Wedding Photography Posing Tips and Tricks: Finding Your Best Angles

by Maki Sharda

Are you a major fan of the titanic pose but are amazed at the kind of naturalness with which Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet could do it and that too, with so many people on the set?

Getting such an iconic thing in pictures and videos is possible when you know ‘your’ angle. Believe it or not, camera consciousness is a true thing. You can manage it several times, but you have to move over it on your wedding day. The day doesn’t come back, so now is the right time to learn some poses and tips to get those mushy and dreamy wedding pictures.

Do you know that there are tricks that can help you with THE pose for your wedding? No one gets it right the first time. It’s the art of practicing and some smart angles and sides of your face and body.

Your wedding photography team can help you achieve these poses and pictures. You can visit this site to check out all the offerings of a Chicago wedding photographer. But it requires your effort, too.

Here are some best picture angles you can go for while adding to the collection of your wedding photos.

  • Shooting from the front for the portrait-perfect picture with the background, decoration, pretty outfits, and of course, the bride and the groom.
  • Escape the ceremony place, as they may not have the ideal lighting to brighten your pictures. Move to enjoy the true colors of nature in outside areas of the wedding venue.
  • Ask your photographer to use the drone and capture the view from a height.
  • Never say no to the side views, as they can capture some beautiful detailing of your outfit and makeup. Also, it helps blurry backgrounds focus on you, enhancing the overall picture.
  • Lower angles of the picture eliminate all the possible shadows of a picture and furnish a creative edge to the photo.
  • This one is for brides who don’t want to miss out on their mighty feel in the pictures.
  • Switch angles with your better half so that you can capture perspectives and let those expressions speak.

7 Tips And Tricks For Best Angels In Wedding Photography


Wedding photography can be a roller-coaster of emotions for people, including pictures with your friends, family, and your better half. So, before learning the tips and tricks for the best angles, you should know the importance of your posture.

Having a bad posture or bent back and slouchy shoulders can ruin good poses. But, don’t force your posture that makes you abruptly tall or broad. Instead, stand in the way that you come upright with the right angles of your body.

Here’s a small tip for you. Proper breathing in and out but hold your breath whenever your photographer captures the moment. This trick is good both for couple shoots and individual photos.

1. Confidence And Comfort


A dignified pose is incomplete without your body making a confident love. Also, it becomes self-assuring because you get to own your look on your big day. Walking away from the camera or towards the camera with your in-built naturalness and confidence will have a spell-bounding effect on your pictures.

2. Face Positioning

If you are going for a closeup or want the perfect portrait to hang on your room’s wall, this tip will do wonders for you. If you have a round face and worry about bad closeup pictures, you should try this out. Look down and ask your photographer to take a shot from the above. Do the exact opposite of this if you have a slimmer face.

3. Let Your Eyes Do The Talking


Eyes have their way of making it to the heart. And, when your eyes are correctly directed in the pictures, the range of emotions is on to the next level. Ditch your norm of looking straight into the camera and, instead, bring the camera close to your face and look away. The detailing is perfect. Straighten your neck and open your eyes wide open. Don’t pass glances or stares. Just open them and feel the vibe around. It is the best idea if you don’t like staring into the camera.

4. Communication

Hands are the best way to establish communication in pictures. Position your hands in a way that looks elegant and comfortable. Your hands play a major role in lifting the veil or waving post having your ‘I do’ moment. Also, if you are holding hands with your partner in a ceremony, they speak so many unsaid things. For example, a relaxed hand shows comfort, whereas a tight hand or fist means a strong bond and good communication. Also, they help in drawing attention to different body angles.

5. Capturing Real Emotions


Wedding pictures are not aesthetic and vibe only. If you want the photographer to capture your real emotions, keep your eyes open while they are capturing. Emotions are gems that spread through a person’s eyes and smile.

6. Group Pictures

Focusing on individuals and couples during wedding photography is an obvious phase. But what about the groups of friends? So, creating group patterns with friends and practicing candid poses is a ust. But don’t go for group closeups. If you are investing in good locations for your wedding or some rituals, have group pictures across the landscape. But your location should be non-distracting. The attention is both on the groups and background.

7. Time Maximization


There are many instances that you’ll get in due course of the marriage preparations. So, the key is to switch from small shoots to bigger ones. Don’t take the plunge for harder shots in the beginning, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Instead, keep changing your orientations in vertical and horizontal formats. Try and get the maximum out of these poses, and you will love the result.


That’s all about knowing how to get wonderful pictures on your wedding day. Remember that these memories will stay with you forever, so try and give it your best. You’ll love it every time you watch it.

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