the items that can wait.

Priorities will depend on the amount of time available before the actual day. In some cases, you have several months while in others you are looking at days or weeks. You avoid rushing at the last minute only to find that your target venue or service provider has been booked. It is also the best way to tick off some of the elements from your planning schedule.

5. Local Resources Will Help A Great Deal

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It is the dream of every bride or groom to have a wedding of a lifetime. However, limited resources and circumstances in college might not allow. The shortcut is to utilize local resources. Friends may have cars which, though not fancy can fit for a wedding procession. Order chairs and tents from within the neighborhood to reduce the cost of transportation. You will realize a significant reduction in budget once you use these resources.

6. Develop A Timeline And Stick To It

Set a clear deadline for every item on your planning schedule. Determine when you should have gotten a venue, the time to visit the registrar of marriages, and the time to send invitations, among other activities. Tick each item whenever it is completed.

A strict deadline ensures that you do not rush at the last minute or are delayed because some of the items have not been covered. A solid plan also helps you to know whether you are on course to hosting your wedding at the desired time. It will push you to commit more hours, seek help, or adjust items on your plan.

7. Customize The Wedding To Suit Your Situation

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Wedding plans and what happens on the actual day are two different aspects. You may desire to host a wedding at a particular resort only to find that it is booked. In other cases, sicknesses or commitment by people whose input you needed delay your plans. The availability of funds is another major challenge when planning that will require flexibility. Avoid disappointment by executing plans based on the prevailing reality. Work with the resources available while still aiming to host a wedding of your dreams.

8. Anticipate Challenges

Anyone who has planned a wedding while in college will tell you that it is not an easy affair. In experience, limited funds, and lack of support, are some of the challenges you can anticipate. The secret is to still forge ahead, knowing that your wedding will be the best. Friends will commit them pull out at the last minute. Have a team around you to support your plans, especially considering that you will be too occupied to handle some of the emerging issues. Expect the challenges and find the best way to handle them.

It is beautiful to have your wedding while in college, young, and smitten by love. However, it requires unique plans and solid balancing act to successfully host the event. The secret for success is planning a uniquely customized wedding tailored to fit your resources and circumstances.

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