How to Plan an Affordable Wedding Reception: 9 Easy Tips!

by Jack Kurosaki

It’s never easy to arrange a wedding reception, particularly whenever you want to balance costs. Convention & banquet facilities are constantly striving to maintain their customer’s budgets and expectations.

A wedding reception is indeed an extremely special day and no one wants to compromise on that. But the sad thing is we might have loads of expectations but do our pockets support that as well? Well, we’re afraid that is not the case!

We might look at the royal weddings or any celebrity getting married on the island and wish we could have the same as well. But reality and expectation are extremely different. However, we have a solution for you in this case!

Are you wondering what that is? Well, we have come up with some great ideas that will help you fulfill your wishes and yet not put a toll on your pockets! Excited aren’t you? So, read on to know how to plan an affordable wedding reception with our easy tips! Hang in there to know it all!

9 Super Easy Tips to Plan Out a Special Yet Affordable Wedding!

Weddings are special and with sheer planning, you can make them extraordinary! Below we have handpicked some of the best tips to have a superb wedding reception at an affordable cost. Check them out below:

Book In The Offseason


There are in-season prices and off-season pricing, so you should always try to book your wedding reception during the off-season if scheduling permits. Generally, in the off-season, you will receive significant discounts compared to peak season.

So, we would always suggest you plan your wedding during the off-season to a massive amount on your budget.

Book Outside the Weekends

Most facilities will provide a discount if they schedule their ceremony Monday – Thursday. In most cases, facilities like to book events all week and times to maximize their schedule.

Through the season of Covid-19, we are finding that people are planning smaller ceremonies. This helps keep the costs down on food, seating, and extras. This is sole because people do want to take the risk of having too many people to their wedding and increasing the risk of the infection. So, having a smaller group of invitees is the way to go these days. If you are searching for a reception venue, please consider using Stonebrook Manor.

Choose A Ceremony Location That is Close To Where You Live.

Considering they require transportation and nighttime lodgings, destination weddings are costly for both you and your attendees. Staying near home keeps costs down and appears to be the best option for a low-cost wedding, considering the house is really where the heart is.

Consider the costs for your attendees, such as transportation, lodging & food outside the ceremony. Selecting a centralized location helps keep costs down for your guests and the overall stress of the wedding party.

Select A Local Caterer


Local restaurants are typically more affordable and have higher food quality than chain restaurants or direct wedding venues. So, it would be advisable that you invite local caterers to your wedding, who will provide quality food and at the same time save you a massive amount of money.

If you’re not sure you can always taste the food beforehand to be sure that the food you’re ordering is going to be tasty and will maintain quality.

According to, consider the costs for your attendees, such as transportation, lodging & food outside the ceremony. Selecting a centralized location helps keep costs down for your guests and the overall stress of the wedding party.

Regarding The Band, Contact A Music Trainee

Dj-ing and live bands for wedding receptions may be costly. Occasionally, graduates from your a local college will be happy to perform for a significantly discounted fee. Finding a local college student will significantly decrease the fee you would pay a professional band.

However, if you still wish to have a professional band, you can always take their quote and see similar bands who do covers. And of course, there is always a scope for negotiation. Negotiate with them and settle for one. Remember even though you have a restricted budget there are some things that you would not want to compromise on.

Skip the Open Bar or Affordable Drink Options

One of the main savers is to skip the open bar. There are many alternatives, such as a cash bar, or you can provide drink tokens that allow the first drink to be paid for and all future beverages purchased by the attendee.

However, if you find this to be rude, you can always go for the alcohol brands that are affordable and not extremely expensive. In this case, you will be able to save up on a lot of money as well.

Find Used Dresses or Consider Renting


Wedding reception formal wear is extremely expensive. Check local thrift stores or Facebook marketplace for discounted dresses. If you can’t find what you are looking for, then try renting. Suits are costly, but renting them allows for low stress and a cheaper alternative than purchasing at retail costs.

PLAN BOTH: Wedding & Reception at Same Place

Booking your wedding and your reception at different venues only adds to the cost. So, we would advise you to have the wedding and reception in the same place. In this case, the venue might offer you a massive discount.

Limit the Event Hours


Consider booking your events for a shorter time. In this case you will be able to save a lot on the food, venue charges, band charges, and the amount of alcohol to be served. Having a long event will lead you to have a larger bill in comparison to what you pay for in a limited period.

Final Thoughts

So, as we approach the end of our blog today, don’t you know the super easy tips to have the best wedding reception? Well, we’re sure you have! So, do incorporate these ways and we’re sure you’ll notice a massive difference in the budget of your reception and yet not compromise on any part as well. And also, we would not refrain ourselves from telling you that it’s going to be a memorable wedding that all your friends and family are going to remember all their life.

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