How to prepare for your First Dance at the Wedding?

by Jack Kurosaki

The first dance is the most romantic moment at the wedding. The beauty of that dance is immeasurable. Every aspect of this noble blend of music, art, glamor and fashion is a story in itself. Shoes are an important part of any dance, because they help you move one step forward. That is why the quality of footwear is very important. Without perfect shoes, there is no perfect dance step. This means it must be comfortable, well designed and of the right size. For example, when it comes to women’s shoes, stability is the most important characteristic.

While the front part must be soft, the other end of the shoe must be extra stable and soft. Dance shoe manufacturers have a serious task. In addition to comfort, these shoes must look nice if they are made for the stage. The dancers adjust their equipment to the movements and nothing should interfere with them during the game. Find out in the rest of the text what else you need for an unforgettable first wedding dance.

Choice of dance school

Inquire and choose what suits you. It will be helpful if you formulate the request precisely or show your dance instructor a video example from Youtube. The first class in dance school is the most important and serves to get to know you. The task of the dance teacher is to evaluate your possibilities and harmonize it with your wishes. Sometimes it happens that in the first class he has to change the whole concept, song, dance, number of classes. However, his task is to clearly say in how many hours you can get ready. Based on that, you will make a plan and pace of classes together. The concept of the dance school is to teach you to dance spontaneously and beautifully in the shortest possible time, so that you do not notice that you have taken classes. More about dance schools find out at this website.

Time management

As you get more and more committed as the wedding approaches, you should start learning the dance steps in time. That way, you will have time to practice the demanding parts of the choreography, learn the movements better and gain more self-confidence. This is especially important if you have never danced before. You need to be patient and relaxed while learning.

Dancing is a rich choice of entertainment, but also a great way to get rid of stress. Don’t put pressure on your partner if he doesn’t do as well in dance as you do. Enjoy even awkward dance steps.

Preparing for the first class of dance school


Before you go to the first class, think about the type of music that will be at the wedding, as well as the dance floor. Many couples have a special dance with family members or a group dance with other guests. Of course, the most important thing is to choose a song to dance with your partner.

Practicing dance choreography

You do not need special clothes during the dance practice. It is enough to wear something practical and move easily in your clothes. Whether it is casual or fancy, the most important thing is that it does not affect freedom of movement. However, when it comes to shoes, that is a completely different story. There is also a difference between beginners and experienced players who want to improve their dance steps. That is why beginners are not recommended to buy new shoes if you are just working on the basics. Of course, it is important to have two pairs of shoes to change your shoes when entering the dance floor.

You can bring shoes that you already have at home, but you need something light and comfortable. It is important that it suits you completely, because it must not slip off your feet. The best choice is shoes with a smooth and slippery bottom. Classic sneakers are generally difficult to move and that is why you should avoid them. It is advisable to wear shoes in class that are most similar to those you will wear on your wedding day. As soon as you learn the basics of dance or if you want to perform a demanding dance choreography, you must find professional equipment, which includes special dancing shoes.

Do your best in dance classes

The more often you come, the less repetitions there will be in class. Plan to come at least once a week to get the most out of your classes. Sometimes newlyweds look for specific choreographies, group choreographies, etc. It is possible to practice and save all that if you start practicing on time.

If you decide to do something like this, be prepared for a lot of effort. The most important thing is to understand that this is your show, your day and everyone is there for you. Clear everything in your head and leave all the obligations of that day to others, and you enjoy. This is the essence. It doesn’t matter how you technically dance, but how you feel about each other during the dance

Women shoes


Elegant female feet are one of the attributes of femininity. However, the beautiful shape of the woman’s foot and the nurtured skin in the dance shoe provide a special visual and tactile atmosphere. These shoes additionally beautify the movements of the young. It emphasizes the shape of their legs and makes them even more graceful. Best of all, there is a large selection of shoes. You can opt for different ways of fastening, belts, materials and other accessories such as sequins, crystals, etc. We must mention that in addition to elegant dance shoes, there are also dance shoes or exercise shoes.

They are more comfortable, they are made of the same quality material and the production is adapted to the needs of dance. Dance shoes are occasionally used during exercise, because lifting high heels requires certain skills, especially those related to stability. It’s a great way to test your dance. Exercising in dance shoes helps to improve the posture or the position of the feet.


Experience has shown that every couple has different needs, desires and schedules, but also that everyone has the opportunity to become a good dancer, with enough time. We must not forget that dance and art. A way to express yourself, and that is almost impossible without a suitable costume. As soon as you perfect your dance steps, it’s time to buy dance shoes that will make you look even better on your wedding day.

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