7 Things to Check Before Booking a Wedding Videographer – 2024 Guide

by Rita Easter

Weddings are days to remember, but the photos aren’t enough to catch all the important moments, so you can have them forever. Some moments should be recorded, and that’s the reason why most couples hire videographers on this important day. Also, you have to explore all your options, so you can find the best videographer for you. Take your time and research all the options around you. Look for their websites and portfolios online, and read more to see how those things are done.

Most of them also have social media profiles and YouTube channels, and you can see proof of their previous work, and exactly know if they can do what you ask for and accomplish all your ideas. You don’t need to be an expert to recognize quality. Watch their videos together with your partner, so you can determine if they fit your preferences. The next thing is to write down their contact information, and see if they are free to book them on your wedding day.

But, before you sign that contract, you will have to pay attention to some important things, and check them in advance, before it’s late, including:

1. Have a few meetings with them before you finally book their service

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Everything is different when you meet those people in person. You can chat for days or have hundreds of phone calls, but when you finally meet in person, you will see if you like them, talk more openly, and also see the equipment, their studios, and the way they complete the projects. Most of them will enjoy showing you how they work, so they can increase their chances to be hired by you for your best day.

2. Check out their portfolio and previous work

Every reliable company will give you an insight into their work, so you can see if they are the ones you want and need. Videographers will always have ready-to-show examples of their previous work. That’s the only way for you to see if they are what you are looking for, or you still need to look for the best one. They can talk a lot and assure you they are the best, but once you see their work, you can estimate by yourself if they are right. It’s a pleasure for every company to be hired for the couple’s special day, and they really have to show how they work, so they can increase their chances.

3. Give them a few ideas on how you want the things done

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You probably have some ideas you want to release for your wedding videos. Most of the studios are open to listening to them and combine their methods with what you wish, so you can have an exceptional product at the end of the day. It’s also easier for them when they have instructions, so they won’t experiment with different approaches, and give you the video production you prefer. But, be open to their suggestions too, because they know their job better than anyone. It’s good to know what do you want, but also to listen to the experts. That’s the only way to be satisfied with the completed project.

4. Don’t focus only on those in your city

If you can’t find a videographer you like in your city, you don’t need to focus only. Explore the nearby places and see what they have to offer. The location shouldn’t be a problem, because most of the professional videographers (or all of them), already have vehicles so they can reach the destination and venue, and bring the whole equipment with them. Some additional expenses may apply because of the traveling, but if they release a better product, it’s really worth the money.

5. Check if they are comfortable with your ideas

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This is a bad sign because no one wants “know it all’s” around them. They must be open to collaboration all the time. Some actions may not meet their policies, but they need to find a way to adapt to you because, at the end of the day, you are the client and the one who will pay for their service. So, if they are rude, or they don’t want to listen to your opinion, then you have to proceed with your search. You don’t want your wedding to be all about them. Good studios will offer solutions, so they can maintain their standards but still meet your requirements. That’s how things are done.

6. Ask them to be transparent on what’s included in the price

They need to clarify what’s included in the price. Is that only for the shots, or editing and exporting the projects is included? Will they charge you for their travel expenses? Do they charge for a whole project, or there are different parts that need to be summed up together? You have to know what you are getting for your money. If they can’t answer this question, is another red flag you need to consider. All of the service providers know how much they charge, and “we will see” and “we can’t calculate exactly” is not an answer.

7. Ask them for their average cost and see if it matches your budget

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As a responsible couple, you and the wedding planner should always determine the budget and stick strictly to it. When you talk to the videographers, you need to talk to them openly about how much money you can afford for wedding videos. They can meet your requirements and tailor a special custom offer for you, that will fit your budget. Knowing how much money you have and how much you can spend is one of the ways to prevent a lot of headaches related to expenses.

We hope that this guide will be helpful for you. Start looking for the filmmaker on time, so you can find a good one who is available on your wedding day. Most of them are already booked a few months in advance. But if you follow these instructions, you will surely find the best one for you.

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