Where Do You Keep Your Cell Phone on Your Wedding Day? – 2024 Guide

by Emanuela Easton

Wedding is considered to be one of the most important days in every person’s life. This is the day when you paid attention to every detail in the organization – the guests, the seating arrangement in the restaurant, the decorations, the place to take pictures, the professional photographer, and many other things that accompany an event like this. Ok, you are in a suit, the chosen one of your heart is in a beautiful wedding dress, but you are both worried about the same thing – where to keep the phone?

The purse is definitely one of the best choices. They are easy to combine with a wedding dress. In fact, take a small white or silver purse that is just big enough to hold a smartphone and lipstick and make sure you’re not mistaken.

Another option is to give the phone to a godfather or a close person for safekeeping, and when you sit at a table, you can keep it on the table. Make sure your phone has a case so that unforeseen situations do not happen and your favorite drink spills on it.

The protective glass and the cover are something that will save the phone in many situations, so we recommend that you buy them as soon as possible. Today, there are different models and even those folding cases that have compartments for money and ID cards, which makes them very practical. Learn more about it at telefoonhoesje.nl.

Given that this is one of the most important days in your life, and that you will definitely be busy, both with the wedding ceremony itself and the party until late at night, it will not be a big pity if you leave your phone at home. Moreover, you will enjoy browsing the news and unread messages the next day with your morning coffee.

Another good idea where you can keep your mobile phone is to place a box at the entrance to the restaurant stating that all guests put their phones away. This way you will be sure that your attention will be 100% focused on a good time. You can also take pity on the game/penalty for anyone who still decides to check out what’s new on social media. If you adopt this idea, know that the phone will suffer minor damage and scratches if it is not the case.

Why is it important to always have a case on your phone?

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We use masks and protective cases to protect smartphones from scratches or any major damage. It has happened to each of us at least once that his phone fell out of his hand. In case of a fall, it is very useful to have a mask that prevents scratches. The mask also prevents possible screen breakage, which is one of the more serious failures. A scratched phone is very difficult to sell because the phone itself is unattractive, and today the look of the phone is highly valued. The price of the phone drops as soon as there is any physical damage. The choice of phone covers is really wide and varied. Even those who think about the design of their phone can find something for themselves.

What types of masks are there?

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Today, there are various types of protective masks for various types of androids and iPhones. the best solution is to choose a phone cover made of materials that absorb force well. Among the most common such materials are silicone, gel, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), and leather – real or artificial (the latter is mainly used as a material in folding bags, which we will omit this time). The main feature of all these materials, except leather, is that they can be easily manipulated. We can also emphasize that plastic masks appear in more colors, images, and patterns – for all lovers of aesthetics.

Match the type of cover to yours and your phone’s needs

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Phones are very easily damaged during use or fall. The work you do also plays a big role, ie whether you work at heights, whether you are constantly on the move, and based on that, you choose a mask that will perfectly suit your phone. You don’t even have to worry about the look of your phone, because modern covers are made in numerous colors and designs, and you can often design them yourself.

How to extend the life of your phone?

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In addition to protecting it from physical damage, there are some other things you can do to keep your phone running for as long as possible. Exposure of the phone to extreme temperatures damages the battery and damages the internal components of the device, resulting in reduced battery life. You don’t want this to happen, do you? To prevent this from happening, do not leave your phone exposed to extremely high or low temperatures.

Many would say that keeping a phone in your pocket is the safest. Well, we can say that in this way your device is safe from damage, but also that your health is endangered in that way. Namely, research has shown that the number of patients who complain of pain that starts in the buttocks and goes down the legs has increased. Scientists blame the phone for that. Also, research from 2014 confirmed that carrying a smartphone in the front pocket can negatively affect sperm count in men because radiation increases at times when reception is poor and the phone is constantly trying to connect to a better receiver.

The fact is that all electrical devices radiate. Experts suggest that we keep the devices at least 15 millimeters away from the body, which in principle means that trouser pockets are not the healthiest place to store your mobile device.

Final thoughts

Anyways, the only task on your wedding day is to have fun, protect your phone and leave it at home, give it to your mother, and enjoy every moment!

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