7 Pros And Cons Of Designing Your Own Wedding Invitations

by Jack Kurosaki

Getting the smaller details right is especially important when it comes to preparing for a wedding. Invitations can initially seem like something that you could care of quickly and easily, so generally it is left until the last minute. We know there are other things that may garner your attention more, but your invitations are no less important than other things. Keep in mind that their content will represent you and your partner as well as the theme of the ceremony. You need to pay attention to a few important things such as quality, cost, information that you will share with your guests and other crucial details.

That is why most brides and grooms decide to hire professional graphic designers who can successfully bring your ideas to life. However, there are also those people who prefer to do it themselves. If you are still unsure whether to go it alone or go the pro route, then keep reading and learn all the pros and cons of inviting invitation independence.


1. Uniqueness

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This is definitely an opportunity to stand out from the crowd of couples who use similar or the same templates when it comes to sending their invitations. If you are highly creative person, them a templated invite is most probably not for you. However, if you are pretty easy going and carefree, the template designs might suit your needs sufficiently. Either way, try creating personalized content that will show you as a couple. For example, include some memorable anecdotes or relevant imagery from your time as a couple.

2. Creative work

If you and your partner are by nature a creative person, this will not be burden for you but possibly an enjoyment. At the same time, innovative people have many ideas that come to them every day, and if you are one of them, you will not have to think too hard to come up with your design idea. In fact, your spontaneity will also contribute to the look of the invitations, which is also a great way to spend time with your partner and bring you together. So, you will add another nice memory to the list when it comes to wedding preparations. Something you will remember it for the rest of your life.

3. You have control over the situation

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Something as important as the graphic design of your invites really should be created by an expert, but unfortunately, we don’t always know who is renowned in each city for such a job. Something as important as this should never be left to chance, it is necessary to investigate in detail the design experts with whom you plan to engage to design your invites. Today, it is extremely easy to research a design agency because all the reviews available on the Internet. But remember, if the price seems too good to be true, it usually is.


1. Taking a lot of time

When you start thinking about designing your own invitations, you will have a lot of work and research to do and that means a lot of additional hours to commit to. It may sound like a fantastic idea but be prepared to work hard before you come up with the final design. For example, you would probably have a great idea straight away, dreaming about all the ways it will work with the theme of the wedding. However, keep in mind that invitations contain a large number of elements that must be well designed, and designed well.

After you have planned everything out, you will have to put the hours in to bring your idea to life. This means that you must have the appropriate design skills, hardware and software. If you do not have what you need, it can take many more hours or work. That is why sometimes it better to dedicate which preparations you can do at home and which are better left to the professionals. Consider hiring an expert who will save you time, stress and provide quality design result.

2. High cost

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You probably think that by creating your own invites will be a huge of financial saving, but you run the risk of actually spending more money if they do not turn out well and wasting your own precious time and energy. Another point to keep in mind is that the more formal your wedding, the higher end the invitations will have to be.

Instead, try here, get a great graphic designer to create your once in a lifetime invitations. This way you save money, because you will not buy stationary supplies over and over again trying to achieve high quality invitations. In the end, it is rare for a home printer to be able to print materials the way a professional printer does.

3. Poor quality

If you don’t have the qualification of a professional designer, you have no chance of creating a comparable design. This is simply because, in addition to many years of work experience, they also have several years of professional training behind them. In that case, they certainly know through experience much more than you. Given a graphic designer industry, they also have great software that you may not have access to or certainly don’t know how to use. You may be able to use free software but ask yourself how good it will look.

If you care about the look of your invitations and the first impression you leave on guests matters to you, we recommend that you consult with a graphic design expert. In addition to offering fantastic services, they can point you to some new ideas and various suggestions. They are sure to enhance the look of your invitations.

4. First impression

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Invitations are not just a collection of words sent out on an invitation. Many important details are provided such as the names of the hosts, the couple’s names, the date and time of the ceremony, all the locations, the dress code (if any), the website address, the name of the guest and his address, etc. Your wedding invitation is an opportunity to introduce invitees to your wedding, to show them a small piece that awaits them. The better you present the whole ceremony, the more in awe your guests will be and the more they will enjoy themselves. Of course, then you need to have a design expert by your side who can guide you through the creative process, ensuring you have the most beautiful invitation.


We hope that we have helped you make a decision and thus achieve the best solution when it comes to the look and design of your invitations.

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