6 Creative and Useful Groomsmen Gifts to Say Thank You – 2024 Guide

by Jack Kurosaki

Your groomsmen were there for you the whole time. Well, your best man did, but still. Show him some extra love. For all the other guys who showed up for you, let’s get them geared up with some gifts.

They kept you sane, they kept things fun and they kept your gold wedding bands from being lost.

What Do Groomsmen Do?

Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. Assuming you haven’t already gotten married, you might want to know what your groomsmen’s tasks are.

If you have already gotten married, well, you’re planning your thank you gifts a little late, but it’s good you’re still doing it. Regardless, let’s go over some of the things you can ask your friends to do when you get married.

1. Usher People Around

This is a big one, but also optional. Sometimes, people have designated ushers instead of using groomsmen. That’s a great way to involve some of your guys who didn’t make the cut for groomsmen but are still important to you. If you don’t have designated ushers, groomsmen often take on the responsibility of herding people to their appropriate seats.

2. Keep You from Freaking Out

Hey, it happens. You’re about to get married, and you’re a sweaty bundle of nerves. Happens to the best of us. The groomsmen exist to keep you levelheaded without getting you too drunk ahead of time. It’s a fine line that these men walk, but that’s what they’re there for.

3. Be Fun

Seriously, it’s in the job description. Groomsmen are out there mingling their hearts out, dancing, drinking and generally being in the vicinity of the dance floor. You want your professional extroverts on the scene here, especially if the party is starting to lose a bit of its energy.

4. Other Duties as Assigned

Groomsmen are like your wedding’s Swiss army knife. They do a little bit of everything. Do they do everything as well as a specialized tool? Probably not, but they’re handy and competent, so no need to complain. They’re there to complete your important, stressful and sometimes weird tasks, so pick your best guys for the job.

When to Give Thank You Gifts

A lot like thank you cards, you want to be prompt in your disbursement of groomsmen gifts. Good manners on thank you cards dictate you send them out within a couple of weeks after the wedding. You want to do the same with your groomsmen thank you gifts.

If you have them with you, you can give them out on the day of the wedding, but there’s no absolute requirement to do so. It just saves you shipping costs. It’s also generally good form, but no one is really going to hold it against you if your gifts are sent out a few days after the wedding.

Do You Need to Give Thank You Gifts?

Source: theweddingavenue.co.uk

There are general rules out there about who to give gifts to and when to give these gifts. The rules are a little murky about when you do and don’t need to give gifts, so here are a few pointers.

You Never Need to Give Gifts

But it is always appreciated. If you’re on a shoestring budget and your guys know that, they’re not going to be jerks about it. Don’t stress.

If It’s a Destination Wedding, You Need to

Yeah, we just contradicted ourselves. So, fine, you still don’t need to, but it’s definitely in your best interest. Your guys flew across the country – maybe even across the world – and you can’t shell out for some socks or something? Seriously, don’t be that guy.

Groomsmen Gifts to Say Thank You

We’re going to tip our hand here a little bit. Your groomsmen thank you gifts are much like the gifts used to ask your boys to be your groomsmen. Do your boys need two monogrammed pint glasses? No. Will they use two monogrammed pint glasses? Honestly, probably. It’s free glassware. So, either way, the perfect manly groomsmen gifts will work for before and after the wedding.

Look, there just aren’t that many things you can give groomsmen. Well, technically, you can give them anything as a gift, but there are like five different things you’re likely choosing from. That’s an exaggeration, but you get the point. Of those things, however, there are seemingly infinite versions and variations.

1. Glassware Is Always a Winner

A good pint glass should never go unappreciated, especially if there’s a monogram or cool design on it. Pro-tip on monogramming: Don’t monogram your own name and/or wedding date on it. No one really wants a “Jamie and Sarah – March 12, 2024” on their pint glass. A cool logo or their own name, though — that’s a different story.

2. Cigars Work Just as Well After the Wedding

Maybe better, honestly. You can smoke it with your boys if you have the opportunity. You’re probably short on time, so go with smaller cigars if that’s the plan. Still, the cigar is a classic gift.

3. Lighters, Knives and Other (Barely) Dangerous Things

Source: getawaycouple.com

Anything in this realm is both cool and makes you feel like a man. Honestly, they’re all pretty practical, too, so they’ll probably be used for years to come.

4. Ties, Cufflinks or Other Accessories

Nothing wrong with a good tie or cufflink set. Consider how often your guys are going to wear it, though. If you have dapper friends, this works quite well.

5. Alcohol and Its Friends

Anything to drink, drink out of or enhance drinking is a winner. Get a bottle of scotch, a set of rocks glasses, or cool ice molds. Whatever it is, it’s an easy winner.

6. Dopp Kits

These can be cheap, but they can also run up there in price. If you’re considering a destination wedding or anything that’s going to be elaborate and/or expensive for your groomsmen, shell out for a good leather dopp kit.

These are your guys and you know what they like. If you’re unsure, any of these six options are classics and crowd pleasers.

Source: oscarhunt.com.au


There you have it, a few ways to say thank you to your buddies. Always remember that it isn’t a requirement to give a gift and if you do, make sure it’s practical. You don’t want to be the guy that adds to his friends junk pile.

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