How to Make Wedding Corsages and Boutonnieres?

by Maki Sharda

Are you getting ready for your wedding’s floral arrangements? You must be thinking about the list of items you need to order from the florist. Wedding corsages and boutonnieres are one such floral arrangement that holds importance in weddings. Brides wear them around their wrists, while sometimes they pin them on the left side of their dress.

But here comes the after-thought. Buying flowers is extremely expensive. And if you opt for arranged flowers, it could cost you thousands of dollars, depending on the type of flowers you want.

Clearly, you must be looking for alternatives. Luckily, you can cut down on your expenses by making wedding corsages and boutonnieres on your own. Not a DIYer? Don’t worry! You will find the best way to make one for your wedding party members who played a BIG role in your life. Plus, adding it to your formal attire will take it to another level.

Luckily, DIY-ing isn’t as challenging as you think. Here is the step-by-step guide to mastering the art of making wedding corsages and boutonnieres.

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How to make wedding corsages: A detailed DIY guide


These petite floral arrangements are an addition to the outfit when worn on the wrist or pinned on the attire. Ideally, mothers, female attendants, grandmothers, officiant, and other family members wear it on the wedding day.

After you write down the name of the people, here’s what you will need to get started.

1. Scissors
2. Tape
3. Ribbon
4. Wristband/ Pins
5. Flowers

Ideally, you must buy blooms in bulk when it comes to flowers. This will help you save some money. You must have the following types of flowers.

1. Lateral greenery
2. Two filler followers
3. Focal flowers

Now you are all set to proceed to the action part.

Step 1: Cut the stems

You need to cut the stems of the flowers and greenery around 1.5 inches in length.

Step 2: Remove the leaves

Once you cut the stems, then you have to remove the leaves so that it is easier for you to wrap the wedding corsage later on.

Step 3: Begin assembling flowers

Layer onto two greenery stems behind your bloom and secure them together using floral tape. Then, place the fillers within the greenery and the flower. You can use more tape to secure the stems together.

Step 4: Tie a bow with the ribbon

You can tie it in the middle if you add more blooms. You can continue layering it with greenery and focal flowers to give it a perfect design.

Step 5: Wrap the wedding corsage in the ribbon

You must do it from the bottom of the stems and go all the way up to the base of the flowers. Once you reach there, tie off in a knot.

Step 6: Secure it with pins

If you create it for the wrist, use a wristlet. If you have one with strings, you can tie it to the middle of the arrangement and go towards the bottom.

Make sure that you choose a giant elegant flower like an orchid, garden rose, and a wide ribbon to tie around your wrist.

However, if you opt for a dress corsage, opt for smaller blooms. Now let’s move on to making a wedding boutonniere. Keep scrolling to find out!

How to make a wedding boutonniere – A detailed guide


Like brides and other important wedding guests, the boutonniere is an integral part of the groom and groomsmen’s wedding attire. That’s where boutonnieres come into the picture. Here’s how you can make one.

You have to begin by securing the essentials to make a wedding boutonniere.

• Scissors
• Tape
• Ribbon
• Wristband/ Pins
• Flowers

Now let’s begin the DIY.

Step 1: Cut the stems

As you did before, you have to cut the stem around 1.5 inches in length.

Step 2: Remove the leaves

You have to strip extra leaves to avoid hassles while assembling the stems to make a boutonniere.

Step 3: Begin assembling flowers

Layer onto two greenery stems behind your bloom and secure them together using floral tape. Then, place the fillers within the greenery and the flower. You can use more tape to secure the stems together.

Step 4: Use ribbons and pins

You can use a ribbon at the bottom where you secured the stems and wrap it around. Now stick a pin, and your work is over. Finish taping at the end to hide any stems.

You can use Myrtle stems, heather, baby’s breath, and white roses to make this piece. But you can also find one online and save yourself from the hassle of making one. This is how you can make wedding corsages and boutonnieres. But before you begin, don’t miss the step mentioned below.

The first step when making a DIY wedding corsages and boutonniere


You must have the vision to start DIY. This is what you must do.

• Finalize the overall wedding color palette. You can either match or complement colors.
• You must start with a large, sturdy central flower.
• You can use small flowers and leaves to stand out. Ideally, rosemary and Ivy are good choices here.
• Use only two to three colors max; otherwise, it will look too busy.
• Mist the corsages and boutonnieres with water.
• Place it in a resealable plastic bag until your wedding day.

Points to remember:

• When making a corsage for your mom or aunt or any other wedding guest, you also need to keep in mind their outfits. Otherwise, it won’t compliment their dress at all. Also, make sure to keep the arrangement light.

• You must put the thread horizontally instead of vertically when affixing corsages to your clothes. Also, pin the corsage through the fabric and then your bra strap. That way, you can avoid any dress mishappenings during the event.

• If you don’t want to use a bow, you shouldn’t. You can use a ribbon instead to make it a bit more pleasing.

It won’t be wrong to say that flowers are the heart of any wedding, including wedding corsages and boutonnieres. If you think DIY is too much for you, you can choose another option. will allow you to buy corsages and boutonnieres at an affordable price. They have put together different options without leaving the meaning and sentiment behind. You will have options you admire for years to come.

Hence, the choice is yours. Do you want to start from scratch or spend a few minutes finding one that matches your wedding’s theme and floral arrangements?

Final Thoughts

Your wedding is the most beautiful moment of your life. Like floral arrangements, your dress, designs, making wedding corsages and boutonnieres are also an integral part of the entire screenplay.

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