Ideas to Make That Unforgettable Wedding Invitation Video

by Maki Sharda

In life, we come across multiple occasions that fill our hearts with joy, happiness, and bliss; however, only a few moments are cherished for a lifetime. One such event is the wedding day. From the wedding dress to the walk down the aisle – every little aspect of a wedding is unique, and equally important is the wedding invitation.

A wedding invitation is more than a “save the date”; it conveys an amalgam of emotions. It allows your guests to feel excited and engaged. But how do you make your wedding guests as passionate about your wedding as you are? Not the traditional postcard, but via an adorable wedding invitation video. Let us check some ideas to make a fantastic wedding invitation video.

1. Pre Planning is necessary

Before creating the wedding video, make a checklist of all the elements that you plan to use throughout the video. These may include

• Photos and videos that can go with the video (couple, family, etc.)
• Wedding theme. Stock imagery that you might use to portray the theme.
• Necessary details such as wedding location, time, and date.
• You might want to use any song or music throughout or in parts of the video.
• If you record a video or have a voiceover, take a step further and create a short script of what you plan to narrate.

Yes, you can choose these things as you go along. But then, you will save a lot of time if they are already at your disposal to use instantly.


2. The overall theme of the video must match the wedding theme

If your wedding is based on a theme, for example — a beach wedding, your video must convey that appropriately with relevant imagery and colors. If there is no particular theme, try to use vibrant colors and attractive fonts. A wedding is a happy event. Hence, the type of fonts and colors you use in the invitation video matters. Colors like blue and pink carry remarks of royalty, vibrance, friendship, affection, and peace – feelings and emotions that fit comfortably in a matrimonial event.

However, using too much quirkiness in fonts can also make the video seem immature. Fonts based on calligraphy and Serif can bring a balance.

3. Couple at the epicenter

A wedding invitation video is a great way to convey the love, affection, and wholesome relationship that the couple share.

Hence, using candid moments from friendship in the past to the day of the proposal with the right wedding invitation video maker can make the entire video more inviting and bonded with love.

To add a layer of personalization, the couple can also film them asking the people to come to their wedding and add it to the video. If not a recorded video, maybe a voiceover?


4. Love is in the details

Remember to not clutter your video with unnecessary information, graphics, and imagery. Categorize it and deliver all the required details methodically. Aspects like date, time, and location must appear independently at the end or middle of the video. If you are confused about missing any information, just go back to an online video maker like InVideo and make the right tweaks. Constantly evaluate the video to confirm that adequate information is provided.

5. Have a hook line

Think of a line or two that can summarize your entire wedding event. For example, if it is a cruise wedding, you can use, “Join us as we sail into the sea of a matrimonial union.” Your hook line can also be quirky or comic. Overall, it must convey both the personalities of the couple and the wedding theme. Although not mandatory, a hook line can certainly be a topic of discussion among your guests.


6. Personalize it yourself

There is no doubt that a professional can create a stunning video. However, weddings are a personal event, and you want to make your guests feel like they too are a part of your family. There is no better joy than creating a DIY wedding invitation video. There is a barrage of wedding invitation video makers that you can use to compile images and use small tweaks and elements to make the video truly your own.

Explore the applications, spend some collective time using your own imagination and creativity to compile an invitation video.

7. Get feedbacks

Take the opinion of your family members as they will give concrete advice on what works and what does not. There might be some information or a little detail that you might have missed, which the other person can quickly point out.


8. End matters

In most cases, the last few seconds of the video are what your guests are going to remember. Hence, use that time to give out details creatively yet subtly. You can add a nice pre-wedding photo collage or use a romantic background with lyrics to your favorite romantic song together. You can be as creative as you want here. Your point here is to make the video memorable.


Creating a wedding invitation video might seem like a tedious task, but with the right editing tools, you can get it done quickly. Remember to personalize the video, give a little insight about your relationship, do not miss out on any crucial information, use the right fonts and colors to make the video lively, and try to use a hook line.

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