Wedding Photography: 7 Tips for Taking the Best Engagement Pictures

by Maki Sharda

Pictures are a return ticket to the moments a person had once lived. That’s the kind of importance it holds.

But, the inside story is that it takes more than a single take to get the right-click. A person’s body emits what they are feeling on the inside, whether it is happiness, fear, or nervousness. But it should not happen when they are getting your engagement pictures clicked.

Your clients’ hearts are oozing with happiness, love, and, of course, the happy fear. Seeing them celebrate their love is when you should know that only you can do justice to this happiness through portraits.

It is quite a responsibility for sure!

So, ditch all those second thoughts with these tips. They’ll help you take the best engagement pictures with your photography skills.

1. Self-Prep Before The Sessions


The responsibility that you have on your shoulders is beyond the explanation of words. Whether new to the profession or experienced, the nervousness to meet the client and their expectation stay. So, you can do a little self-prep before stepping into the sessions. It includes preparing yourself mentally and furnishing some fresh ideas for the shoots.

Scroll through some trends and gather some inspirations for the next shoot. They will help you develop new poses for the couple for the engagement pictures. You can play with lighting, which is a pro during the day shoots. You can bring fairy lights to the rescue whenever you have to go for night shoots.

2. Proper Consultation

You can meet your client’s expectations by meeting them in person, texting them, or reaching out through a professional email. You can have a direct way of asking about their expectations throughout the shoot. But, if being direct is not your cup of tea, you can indirectly know your client’s expectations.

Prepare a small questionnaire, attach it over the mail, and ask your clients for their responses. It will help you figure out what they are expecting from the shoots. You can then convey your plan of an engagement shoot with the couple and ask for any additions or subtractions from their end.

3. Know Their Comfort Zone


Try to have a casual conversation with your clients regarding the use of locations and set-up for the pictures. Also, please help them with your portfolio. No one is a pro at doing different poses for the pictures, as the poses may or may not be in their comfort zone. You should know what works for your clients and what doesn’t.

You can ask questions about the wedding and their thoughts about the same. It will create an impression that you are personally invested and want to take pictures worth cherishing. The detailing can help you with customized ideas.

4. Keep Their Moments Alive

Whenever you have a chance to keep your clients in a position to relieve their moments, do that for them. For example, if they have told you about their first meet, you can recreate moments through props so that the couple can relive those moments, and you can beautifully capture them.

Also, you can change the settings for different shoots. Your creativity will help in building your credibility with outstanding results. Try asking if the couple can carry extra outfits on the engagement day to add to the variation of the pictures. It is important for the clients to build their trust in Michigan wedding photography and amazing options like is working on the same. The clients can preserve their moments through an amazing display of skill by the professional engagement photographers.

5. Take The Lead


You know your skill in the photography field, and you need to understand the degree of trust and responsibility that your clients have shown in you. So, it would be best if you did everything it takes to deliver what your clients seek. Break the ice of awkwardness during the pictures and take the lead to conduct the flow of the shoot.

The couple might be unable to portray their true self with so many people around them during the shoot. So, as their photographer, you should take the lead and help them with the right posture and expression. As a result, they will feel supported, and you can bring out the magic in their chemistry. Also, it can be the vice versa where you can cater to their suggestions.

6. Use Nature For Better Pictures

The beauty of nature is that it has something for everybody. It turns out that it is why most people love sunrise and sunset.

And, of course, not to miss the golden hour and the bright sky after a good rain shower. So engagement pictures are all-the-more love and praise-worthy with a tinge of the goodness of nature.

You might find it hard to get up in the morning and set up your little workstation on barren lands or ceremony locations.

Yet, such pictures have a feeling of their own, and that’s another appreciable thing you can do to justify your clients’ trust in you and your skill.

7. Quick And Fun Sessions


Engagement photography takes time, but it should not be extended to the extent that your clients are tired, which deteriorates their expression and body language in the photos. Be quick when it comes to clicking, and maintain the fun element so that your clients are not bored of posing again and again.

You can take short breaks and let them roam around the area. It will make them feel fresh and return to clicking with the same mindset. Also, you should be clear about your suggestion so they can mould it in a way that works for both of you. Fun sessions can happen anytime during the shoots and even during the shoots. You can even capture these moments for more naturalness in the photo album.


Engagement pictures come out perfectly because of the skills of the photographer. These tips will help you do justice to the pictures, and your clients will love what you bring to the table. Help them have fun during the shoots and be friends, more than just a professional photographer. It will clear the air of confusion and nervousness. That’s how you will be happy with your work, and your clients will be happier!

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