Singapore Destination Shoot Ideas (And Why You Should Consider Getting Married There Too!)

by Maki Sharda

There can be a lot of pressure surrounding your wedding day, since it’s supposed to be one of the “best days” of your life. Thus, many want it to be picturesque, fulfilling, and perfect overall.

Today, we make the case for hosting these shoots in Singapore—achieving near-level perfection because of the country’s landscapes, food culture, and event space Singapore options. has all the choices laid down for you, since the small sunny island is intimate and multifaceted enough to have everything you’d want on your special day.

Destination Shoot Ideas in Singapore

Traditional Wear Photoshoot


Starting off this list is a traditional wear photoshoot, where you and your loved one will wear your home country’s traditional clothing style. Since Singapore is a melting pot of cultures, it has mosques, temples, and tea ceremony event venues (like Another Day) available for your choosing.

If you want a more natural photoshoot in line with your clothing, you can also try holding a shoot in open greenery, such as in Singapore Botanical Gardens.

Seaside or Ocean Photoshoot


Being located in a tropical country definitely has its perks, and being near the ocean is one of them. Hold a seaside or ocean photoshoot in Singapore and dazzle your guests with beautiful fresh views with your love in the middle.

There are many ways to do this—all depending on the vibe you want your photoshoot to have. Do you want to rent a yacht for this shoot? Or simply take pictures by the shore? Either way, you can choose Sentosa Beach as a destination shoot venue (or Sky Garden Sentosa if you want the view of the ocean but not the feel).

Urban Landscapes Photoshoot


Singapore is actually also a business district—so if you want unique urban landscapes, this is the country to pick too. With five-star views in hotels like Raffles Hotel Singapore, Fullerton Hotel, and Pan Pacific Singapore, Singapore is definitely the place for an urban landscapes photoshoot.

Veering off hotels and the like, the country has beautiful rooftop gardens, theaters and concert halls at your disposal. Choose wisely (though all choices are wise, we would say)!

Silhouette/Sunset Photoshoot


Again, a tropical country has got the landscapes you need for a beautiful romantic wedding photoshoot. Sunsets are particularly beautiful in Singapore, and you have access to them island-round!

If you want a gorgeous sunset or silhouette photoshoot in Singapore, check out Gardens by the Bay as a venue. It is a perfect match of nature and city life.

Animal/Nature Photoshoot


Home to many blossoming types of wildlife, Singapore is also a beautiful location for a wedding shoot with animals and nature. You can contact these locations for more inspiration or (if you want a taste of history as well) hold a photoshoot at Fort Canning Park.

Destination Shoot Ideas in Singapore

Great Scenery


Having an inspired, Instagram-worthy backdrop is key to a memorable wedding. However, for destination weddings, these are all the more important. This is why you want a destination wedding in the first place—a change of view; perspective; scenery.

Singapore offers this as a tropical country. Its natural light is beautiful for photos, but more than that, even better in setting the mood for your wedding day. Romance will truly be in the air once you have luscious greenery and blue skies and waters behind you as a backdrop.

Stable Weather


While the humidity can be a big adjustment to first-time Singapore visitors, the country’s stable weather makes it great for events like weddings. There are only rainy days and sunny days in Singapore, so you’ve got a 50/50 chance all year round.

Back before Google existed these chances might’ve been a gamble, but a quick search will tell you that the rainy season in Singapore occurs mostly from November – January. Hold your special day before or after these months and you’ve got your dream wedding right around the corner.

Great Locations (Streets, Hotels, Virtually anywhere!)


Singapore is a picture book front to back. If you want street-style inspired wedding photos, plan a photoshoot on Haji Lane. Should you want a more city-life shoot, use the gleaming Central Business District as a backdrop.

More importantly, if you want to have a shoot by the seas or on top of the mountains—the beauty of Singapore is that you don’t have to go far! Check out your options in spots such as Sentosa Island, Windsor Nature Park, or simply rent out a yacht! There are so many options for you to build the wedding day in.

Delicious Food and Cuisine


Weddings are celebrations, and what is a celebration without a beautiful, delicious spread of food? Singapore is home to many of the finest dishes in the world, championing Chinese, Indian, Malay, and other international cuisines on a daily basis.

If you’re planning a wedding for a large group of people with different food preferences or allergies, Singapore surely has a delicious meal prepared for all of them. Thus, if you want halal, vegetarian, or vegan options on your big day (so everyone enjoys your celebration), hold your wedding in Singapore! It’s not all about looks for this country, it’s got a lot of substance as well!

If this list does not convince you to hold wedding festivities in Singapore, we’re not so sure what will! The country is known for its friendly people, culture, and intimate city life (yes, that can be a thing!)—all good features to have in a wedding. Not to mention, these make for very unique event spaces while also having accommodating event venue owners. All in all, these can make your wedding planning easier than it usually has to be.

With a fast-paced culture, Singapore surely has the chops to pull off beautiful destination shoots and weddings—just give it a shot!

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