Thoughtful Ways to Honor Your Mom on Your Wedding Day

by Ruth Clements

Here’s a fact: your mom is as excited about your wedding day as you are! After all, like you, she’s been dreaming about this day for a long time!

If your mother is your favorite person in the world, the question remains: what’s the best way to honor her on the most precious day of your life? Here are nine heartfelt ways you can acknowledge everything she’s done for you.

1. Make Her Feel Special During Ceremony


Your wedding ceremony is when all the important things take place. Interestingly, wedding traditions offer more opportunities for father-daughter interactions when compared to mother-daughter ones.

But that shouldn’t stop the bride from creating some of her own traditions. You can always use your ceremony as an opportunity to honor your mom. For instance, you can either have her perform a special reading when the ceremony unfolds or invite her to light a unity candle!

2. Walk Down the Aisle with Her

According to tradition, dads walk their daughters down the aisle. But does that mean your mom can’t join or give you away as well? Absolutely not!

Perhaps you were raised by a single mother, your father is no longer with you, or you simply want both your parents on either side of you. Whatever the reason, having your mom give you away as well is a beautiful way to honor her on your big day.

3. Give Her a Heartfelt Gift

Surprising your mom with a meaningful gift (along with a heartfelt note attached to it) is a great way to show her she’s your favorite person in the world.

Pick a piece of jewelry that would blend perfectly with her MOB gown. Or treat her to a relaxing mother-daughter spa day after the wedding buzz winds down. If you’re looking for something more personal and meaningful, write down your sincere thoughts on how much you appreciate her (you can even try your hand at poetry!) and have her read it during the reception.

4. Set Some Time Aside for Special Mother-Daughter Photos


One of the most memorable (and sweetest) ways to spend time with your mom on your wedding day would be when you’re getting ready!

Let your mom stay by your side when you’re getting your hair and makeup done and when putting on your wedding gown. Finally, once you’re fully dressed, take a moment to show her the completed masterpiece!

Have your wedding photographer ready with their camera during this moment so all those happy smiles and tears get captured in the mother-daughter portraits. You can even go the extra length to frame one of these pictures and gift it to her once the wedding excitement subsides.

5. Incorporate Something that Belongs Her Into your Wedding Attire

Many brides wear their mother’s wedding gowns on their big day to show how their mothers will always be close to them. However, if you don’t envision wearing her dress, you can always incorporate something from her own wedding day when you walk down the aisle.

Perhaps your mom has a set of beautiful earrings or a necklace from her big day that she would love to lend to you. Maybe she gave you a memento that had been passed down through generations. Or, perhaps she has a gorgeous bracelet that would pair beautifully with your dress.

If you’ve already chosen your wedding day jewelry, you can always try wearing your mom’s veil when you walk down the aisle. Other items to consider include adding details from her wedding gown to your bouquet and putting her wedding band onto your right hand.

6. Including a Photo Display During Reception


Nothing commemorates a precious mother-daughter relationship more than a photo display. Have your wedding planner include a special assortment of photos during the reception.

The collection could include pictures of you and your mom right from your childhood to adulthood. A photo timeline can be the sweetest way to honor how she guided you to become the person you are today.

Your photo display can either be in the form of a digital presentation or be placed on a designated table by your reception entrance so guests can get a good look!

7. Incorporate Her Favorite Blooms

Whether your mom is fond of peonies or loves calla lilies – a great way to honor her on your wedding day would be to pick her favorite blooms and include them in your wedding arrangements. Try beautifying your bouquet with a few blossoms she loves. Or pick a few of her favorite flowers and incorporate them into your overall wedding décor.

8. Have a Mother-Daughter Dance

Did you grow up dancing to the tunes of a Rolling Stones classic? Or was one of Lee Ann Womack’s poignant songs a part of your childhood years? Whatever song your mother loves, don’t hesitate to pick it up for your mother-daughter dance. Start the dance with just the two of you. Then, invite the other mother-daughter duos to the dance floor!

9. Present her with Your Bouquet Instead of Tossing It


Sure, the bouquet toss is a fun wedding tradition. But adding a twist to it and presenting the bouquet to your mom instead is another great way to show your appreciation for her. You can either offer the bouquet to her during the bouquet toss or your speech at the reception.

Whenever your mom receives it, she’s sure to appreciate the gesture. She can even take the bouquet home and preserve those flowers as one of her fondest memories from your wedding day.

10. Honoring Moms Who Have Passed

If your mother is no longer with you, you can always take a moment during the ceremony or reception to remember her. Some ideas to honor her on your big day include:

  1. Leaving an empty chair for her with her favorite blooms and a note on it
  2. Lighting a candle in her memory
  3. Choosing her favorite hues to include in your wedding color palette
  4. Choosing a small memento of her and wrapping it around your bouquet
  5. Playing her favorite songs during the ceremony
  6. Including a memory table with your mom’s items and some precious framed photos

A Final Word

There you have it – the most thoughtful ways of honoring your mom on your big day. From simply thanking her for being your guiding light to walking down the aisle with her – regardless of the way you want to honor your mom, let your wedding planner know it in advance. This will ensure everything goes according to plan.

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