A Guide to Designing the Perfect Wedding Band

by Maki Sharda

A wedding band symbolizes your union with your partner, so it comes with a story and sentiment. The bride and groom both typically wear a wedding ring on their left ring finger as a communication object to portray one’s marital status within the western society.

The wedding band you select will play a significant role in allowing you to celebrate the vows you exchange on your wedding day, so you may want to spend some time to find the perfect band that suits you and your partner’s taste and lifestyle.

The wedding band is often simple, but there are no limitations on how you can customize your design to fit your needs.

When you work with an experienced designer, you can personalize your wedding band that is unique to you, your partner, and your story. It can feel overwhelming to choose a wedding band with the abundance of wedding band options available today. Following a step-by-step guide can help you narrow down your options and simplify the process.

Establish Your Budget

Wedding bands are available at several different price points, so it’s important for you to determine a comfortable budget.

Share your price range with the jeweller so they can help you craft your wedding band accordingly. It can be helpful to discuss your budget with your partner to ensure that you’re both on the same page about wedding-related costs.

According to a wedding budget breakdown calculated using data from The Knot 2024 Real Weddings Study, couples usually spend about seven percent of their budget on wedding bands. There is no hard-and-fast rule on how much money you should spend on your wedding band, so the final decision depends on your comfort, expectations from the ring, and your overall wedding budget.

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Consult a Custom Jeweller

When designing the perfect wedding band to symbolize your marriage, it can be helpful to reach out to a custom jeweller with extensive experience. A customer jeweller like Alexis Gallery with a streamlined team of experts can help you craft a wedding ring that you love. Their custom design process is highly collaborative, intimate, and exciting, allowing you to bring your dream wedding band design to life.

A custom jeweller with vast experience in the industry can guide you through all aspects of the design process, from consultations to gemstone viewings, and perfecting your custom design. Customizing your wedding band will provide you with the opportunity to work one-on-one with your jeweller, allowing you to create a wedding band that reflects your unique love story.

Choose Your Metal & Colour

There are a wide range of metals you can incorporate into your wedding band, such as yellow gold, white gold, or platinum.

Each metal has its own quality, but you can apply various finishes to alter their appearance. Note that materials like silver and titanium are not precious metals and may not hold up to a lifetime of wear.

Your choice of metal and colour depends on your lifestyle habit, engagement ring band colour, and your personal preference. If you frequently use your hand for work or other activities, consider a plain gold band that’s free of diamonds.

The lower the karat of gold, the less prone the ring will be to scratching. For example, 10k or 14k gold vs. 18k gold would be the best choice for someone looking for something low maintenance.

The colour may depend on whether or not you want to match your wedding band with your engagement ring. If your engagement ring is white gold, opt for a white gold wedding band, or you can choose a contrasting band if that’s what you prefer. The final choice comes down to your comfort and unique taste.

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Select Gemstones

Although it isn’t necessary to incorporate gemstones into your wedding band, you can choose to add them if a plain band isn’t your style. If you want to add gemstones to your wedding band, discuss it with your jeweller to determine what types of stones would complement your band. Most common stones that couples add to their wedding bands are mined or lab grown diamonds or sapphires.

If you customize your ring with gemstones, think about what stone shape and colour would complement your engagement ring. If your engagement ring consists of a large centre stone, you may want to balance out your wedding band stones by selecting something smaller. When you explain your vision to your jeweller, they can help you create the perfect wedding band that fits your style.

Work on Engravings

You can personalize your ring by adding a special engraving to it that symbolizes the relationship between you and your partner. You can add initials of your names, inscription of you wedding date, other wordings that reveals a unique meaning for you and your partner. Engraving is relatively affordable, but you should discuss the concept early on to ensure your rings are wide enough to accommodate this detail.

It’s important to remember that customized rings containing various unique features may take longer to create. Try to visit the jeweller a few months before your wedding to ensure that you have enough time to carefully craft your ring.

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Determine Whether to Match or Contrast

Talk to your partner to determine if you want to match your wedding bands with each other’s. Traditionally, engagement and wedding rings signified a promise or contract between a couple and their two families. The rings were often made as a set to honour the partnership. However, there are no rules indicating that you and your partner must match your wedding bands.

Although many couples choose to maintain this tradition and purchase matching wedding bands, you can choose to do whatever makes you and your partner comfortable. Deciding whether you want to match or contrast your wedding bands will make it simpler when it comes time to make design decisions.

Keep in Touch with Designer

Staying in contact with your designer throughout the fabrication process will enable you to make changes along the way if you feel the need. It also reduces any stress related to the wedding band as you can receive updates from your designer and follow the design process. When you consult a professional custom jeweller that prioritizes relationships with their clients, you can be more involved in the creation of your ring.

A wedding band is a monumental piece of jewellery and following a thorough plan when crafting your ring can ensure you’re happy with the final product. Take your time to customize your ring, starting from the fit to design and personal touches that make your ring stand out. Work with an experienced custom jeweller to reduce your stress and create a wedding band that mark the new chapter in your life.

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