10 Ways to Light Up Your Wedding With Neon Signs

by Rita Easter

Are you getting married sometime soon? First of all, congratulations! Second of all, do you have it all planned and figured out? If you’re still interested in adding some interesting elements to your venue, how about you consider using some gorgeous neon signs? These can entirely change your concept and make the venue even more appealing, as well as chic! They are not too pricey yet they are perfect for big and small weddings. Here is why and how these may come in handy.

Why get neon lights in the first place?

This little trick and gadget can totally transform your venue, and make you look like a chic & trendy couple. Neon lights are not too pricey yet you can use them however suits your preference. Think about adding that electric element to your wedding décor and show the initials of the two of you or get something funky & fully customizable that no one else has done before. Neon signs will look amazing in pictures + they will suit trendy people!

Neon signs for weddings are multipurpose, making them fit for any theme or wedding. You can also create a custom wedding neon sign for a personalized touch.

1. Get your surname sign

img source: popsugar-assets.com

So, are you proud of your accomplishment? Looking forward to telling the world that you’re proud to be a team of two? You can easily put your last name in these bright lights and show everyone how lucky and blessed you feel. This sign is quite small & petite, and it will look the best over and above your table. Go for a bright red color if you want to embrace a true love vibe & sensual emotion.

2. Great for indoor weddings

If you are getting married in the winter and you ended up going for a closed indoor venue (preferably something rustic or small & personal), you will enjoy placing your colorful neon sign over a fireplace. It will give out a cozy yet romantic vibe. Mystical green or dark brown colors will work the best and look amazing with this concept.

3. Light up your photos and embrace the love

img source: hearstapps.com

Go for several couple photos and place them all over the walls in your venue. You should go for a backdrop neon sign and light up your photos with different colors in a subtle way and with loads of pastel solutions. Back & side colors such as light pink or purple will look the best with this concept.

4. On top of the ceiling for show-stopping moments

You can dance the night away and feel like you’re the main attraction (as you should be). Dance under some powerful & bright neon lights that will look magical and mystical. Put them on top of the ceiling all throughout the venue, or just focus at the center. Go for different hues to give it a unique approach and vibrant vibe.

5. A welcome sign for the venue

img source: customneon.com

You should focus on your guests and try to make them feel special and appreciated. Everyone will want to take pictures of your wedding, which is why you should focus on some positivity right outside the venue. Some flowers, heart prints, or cocktails will give out a positive yet fun atmosphere, isn’t that what weddings are all about?!

For some great visual examples of what neon name signs can look like, we recommend checking out VoodooNeon.com – they have an insanely good collection of ready-made signs, but also the custom name signs that is discussed in this point.

6. Over guest tables

You can narrate the wedding and tell your guests where they need to sit with the right sign. You can place their last name or table numbers with your neon signs. Mix things up and customize the table to make it feel welcoming while also making them feel special by placing a unique & personal detail over their table.

7. Next to the flowers

img source: customneon.com

If you plan on having a specific corner or a small place that is decorated with loads of different flowers you can also grasp the attention with the right colored neon light. The bright pop and sign that is behind your flowers will make them look mystical and fairytale-like. You should stick to green or white since these complement earthy colors the best.

8. Decorate the cake & make it lit

Light up your drinks and your table that has your glorious cake! Everyone will talk about your wedding cake which is usually the center of attention, literally. You should incorporate some subtle pink or red colors underneath or behind your cake to make it look even more Instagram-like & picture-worthy. Everyone will enjoy this concept.

9. Express your vows if you love that cheesy vibe

img source: theweddingplaybook.com

Most brides & grooms love to show their love and express their connection through their vows. You can go for something that is unique or that has touched your soul the most or has even made you emotional and tear up. One sentence or one like in particular over the wall or over the table will make everyone around you melt! If you love that cheesy concept and you’re not afraid of showing your emotions just know that pink or red is the way to do it!

10. Decorate your chairs & show off their beauty

Lastly, why not decorate your guest chairs with the right neon signs? If you are a fan of flashy weddings and you want to stand out when it comes to your venue; consider this idea. Decorate your chairs in neon lights and bulbs to make them glow in the dark. You can even color the groom’s side in one color (blue preferably) and the bride’s guests will enjoy pink chairs.

Where to find some amazing lights?

img source: greenweddingshoes.com

In the end, are you interested in giving this concept a go? Do you feel like neon lights can make your wedding even more show-stopping? If so, you should check out sculptneonsigns.com and enjoy customizable models, different fonts, sizes, as well as colors! They have love neon signs, wedding-inspired ones + quotes that you can place, as well as loads of different kinds of signs for other big days and gatherings. Enjoy their quick turnaround time as well as amazing service and friendly staff.

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