10 Musts You Should Expect From Your Wedding Photographer – 2024 Guide

by Emanuela Easton

When we take a photograph, we preserve a moment to demonstrate how rich reality actually is!

A professional and skilled wedding photographer knows the importance of capturing precious moments of a couple’s special day. Wedding is one of the unique events and the memories associated to this day always remain with the couples for the rest of their life.

Choosing an experienced photographer who understands how to shoot those ideal photos surely contributes greatly to reducing stress levels for the bride and groom. There is no hard and fast rule to select an experienced or ambitious young photographer for a wedding. This decision totally depends on couples!

Every photographer is unique!

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Each photographer has their own distinguished and unique style and approach that reflects their individuality. You can see their pictures to get the way how they approach their work. Whether it’s conventional, photojournalistic, or classic, every style says a love story in its unique way.

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What must you expect from a professional wedding photographer?

Here are countless amazing photographers out there, but the one who will capture your wedding must be more amazing than others (in your opinion). To make this difficult task a little easier for you, here are some of the must-have you expect from your wedding photographer.

1. Professionals are always affordable!

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Your photo album is the most enduring recollection of your wedding day. They will be viewed by your children, grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren. Of course, you don’t want to ruin your best moment just for hiring an amateur photographer.

Hiring a professional for your wedding day may seem a little burden to your wedding budget, but you are not going to regret it in your life. Whenever you or your family sees your photo album, it will be a roller coaster ride of countless emotions, laughter, and cheerful moments.

2. Show you their complete portfolio!

A professional photographer always feels comfortable showing you their entire weddings rather than just the photos on their website. Painting a misleading picture is simple, but a talented and expert wedding photographer never tries to manipulate you by showing their best shots from different weddings.

They always share their exclusive wedding photoshoots from different recent and old projects to help you understand their style and way of capturing moments. Here are few examples to guide you on the way to choose your wedding photographer:

  • If you are a fun-loving couple that does not want to take life seriously, look for a wedding photographer who shares your sentiments.
  • If you enjoy editorial photography and want your wedding to seem like a photo shoot, seek a wedding photographer who can make it happen.
  • If you wish your wedding photography to represent you as a couple naturally, just like your wedding day, find someone who captures you naturally in candid moments.

3. You will get fine art photography!

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Fineart photography is romantic, bright, and grabs your attention away from the surrounding natural beauty and components. You just get lost in the world where only two of your (bride & groom) exist. It isn’t easy to pin down a specific definition of fine art photography, but it always seems to take you into a whimsical and wonderful realm where you can’t help but grin and feel all cozy inside. What you get in the end is a gentle, delicately toned series of photographs that capture real moments of beauty, happiness, and love. Most couples want this style for their wedding so ask your photographer about fine art photography.

4. An outstanding couple shot!

Every couple needs a knock-out couple shot to frame it for their bedroom. For them, it is the most significant image of the day. A professional photographer always keeps a secret trick to deliver their best. A photographer takes you away to a location with an amazing backdrop at the ideal time of day to make some magic with light, camera angles, and their experience. A couple has to decide whether they want any of the following options or not:

  • A photographer that captures them in an intimate setting
  • A shot with showing some drama to your relationship
  • We need to add some fun to the proceedings
  • Want to unfold things naturally

It is good to request your photographer to examine examples of their portraits and consider what would make you both feel at ease in front of the camera.

5. Group photos are fun!

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Professional photographers distinguish themselves through group pictures. Wedding photography is completely transformed today, and there is no need for uncomfortable, forced group pictures any longer. Now photographer emphasizes having specific groups of people together in one shot, but there is no need to have everyone standing on parade. There are countless ways to bring variation in your wedding group photos from regular photo sessions.

6. A different style of capturing moments and details!

There is so much to take in on your wedding day that when you go over your photos, you’ll see things you didn’t even realize were happening. Happy tears, first kiss, late-night dance, and belly laughs are a few of the moments that all good wedding photographers delight in capturing.

Brides most certainly put their heart and soul into their wedding decor, so they naturally want these elements immortalized on camera. These images should be at a clean angle, with no random pieces cut off, well-framed, and in focus. This may appear simple, yet these photos distinguish a decent photographer from an exceptional one. A professional photographer never forgets to capture a variety of close-up details, such as bridal shoes, rings, buttonholes, favors, and place settings, as well as photos of the entire room.


Now you are pretty much clear in your thoughts, so it’s time to make a selection. Don’t forget that you’ll be spending the whole wedding day with this individual, so make sure you’re fully at ease with them. Go with your get and have a happy wedding photoshoot!

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