6 Pandemic Makeup Tricks You Should Know

by Maki Sharda

Worrying about your makeup routine during the pandemic might sound unreasonable, but you are just one of the many women who are thinking about it as well. As we all noticed, wearing full-on makeup is almost useless when wearing face masks. Unfortunately, our makeup cannot protect us from the virus, so we were forced to adjust to the situation. But, it can help us to boost our self-confidence. So, we should make the most out of it, right?

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has impacted our lives in more ways than we can count. People were under lockdown for more than a year now, and it had a significant negative effect on our habits and obligations. It’s not realistic to believe that there will be no effects on how we perceive the world in the next couple of years. But that doesn’t mean that we should get discouraged. There are a lot of things we can still enjoy every day.

The good thing is, you do not have to go bare-faced throughout the pandemic completely. After all, makeup is still essential, especially during online meetings and other online video conferences. Here, you will find six pandemic makeup tricks that you should know to keep yourself looking gorgeous behind the mask. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of these makeup tricks.

1. Keep your look simple yet beautiful

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When attending online video conferences, we have to look our best even if we do not have face-to-face human interaction. However, achieving this look should not be as lengthy and as complicated as once we used to. You are at your home, after all. All of these products will be within your reach at all times. So, you will not have any problem with looking your best at these conferences. Having multi-purpose products to keep your routine short will pay off by saving you time and money, like BB creams.

Korean brands like 3CE gained popularity through the years because of the quality and formulation of their products. Fortunately, they also excel in cosmetic products that you should not miss out on during this pandemic. Especially if you are going for a natural no-makeup makeup look, we recommend checking out some of the bestselling Korean makeup. You can visit this website for more makeup.

2. Non-comedogenic products are your best friend

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Putting heavy makeup on behind the mask can encourage acne buildup, but primarily because of the pore-clogging products you use. Not that we encourage you to do heavy makeup, but you can reduce your chances of having acne while wearing makeup behind the mask. Even though after the pandemic, you should always look for non-comedogenic products for your face. Furthermore, some products can help you prevent the appearance of these acnes. Be sure to look for these online.

3. Go for water- and smudge-proof beauty products

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When you go outside, it’s normal to sweat, especially on a hot day. You do not want your makeup melting with your sweat, so you should wear products that will stay on under different circumstances. One of the most common makeup that smudges easily is eyeliners, and eyeliners are essential during the pandemic as it is part of eye cosmetics, which will make your overall look when you wear a face mask. Therefore, you will need to be careful when you are about to change the condition inside your room.

You should try Super Slim Pen Eye Liner if you need a smudge-proof liner that is guaranteed to stay on throughout the day. It is also made with fine bristles to make application easier for anyone, especially for beginners. Thankfully, there are a lot of these products to choose from. You just need to conduct research that will provide you with this possibility.

4. Have an effective skincare routine before and after your makeup routine

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An effective skincare routine will deliver results that even thousands of makeup cannot give you. Establishing a skincare routine perfect for your skin might be complicated, but we will provide you with some factors you need to consider on why your skincare is not working as you expected it to. So, you will need to think about finding a routine that will provide you with a chance to look your best whenever you are in need.

Your skincare routine is always dependent on your skin type and specific needs, so you have to know how to nourish your skin according to your skin type. Like any art canvas, having smooth and flawless skin will provide your makeup an excellent application and a more desirable finish.

You will also find that your skin will naturally glow once you get the proper skincare routine for you. It all revolves around the products that will treat your skin properly, without causing some of the side effects. Sadly, a lot of these products will cause many of these. So, you should be careful about which ones you will choose.

5. Make your eyes the star of your face

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Eye makeup is one of the most complex areas that most women struggle with. If you are not confident with your eye makeup skills, now is the perfect time to improve your eye makeup application because it is the only visible area when you wear your PPE.

We recommend you practice with a palette that is easy to blend and use, like Mood Recipe Multi Eye Color Palette. This quality eyeshadow palette will last you for a long time, and it contains shades that are excellent for your daily and party looks. Your eyes are the most important manifestation of your inner beauty. So, you need to make the most out of them.


The COVID-19 pandemic affects every person and every industry up until today, but adjusting to the situation does not mean that we need to abandon the routines that we used to do, like putting makeup on. Before we are ready to do anything else, we should think about how we can do it at the basic level.

Tweaking your routine by using non-comedogenic products, prioritizing your skincare routine, and making your eyes the most prominent area will help you look stunning throughout this challenging time. Keep your look simply beautiful for now, and embrace your natural beauty.

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