6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Bride and Bridesmaid Robes

by Nina Smith

You can’t afford to make any mistake when buying bride and bridesmaid robes for your wedding. Here are common and costly mistakes you should avoid.

As you plan for your wedding day, you should not forget to buy high-quality bride and bridesmaid robes for you and your team. You will need the robes for the bridal party and when getting ready for the big day. You and the girls must look hot for the photoshoot and that is why you don’t have to rush when buying robes for your wedding. With many brands and designs of robes on the market, buying quality and attractive robes can be a daunting task, and you are likely to make mistakes. Read on to learn common mistakes you should avoid when buying robes for your wedding.

1. Not considering their size and figures

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You and the girls are of different sizes and figures. For that reason, when buying robes for you and the other girls, you must consider their sizes and shapes. If you don’t consider their figures and just order or buy, you will find that most members of the bridal team will feel uncomfortable about what you buy. You want the girls to look and feel hot as you get ready for the wedding. Therefore, take their measurements and order bridesmaid robes based on their size and figures.

2. Allowing the girls to buy the robes on their own

Some brides allow their bridesmaids to buy robes on their own. Yes, you can agree on the fabric, style, and color, but in the end, you will find that some girls have completely different robes. As such, you will not look uniform and that is not a good thing for the photo session. Remember, you are in charge of everything, and this is your day. If you want your team to look beautiful and unique, don’t allow the girls to buy the robes on their own. Just agree on the fabric, style, and colors, get their measurements, and order from one supplier or designer.

3. Forgetting the details

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Bridal robes are designed differently. Some look simple, while others have details to improve the appearance and functionality. When you don’t consider details of the robes when buying, you will end up with robes without pockets and other details you may want. Therefore, you and the girls should take your time to research and identify the details you want on the robes. You can visit prettyrobes.com to see some of the details on bride and bridesmaid robes. That way, you will buy robes with pockets, belt loops, and other details you require.

4. Setting an unrealistic budget

On the market, you can find expensive and cheap robes. If you want the maids to look elegant and beautiful as you get ready for the wedding and during the photo session, you should have a realistic budget. When you set an unrealistic budget, you will be forced to buy cheap robes that most of the bridesmaids won’t like. Cheap robes are likely to be of low quality and won’t last long after the wedding. To be on the safe side, research before you set your budget to ensure your budget is realistic.

5. Not giving due thought to length

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Best bridal robes should be slightly above the knee. However, it all depends on your preference. Just talk to the girls to know their preferences as some girls would want slightly longer or shorter robes. Consider what they want. If you don’t, some girls will be uncomfortable with what you buy.

6. Last-minute rush

A week to the wedding, you may be overwhelmed by the plans. You will be forced to rush at the last minute to buy the robes if you didn’t buy them when buying the gown and the bridesmaid dresses. This can make you buy robes of low quality as you won’t have enough time to view and choose the best, especially when buying online. Therefore, don’t wait till the last minute to buy the robes.

4 Best Bridesmaid Robes of 2024

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To make your buying process easier, here are some of the best bridal and bridesmaid robes you can consider for your wedding:

1. Ivory Satin Kimono Bridal Robe

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This bridal robe is made of high-quality silk material, making it smooth, lightweight, and very comfortable. Besides that, the robe is shiny and colorful for photoshoots. Thanks to its premium quality, you can use the robe long after the wedding. The robe includes a tie belt, making it suitable to wear at the spa, on vacation, or when at home after taking a hot shower. It comes in different sizes (7 sizes) and can be customized to meet your style.

2. Red Satin Kimono Robe

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This beautifully stitched robe is a great piece to ensure you and the girls get ready for the wedding with confidence and romance. The robe is red in color and has small details to make it a perfect choice for the big day. The robe is available in 7 sizes, making sure that all your girls will find the right sizes. You can surprise the bridesmaids by giving them Red Satin Kimono Robes as a gift.

3. Egg Plant Satin Kimono Robe

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On the market, you will also find this high-quality Egg Plant Satin Kimono Robes for the bridesmaids. This bridesmaid robe comes with a V-neckline, drop shoulder sleeves, tie belt, and hits slightly above the knee. After the wedding, you and the girls can still wear this robe for many years. What’s more, the robe feels smooth and comfortable to wear.

4. Royal Blue Satin Kimono Robe

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This blue satin kimono robe looks luxurious and extremely beautiful. The robe is made of soft silk material making it feel soft and smooth to touch. If royal blue is the theme color of your wedding, then this robe will be a perfect option for the bridal team.

Final Words

As you get ready for the wedding, you need to buy high-quality and beautiful robes for you and the girls. You will need the robes at the bridal party, and when getting ready for the wedding. If you buy quality robes, you and the bridesmaids can wear them in the future. Therefore, avoid the above mistakes, and consider the above reviews when buying bride and bridesmaid robes for your wedding.

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