Beautiful Opal Bracelets You’ll Fall in Love With

by Maki Sharda

Opal is the birthstone for the month of October, it is considered as the symbol of purity, hope, and confidence. Happiness is directly linked to this particular gemstone, it interconnects faithfulness and loyalty. The beholder of Opal bracelets online can get the benefit of various personality enhancers offered by the semi-precious gemstone. If you are born in the month of October, it is going to be your dearest companion when luck is hard and you need the right push. Let’s buy your Opal bracelet from an authentic online source – Rosec Jewels. Before finalizing your purchase lets’ understand more about the Opal.

Origin Of Opal

The word Opal originated from the Latin word Opale which means precious stone. Back in the 16th century the semi-precious stone was named but was found way back in Kenya. The precious caves of Kenya were the land of discovery for Opal. Presently, Opal is sourced from different countries like Australia, Ethiopia, Brazil, the USA, Mexico, etc. The next time you check your opal bracelet for women, do not forget to check the source of origin.

Different Types of Opal


There are multiple types of Opal and each differs as per the geographical conditions in which they are discovered or sourced. The different Opal bracelets online have the same design but different colors Opal which creates an exclusive range of jewelry.

In the Jewelry industry, there are majorly five types of Opal widely used, they are:

Black Opal

The rarest one that is sourced from Australia is the Black Opal. The largest and the most prized black opal is having beautiful inclusions that enhance the value of the stone. People worldwide are amazed by the shine and the emission of colors from the stone.

White Opal

The white color opal is widely used for fashion jewelry, the opal bracelet for her are generally made from the same. The one which represents the purity and prosperity in life is the white opal. If you are looking for a piece of extra luck and magical powers then this is your one-stop solution.


The bright orange stone which is reflecting light all over the place. Fire Opal is having the brightest color and light which enhances the overall look of the jewelry. Opal bracelets look aesthetic when are made out of the same. The elegant-looking Opal can be seen from a distance.

Water Opal

The one that represents the flow of water and has the excellent properties to heal the hair, skin, nails, and eyes is the most amazing water Opal. Many different types of jewels are made from the same and it looks splendid when used to create an amazing Opal Halo Bracelet.

Ethiopian Opal

The one which has negligible value as rough and is priced at a good rate if is well-crafted and finished by an expert is the Ethiopian Opal. Different kind of pieces of Jewelry is available made from the amazing dazzling pieces of natural stones.

Benefit of Opal

There are evident benefits to the owner of colored gemstones. Opal beholders are bestowed with endless benefits namely:

• A true source of confidence among the people who choose Opal as their luck stone.
• It helps to enhance the personality of the person and make them loyal over the period.
• Loyalty is seen in the people who wear Opal on a regular basis.
• True happiness from inside is the major offering of the semi-precious gemstone.

Each person experiences a different level of amazement by wearing magical stones like Opal in for of Opal bracelets.

Suggestive Opal Bracelets for Women

1. Designer Ethiopian Opal and Gold Tennis Bolo Bracelet

The Gold and circular opal look splendid together. It is the best way to offer yourself the chance to feel proud about your belonging. It is a classic piece that helps you to share a royal style statement. People all over the world are amazed by the beauty of finely finished Ethiopian Opal ad this one is just perfectly cut and shaped to create an impactful look. It is easy to adjust and can be worn on a regular basis without a fail. It is the best Opal Tennis Bracelet you can find online.

2. Ethiopian Opal Bar Bracelet for Women With Lobster Clasp

A refreshing design that can give you all the right reasons to share a classic statement, offering you a jewel for different occasions. The unique color of Ethiopian Opal gives an overall aesthetic look to the Opal Bar Bracelet. The special Bar Bracelet is very simple at a glance but offers magical powers to the person wearing the same. It is having round shaped opal in a prong setting which secures them well and can be worn without additional need to look after the same. Buy your Opal bracelets now and grab the chance to stand out.

3. Pear Cut Ethiopian Opal ad Gold Leaf Chain Bracelet with Lobster Clasp

A beautiful design is formed with the help of Pear-shape Ethiopian Opal, a leaf pattern that looks marvelous on the wrist of young and ambitious women. It is the ideal gift choice for a man to shower their love to their beloved on the day of love and affection, Valentine’s day. This can be the most amazing design that can enhance the beauty of your lover and she can wear it on a regular basis. A classy piece to give you the profound reason to smile and celebrate the positivity and charm added by Opal.


Opal is just not limited to Ethiopian Opal but has many other types based on color and place of origin. Another attractive Opal is the fire opal which can be worn by people who are born in the month of October. If you feel like wearing the amazing precious stone in form of Opal bracelet, You can even grab a ring that looks gorgeous.

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