How to Tell if Your Wedding Dress Is Too Small or Big?

by Maki Sharda

Imagine the tension on a bride’s face when she realizes going through the best bridal stores only to find her perfect wedding dress does not fit her perfectly. Wedding day is a big day for any bride. She considers it the most crucial day in her life. A bride-to-be girl usually spends days and hours selecting her big day outfit. Whether she scrolls through an online store like AW Bridal or wanders through the city’s best bridal stores, she knows it is a very overwhelming and perplexing task.

Then the special day arrives. Everything is top-notch, from the make-up to the hairstyle. The bridesmaids are looking their best and are there to help the bride look and feel her best on her memorable day. Any bride-to-be will certainly rehearse the whole day in her mind over and over again. She would have imagined herself looking gorgeous and lovely in that wedding dress.

As the time comes, she jumps in her outfit, and the bridesmaids help her dress up, but then there’s panic all over her face.

Her dream dress does not fit her. All the moments she has pictured in her mind for the big event come tumbling down, and she feels helpless and miserable. But there’s no need to stress as this guide will give some expert tips during such an unexpected and unwanted situation.

What Causes This Unexpected Situation?


One might wonder why wouldn’t the gown fit the bride on this important day if she has already tried it on several times, admiring herself in the mirror and imagining the moment when her groom would see her in that attire. The reasons are pretty common than one might think. They can happen to anyone and anytime.

One simple and plain explanation for this is bloating or water retention in the body. And it happens pretty often than one can imagine. However, one must not go too hard on themselves if the body doesn’t cooperate with the circumstances and decides to play little tricks on this special event.

Experts state that a change in the workout routine can also make the dress fit too tight or loose. Lighting heavier weights than usual or increasing the repetitions of the exercises weeks before the wedding can increase muscle mass, resulting in a more muscular frame. This sudden muscular physique makes the dress tight. Legs exercises like squats and lunge add bulk to your lower body. Therefore, it may cause problems while wearing fit and flare silhouettes. Also, if the bride has been on a weight loss journey, the gown will fit loose on her big day.

It is also important to think about what looks good in photos. When it comes to taking professional photographs like Schmittat Wedding Videography, choosing the right color for clothing can make a big impact. Dark colors tend to be the most flattering since they create a sharper look that is both visually appealing as well as professional. Many photographers also recommend avoiding bold and busy patterns as these can overpower a photo, which is why solid colors are usually preferred. Choosing the ideal color for your photograph will bring out your best features and make you look more photogenic!

How To Identify And Fix A Tight Dress?


A bride may find the gown fitting too tight near her waist or hips. As discussed above, the reasons can be either bloating or muscle gain. If one feels suffocated wearing the garment, the dress is too small and needs fixing. The very first step here is not to panic. The bridal queen must never forget that getting in the wedding gowns needs two bridesmaids for assistance.

Even the fittest celebrities also need help to get into their dresses. Staying calm and breathing slowly makes it more manageable and easier to fit in the outfit. It is essential to hold the waist of the gown at its correct spot, which is the natural waistline. Also, the dress’s bust should be where its correct position lies. Two or three bridesmaids must stand on either side of the bride’s front and back.

One should hold the dress in its proper place from the front, and the others should try to hook the eye and hook of the gown together from the back. The person at the front should push the fabric towards the back as much as possible to create extra room to zip up the gown. Taking a deep breath while the person at the back pulls the zipper will help it slip on easily.

If there are still a couple of inches for the zipper to close completely, the bride can get help from one more bridesmaid who will pull the zipper even closer, allowing the person to zip up quickly. However, do not pull it so hard that it results in the zipper coming into the hands or flying out of the dress in some corner.

Expert Tips


• If the garment still feels too tight, leave it as it is for a while. Giving the body time to mold itself according to the garment will help zip it up easily after a few minutes. One should keep zipping cm-by-cm until the zipper is pulled on completely.The dress will tune itself while the body’s shape after a while, giving more room to the bride to walk freely and comfortably in the wedding outfit.

• Wearing shapewear can also save the bride’s big day. Shapewear gives a perfect shape to the body and allows clothes to slide in smoothly. One can also try removing the bra paddings if there are any in the gown, which will create room in the bust area.

How To Identify And Fix A Loose Dress?


The first step here, too, is to breathe deeply and relax. Panicking will not help anyways. If the dress is too big and makes the bride appear as if she is wearing her dad’s baggy clothes, there are some on-the-go tips and tricks to help the dress fit perfectly.

Experts suggest adding bra cups if the dress is loose near the busts, It will fill the breasts, and the dress will fit well. If the waist feels too roomy, cinching the waist with a robe or waistbelt can help eliminate the baggy space near the waistline.

Moreover, it will also define the bride’s waistline more elegantly.

The Bottom Line

One thing a bride should avoid when her big event gown doesn’t fit is to panic. It is not at all helpful in such a situation.

MIsfittings are common and do not mean something is wrong with the bride. One must figure out the underlying cause of this misfitting situation and work on eliminating it if possible in the given timespan. If not, the bride is advised to follow the above tips to ensure her big day stays as joyful and memorable as she has imagined in her head for a long time.

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