Here is a Complete Guide to Select Perfect Table Linen

by Emanuela Easton

Most of your guests will often be seated at their tables when you have an occasion or wedding. If you choose the table linens wrongly, they can dull and mess up the event. However, on the other side, selecting a suitable table linen will add class and style, making the wedding colorful and enjoyable. Some ongoing research has indicated that having a well-decorated table with magnificent tablecloths can make even the meal taste better. When choosing table linen, there are many factors that you ought to consider, such as the size and shape of your table.

Furthermore, you must ensure you get high-quality Premier Table Linens that you can use on every occasion you desire. It’s crucial to note that table covers help protect your table while conveying your event’s subject and level of service. This article will explore a complete guide to selecting the perfect table linen for your wedding.

What to Consider When Purchasing Table Linens


When purchasing table linen, there is always a message that you want to portray. This could be an expendable plastic table covers to portray a kid-friendly or a five-star setting through upscale fabric materials. Regardless of the statement you need to make, there are other crucial factors that you need to consider, such as the size and shape, the tone of the event or room, and the material to be used.

It’s crucial to note that the linen size can tell the formality level. For formal occasions, the scope to use is 10-15 inches drop, while for the casual occasion, the size is 6-8 inches drop. On the other hand, the material will depend on the type of event and the daily use.

Tips to Choose the Perfect Table Cover

Finding the perfect cloth for your wedding or any other occasion is a simple procedure. Following the right strategy will help you get the ideal drop and shade.

1. Evaluate your Table Size


You need to understand the size of your table to know the measurement of the table cover you need. Additionally, you will know the style of each table to make the setting magnificent. To measure, you need to measure the length and width of the tabletop. Don’t forget to take the height from the tabletop to the floor.

2. Determine the Drop Required

When determining the drop, you need to consider the type of occasion that you plan to hold. Some people might want a 12-inch drop, while others wish for a 15-inch drop. If the event you are planning involves people seated, you might require a drop of 12-15 inches for them to feel comfortable.

3. Select the size You Need


After estimating the table size, you need to use a formula to get the right size of the tablecloth. The formula

Tabletop length + (wanted drop*2)

Tabletop width + (wanted drop*2)

4. Determine The Color and The Number Of Table Linens

Always buy table linens an extra two dozen of every napkin to avoid missing some out. Additionally, you need to consider the color of the table linen and ensure it compliments your setting. When inviting a group, you can choose neutral colors such as dark, taupe, and beige to wear these clothes. Many have used them for a long time.

To Conclude

Always ensure you use the right size of table linens and the right color to make the wedding more colorful.

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