Right Wedding Ring For Your Budget

by Maki Sharda

A marriage is considered to be the holy union of two, and that is sealed with the perfect wedding ring for the occasion. So, you already know how important getting the right ring is!

Well, here is a guide that should help you choose the best wedding ring for your budget. Read on to know more.

How To Set Your Wedding Ring Budget – And Stick To It?

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Before you go hunting for the right wedding ring, sit with your partner and have a conversation about how much you are comfortable spending. There are budget rings between $500 to $1500, while there are bigger and intricately designed rings that can cost up to $6000.

Set your budget according to your financial condition and lifestyle. If you are into physical work or into training, then choosing a flatter ring will be a good idea. An expensive diamond sticking out of the ring may be dislodged while you engage in physical work.

On the other hand, you might want to opt for an intricate ring if you have a desk job or mainly take private transport. There are fewer chances of the ring getting stolen or the stones getting dislodged.

Types Of Wedding Rings

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You will find four main types or styles of wedding rings, and they are:

1. Solitaire

A solitaire ring is one with a large gemstone in the center that stands out. The band does not have any other diamonds and may consist of a plain band.

2. Halo

Halo rings have a gemstone in the center and smaller ones encircling it. These can be colored gemstones or micro-pave diamonds.

3. Vintage

If you like antique rings that are known for their craftsmanship and gorgeousness, then vintage rings are going to be a great choice. You can opt for pre-owned rings or purchase a new one with a vintage design.

4. Classic

A classic ring comes with a simple and traditional band that can be made of any metal. These never go out of style and are perfect for people on a budget.

What Type Of Metal Should I Choose?

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Once you’ve decided on the style of a wedding ring, it’s time to pick your metal. Let’s start with platinum: this is a great option for someone who wants something durable and hypoallergenic. It’s also a bit more pricey than other metals like gold or silver, so if you’re working within a tight budget, this might not be something you can afford.

Gold offers some flexibility in terms of its durability—it can be soft enough for everyday wear but hard enough for formal occasions if cared for correctly (see below). If sensitivity is an issue, or if you just prefer not to deal with metal allergies at all? Go with sterling silver! This material is anti-allergenic and allergy-free in most cases (though always consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet).

The weight of the wedding ring and the material will determine the price. If you are looking for less expensive options, then rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold can be chosen. Platinum rings work for those looking for an expensive and luxurious option.

Moreover, tungsten works very well for those under a tight budget as it is resistant to scratches and strong. Silicone, ceramic, and wood are other unique but less pricey options to pick from. You can actually get a ring for around $30 if you opt for silicone.

Top Tips For Buying A Wedding Ring

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First of all, decide whether you want to match the bride and groom’s rings or not. If you are opting for a matching ring, then you can get discounts on purchasing two rings of similar design. Remember the 4 C’s which are Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight when selecting a gemstone. It can help factor in the price of the overall wedding ring.

There are different settings for rings as well. It helps to know the different types and how they contribute to the look and feel of the ring.

Also, always factor in the costs of both rings before buying. You might buy a simple band for the groom, but that can be expensive as well if made of platinum.

Five Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Ring

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Let’s talk about the best ways to save money and get a beautiful ring for a wedding.

1. Sale

Rings can be quite expensive, but thankfully, there are a few sales during the year that can help with that. Buying the ring at that time doesn’t mean you have to propose and have the wedding immediately. You can plan ahead and wait for the right time to purchase the ring and then wait for the right moment to go ahead with everything. There will be a sale at some point in time, and you can purchase it at a lower price. Also, sign up to be a part of mailing lists so that you are aware of the sale. Click here to read more.

2. Choose Small

To all those who believe that size matters, this is your reminder that it doesn’t. A small-sized jewel doesn’t mean it’s worth less than if it were a bigger stone; it’s the person who gives and gets it who is worth it. Additionally, the larger the stone, the more the price tag can be. If you’re on a budget or don’t want to shell out your savings on the whole wedding, go for a smaller diamond or a gemstone to save money if you are on a tight budget.

3. Thrift Shopping

Purchasing a good quality ring which had been owned by another person is a good idea. You can save money and opt for exquisite rings from vintage stores, thrift shops, and reselling websites.

4. Family Heirloom

What can be better than gifting your partner a ring that has been passed down for generations? They have sentimental value and are likely to be more special to your partner than a store-bought ring.

5. Opting For Less Expensive Metal

You can always opt for cheaper metal and get a temporary ring that speaks of your love. Once you have the financial position, replace it with a big diamond one.


So, when it comes to a wedding ring, the choice will depend upon your budget. Remember to factor in your lifestyle, budget, and personal preferences before purchasing, and you will surely make the right choice.

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