What Is Wedding Planner Insurance and Do You Need It?

by Maki Sharda

Most people will consider their wedding day as one of the most important events in their lives. That is the main reason why it is common that planning takes a lot of time, and a lot of energy is being provided into making everything appear perfect.

That is the main reason why event planners are very popular these days.

If you think that you are capable of dealing with all necessities related to organizing a wedding for someone, becoming a wedding planner can be a great solution to start a new business. If you find this attractive, you can start here by reading some things about starting the business in the right way.

Before you start with this profession, keep in mind that it can be very challenging at some points. You will be the one responsible for all people who will come to this event, and the most important thing is to make sure that the groom and bride are satisfied.

Another reason to give your best effort and organize the wedding in the right way is that it represents the best promotion and a chance that some other people who were guests might recommend or hire you as well.

Moreover, you have to be aware that there is always a chance of facing some issues. That is the main reason to consider getting wedding planner insurance. In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the main features related to this policy and the main reasons why you need one.

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Main Features

Your role as a wedding planner is to organize the wedding by hiring additional companies and contractors, secure the place for the event, hire people who will prepare and deliver food, take care of decoration, music, and much more. Since there are so many responsibilities and additional contractors, there is always a chance that you might face some problems.

Therefore, the main point of having insurance is to protect yourself from responsibilities in case of some problems. The main advantage is that it will protect you in case the client decides to take legal actions against you when some things are not as agreed.

For example, a decoration company did not deliver some flowers or other decorations or there is a certain type of food missing from the menu. Some people might think that it is your fault, and the insurance will secure that you still get the agreed payment.

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What It Can Cover?

Before you decide to get this policy, it is very important to read more about the additional terms. There are different types of insurance, and the crucial part is to be sure that it can cover all things related to the wedding that you are organizing.

The first and most important thing that is part of every insurance is personal injury.

Weddings are events where people are drinking and dancing, while there are a lot of kids all over the place. Therefore, there is always a chance that someone could get injured, and this insurance will prevent you from being responsible. Also, there could be food on the menu that some guests are allergic to it. In most cases, the insurance will cover at least $40k.

Another crucial part is related to the potential damage that could be made during the event. For example, if there are candles all over the place, someone could easily start a fire by mistake. If you don’t have the right insurance, the restaurant can sue you and request compensation from you as a responsible person. Besides that, it will secure you from any circumstances where someone is harmed by anything during the event, whether it is injury, food poisoning, and more.

On the other side, that will secure your relations with the owners of the rented space. For instance, if some guests break a chair or any other object in the place, your insurance will prevent you from being the one in charge of that.

Even if it is proven that you will have to compensate for the losses, the insurance will cover that. The great thing is that you can add auto insurance as well. Therefore, if the bride and groom decide to rent a limo, and get into a car accident, the policy will cover the damage.

Furthermore, the advantage is that will protect you in the case that some people that you have hired for the event don’t fulfill the agreement. There can be a lot of these issues like a canceled restaurant, food delivery, decoration, limo, and much more.

Even though it is not directly your fault, people who hired you will find you responsible, and the policy will protect you in case of a lawsuit. On the other side, all problems related to those hired for the event will also be resolved by it.

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The Bottom Line

You have to know that there is a wide range of companies that can provide you with this option. Therefore, you can expect a wide range of prices as well. Before you choose the premium, be sure to check various factors and evaluate potential risks to be sure that you are making the right choice that can cover all possible issues.

The best solution is to register a company and pay for this insurance all the time. The price can be lower than $100 per year, but it can go over $1k as well. The more expensive ones are great for those who operate with a lot of employees and the additional workforce.

While you are in charge of making everything perfect on this special day, it is always a good solution to find a way to protect yourself if some things are not as planned. As we already mentioned, there can be a lot of issues that you cannot control, but those who hired you will take that as your fault. In that matter, you should always research the market before hiring any additional services for the wedding.

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