5 Things To Keep In Mind While Selecting Wedding Banquet Chairs

by Maki Sharda

Wedding – unarguably the most special, awaited day of anyone’s life. It’s the day when two souls intertwine into one, tied with the string of sacred wedding vows. It’s the day when you commit to being there for your soul-mate forever – in health and sickness, through ups and downs, until death does you apart.

In a nutshell, a wedding is nothing less than an extravagant celebration of love. And the thing about the celebration is that it demands preparation, which is no joke. The location has to be stunning. Your wedding attire must be a show-stealer.

There’s no question about how awestruck the decoration should be. And of course, the food needs to be scrumptious. There are so many things to look after, all because you’ll have so many guests coming in.

As per research, it was found that approximately 115,000 people get hitched daily! This means that every day, tens of thousands of people across the globe get indulged in such meticulous wedding planning. And while other wedding elements are important, one thing that demands particular attention is the banquet chairs.

In this article, we shall discuss the 5 super-important things to keep in mind while selecting your wedding banquet chairs. But first, let’s take a quick look at the different types of banquet chairs available out there:

Types of banquet chairs

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Wedding, as told earlier, is the biggest day of anyone’s life. Everyone wants it to be remembered as this one grand event where everything was straight up the way they had dreamt it to be. Wedding banquet chairs play a pivotal role in making this dream come true. They largely contribute to making any grand event, such as a wedding, look more elegant.

The reason is that they have a huge impact on the overall design of the wedding. They set the tone for the ceremony and obviously, make it look warm and welcoming. But all this only becomes possible when one selects the banquet chairs rather mindfully.

However, since they are available in many types and kinds, often it almost gets confusing to choose one. But hey, don’t get all panicky. Here are our top 10 picks to help you decide:
● Tiffany chair
● Wishbone chair
● Cane back chair
● Chiavari chair
● Infinity chair
● Opera chair
● Chameleon chair
● Ghost chair
● Marais chair
● Peacock chair

Now, let’s see the 5 things you must keep in mind while selecting your wedding banquet chairs:

1. Color of the chairs needs to be selected carefully

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Top tip alert! Every wedding has its own, unique color palette. Some people like their wedding to be minimal and aesthetically soothing while others don’t mind adding a pinch of pop and glitz to it. However, you may want your wedding to be like this. But, remember your wedding dress isn’t the only thing that needs to flow with it.
The color of the wedding banquet chairs also needs to blend with your wedding’s color coordination. If you’re going all minimal, make sure the chairs are warmer in tone. If your wedding is all pop and glam, go with deeper shades.

2. Decide on which material you need

If you are under the impression that your wedding banquet chairs’ material isn’t a biggie then you are grossly mistaken. The fabric of your wedding chair is such an important factor because it is directly related to comfort. And in case you didn’t know, no one enjoys being a part of a wedding where they aren’t entitled to comfy furniture.
So, closely assess the material of the chair before finally selecting it. You may want a chair that is super comfy, looks pretty and happens to be non-flammable, all while fitting in your budget. In fact, why not visit the BlossomFurnishings website and get the best one at the best price? You can thank us later!

3. The height of the chair must be proper

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This is one of the most important things to keep in mind before selecting the wedding banquet chairs! You will have lots and lots of guests coming in on your big day. From kids to adults, everyone’s going to be a part of your special day. Hence, it becomes immensely important to choose such chairs whose height fits perfectly for people of all ages.
If you choose a chair too tall, the kids will have a tough time sitting on it. If it’s too short, the adults are going to go back home with back pain. So, make the decision wisely. Choose appropriately tall wedding chairs.

4. Don’t forget to consider the available space

This is a tip you must not forget. The worst thing that can possibly happen in a wedding is space crunch. In a wedding, there must be ample free space to allow people to dance with their partner and roam about freely. However, if you pick the wrong sized chairs, you will not be able to use the space wisely. This means, your guests will have a tough time loitering here and there. Even worse?
If the space is too small and the wedding banquet chairs are too bulky, you may also have to give up on the idea of a separate dance floor. So please, keep your wedding banquet’s space in mind before deciding on the chairs for the occasion.

5. Pick the design carefully

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Last but never least, you must not forget to check the wedding banquet chairs’ design before finally renting them. Not just the color, but the design of your chair also largely impacts your wedding theme. If you are in the mood for something minimal yet classy, we suggest you may go for a Tiffany chair or Ghost chair.
However, if you want your wedding to stand out and look all modern, you can opt for a Chameleon chair or Infinity chair. Trust the web, these are among the cult favorites.

Over to you…

Your wedding is a big day. From attire to decoration, there’s a lot of things that need to be planned beforehand. Here, we cited 5 things to keep in mind while selecting wedding banquet chairs. This guide will definitely help you in selecting the banquet chairs for your special day.

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