Traditional vs Non-traditional Wedding Venues – 4 Tips for Choosing

by Maki Sharda

Fantasizing about your wedding is a very common and popular thing to do. People cannot help but wonder what their big day would look like regardless if they are currently in a relationship or not. From the early childhood years people are exposed to the concept of marriage and the wedding that precedes it. We see it in movies and on TV, we read about it in the newspapers and online, and we hear about it in our favorite songs. Weddings have traditionally always been some of the biggest days in the lives of people and they continue to do so. While it may be customary to say that the ladies think about it more than the gentlemen and that it is more important to them, the overwhelming feelings of excitement, worry, and fun are felt by both partners.

A Lot to Plan For


When it comes to wedding planning, the efforts are usually shared in contemporary times. Both the bride and the groom have their wishes and ideas and they usually come together to plan things out and organize everything as they want it to be.

It goes without saying that there are many things to plan for and prepare and that the whole endeavor is time consuming and frustrating. But in the end, you get exactly what you have always wanted and that is what matters. Some say that the food and beverage is the most important thing. Others claim it is the flowers and other decorations. There are also those who care most about music and entertainment. In reality, what is the most important thing for any wedding is actually the venue.

It Is All About the Venue


Without a place to hold the wedding at, nothing else matters. You cannot begin to plan the menu before you know where the reception is going to be. How can one hire a band when they don’t know where that band will perform? What about the size of the wedding and the guest list? Who the couple wants there and the total number of guests are not suitable for every type and size of space. The venue should come first so that everything else can be added to it later. Even the date is dictated by the venue these days and not the other day around. Many of the most popular places are booked for months in advance so you get what you can while you can.

It is clear from this just how important a venue is, so let us help you choose one for your upcoming wedding. The basic principle is to either go traditional or non-traditional. Traditional venues imply the use of classic spaces and places that have been popular for decades. It is what comes to wind when you think of a picturesque wedding. On the other hand, non-traditional or modern is anything that is contemporary and that is a new trend in the wedding industry. Choosing between these two types of venues can dictate the theme, the size, and the whole experience of the wedding so best believe it is a crucial decision.

1. Professional Help


Going with traditional venues means hosting the reception at a hotel or a traditional venue that is only meant for weddings.

The advantage these places have is the fact that they almost always have certified wedding professionals on their staff, or at least a wedding service they closely collaborate with. This means that you get help from the experts who can help you make your vision a reality. Coordinating vendors and organizing the whole thing will be easier because you have the right person for the job. So if you want less planning on your end, go with a traditional place that has the staff already on board. If you choose a modern venue that only rents you the space, you will have to do everything on your own, which not everyone finds challenging.

2. Customization and Preset Prices


Another benefit of traditional wedding venues is that they already have many aspects figured out and ready for their next clients. Almost everything you see once you get there is included in the pricing package. From the main ballroom and the guest rooms to the access to bars and the restaurant, everything is yours for the day. The staff is included, the food and beverage is prepared in their kitchen, and the entire service, setup, and breakdown are included. Even the decorations are probably already there. If they do not have some of these in-house, they probably have a vendor whom they typically hire and who is already familiar with the place. On top of this, everything is customizable to your liking. With modern venues, you usually just get the space and no matter how incredible you will probably have to pay more because every single thing comes from the outside.

3. The Place is Traditional, the Wedding Needn’t Be


Picking a traditional place like an old timey ranch, a farm, a lake house, or a hotel is what most couples connect with classic weddings. And that is mostly true. However, choosing a traditional place does not mean that the wedding itself needs to be traditional too. You can have modern trends and gimmicks brought to a classic place and mix things up. The venue can be transformed enough to complement your contemporary ideas, modern music and lighting, and any form of entertainment you desire. Both indoor and outdoor options are available, as well as only using a part of the venue. Do not think that you have to decorate an early 20th century property with an open garden according to tradition. You can have whatever you want. Check out for a perfect example of a versatile traditional venue that can be whatever you want it to be.

4. Perks


Last but not least, we have a thing that may sway you one way more than the other. Traditional venues usually come with many extra perks for the lucky couple. Since they organize a lot of weddings in a year, they know what most couples want and how they will feel more special. This means in-room decorations, gifts, special loyalty programs, benefits, and incentives, etc. All of this is complementary and completely free of charge. With modern venues this is rarely the case as it is mostly about the business side of weddings and not the experience and comfort. It is usually a place for reception and not much else.

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