9 Tips and Tricks for Your Pre-wedding Manicure

by Maki Sharda

Your wedding day is one of the most exciting days of your life, but it can also be overwhelming. From choosing a venue and music to food and refreshments, there’s a lot to think about, and naturally you want your wedding day to be perfect. Many women dream of this day since they were a little girl and meticulously pick out their dress, hair, and makeup. But when it comes to getting ready for your wedding, one thing you shouldn’t overlook are your nails. From engagement ring photos, to photos of you holding the bouquet, your nails may be in the limelight at some point, and you want them to look flawless.

However, there’s more to a bridal manicure than simply choosing a color, or deciding on what kind of manicure to get. To ensure your nails look perfect on your special day, here are 9 expert tips and tricks for your pre-wedding nails.

1. Take Care of Your Nail Health

If you want your nails to look perfect on the day of your wedding, it’s important to start thinking about your nail health at least a month before the big day. When it comes to your nails, what you choose to put inside your body is just as important as what you put topically on your nails. If you normally have weak, brittle natural nails, and want more length and strength, taking care of your nail health can make all of the difference. For optimal nail health, consider taking a biotin supplement, use a nail strengthener, and eat a balanced diet full of vitamins and nutrients essential for strong and healthy nails.

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2. Get Regular Manicures Before the Wedding

If regular manicures aren’t part of your beauty regime, it’s time to start at least a month or two before your wedding to get your nails looking healthy and beautiful for your special day. Regular manicures keep your nails clean, healthy, and free of hangnails which may tempt you to pick or bite at your nails. If you have any nail issues like an infection or fungus, it’s best to visit a dermatologist to get the necessary treatment to improve nail health and prevent the issue from becoming worse.

3. Don’t Do Your Manicure the Day of Your Wedding

The morning of your wedding is most likely going to be jam packed with last minute details, hair and make up, and spending time with your bridal party. The last thing you want to worry about is your nails. It’s best to not wait until the last minute and squeeze in a manicure on your big day. Instead, plan for a manicure a day or two before the wedding to ensure your nails look flawless and save yourself any unnecessary stress on your wedding day.

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4. Opt for Dip Powder

There may be nothing worse than a chipped manicure or a broken nail on your wedding day. To make sure your nails look their best on your special day, skip traditional polish and opt for dip powder instead. High-quality dip powders like those from SNSnails can prevent breakage, won’t chip, and give you a beautiful, glossy manicure for two weeks or more. They even have an entire collection, Say Yes, of romantic shades perfect for wedding nails.

5. Go for the Perfect Length and Shape

If you usually keep your nails on the shorter side, your wedding day is probably not the time to test out a long acrylic extension. If you’re not used to having nail extensions, they can make you awkward and clumsy and that’s the last thing you want on your wedding day. Long extensions or square nails with sharp corners may also have the tendency to snag your dress. To ensure you’re comfortable and your nails look beautiful, opt for a nail length you feel comfortable with and feel at ease. You can never go wrong with medium-length almond shaped nails which look timeless, elegant, and give the illusion of longer, slimmer fingers.

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6. Use Cuticle Oil & Hand Cream

Dry hands and cuticles can make for dry, brittle nails that break and cracked or peeling cuticles. To ensure your hands and nails are in tip top shape for your wedding, it’s important to make moisturizing a habit weeks before the wedding. Applying a high quality hand cream and cuticle oil daily will keep your hands and nails nourished and hydrated.

7. Have a Beauty Emergency Kit

You never know what may happen at your wedding, so it may be helpful to keep an emergency beauty kit in your bag or a bag of a bridesmaid that has everything you need in case of a beauty emergency or nail-related accident. You can include setting powder, an extra lip stick, bobby pins, a nail file, nail polish remover, hand cream, and the polish color you’ve chosen for the day, as well as anything else you feel you may need on the go.

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8. Don’t Forget About Your Toes

While many wedding dresses cover your feet, those toes don’t need to be neglected. Some women may even opt for a second look for the reception, donning a shorter dress perfect for dancing. Regardless of what you wear, pamper yourself from head to toe and get a pedicure as well. Even if nobody sees your feet during the wedding, your husband will on your wedding night.

9. Go for French or Neutral

When it comes to wedding nails, it’s best to skip any of-the-moment trends or nail art and keep things classic with a neutral manicure that won’t distract from the rest of your look. You don’t want to look back at wedding photos and think, “what was I thinking?” It’s best to stick to timeless colors like nudes, white,neutrals, blush colors or french that never go out of style, suit any wedding look or theme, and look incredibly elegant. They also won’t show any chips as easily as dark or bright colors will.

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